Too many purple bananas in Bangsar.

LoyarBurok turns 2,000

It was about 14 months ago that we celebrated our 1,000th post. We thought we had exploded in 2010 with 537 posts compared to 349 in the previous 4 years. But to then reach 2,000 in just over a year is truly phenomenal and a testament to the creative talents of the millions of LoyarBurokkers around (there are more than 400 registered writers, thousands more LoyarBurokking in non-writerly ways, and millions more who don’t even know they are LoyarBurokkers yet!).

The past year has seen some banana-riffic stories (and a new skin which upped the ante) which have much pleased His Supreme Eminenceness Lord Bobo. Here’s a taster:

The effects of smoking too many purple bananas.

81 of the articles in the past year were on the Pusat Rakyat LB’s new initiative, UndiMsia! which is, as you are reading this, changing Malaysia.

There were tonnes of other stuff:

A big thank you to the more than 400 contributors who’ve contributed to these 2,000 posts. Let’s see how fast we get to 3,000!

Aye aye Cap'n, full speed ahead!

The collective persona of Lord Bobo's minions (yes, all the cheeky monkeys and monkettes). Haven't you heard? LoyarBurokking is a lifestyle. Join us, and your life will never be the same again. Because...

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