The failings of the political Malay are discovered in the burning ashes of the churches attacked in Kuala Lumpur.

“And as the flames climbed high into the night; To light the sacrifical rite; I saw Satan laughing with delight; The day the music died.”
American Pie -Don McLean

And so, this is what has become of us. A nation where the music has long since died.

We have banished our conscience at the foot of political expediency. We have long since been only moved to claim what is ours, or what we believe to be ours, and ours alone. We have long since been only moved to protect our rights or what we believe to be our rights.

We have been indoctrinated to think and we do think that everything in this land has a proprietary right attached to it. And we draw a line. These are mine. Those are yours. And into my area you should not encroach. We are like wild dogs pissing everywhere to mark our territory.

We have also been taught to differentiate our fellow human beings based on the colour of their skin. And the faith we bear. And the language we speak. And we now believe that only us and us alone are right. Everybody else is wrong. And we also now believe that only us and us alone matter. Everything, everyone else does not.

Soon we realise that we even have to own our race and the colour of our skin. We also have to own our language. That is sacrosanct. It cannot be Bahasa Malaysia nor Bahasa Kebangsaan. It has to be Bahasa Melayu. Because that is us. Because that language belongs to us. That is ours. We must possess it. We must not let it go. And we piss and piss drawing lines to mark our territory. While others have gone to the moon and back.

Now we own our faith. And our God. We now piss all over to mark and re-mark our territory, again and again. And again, that this is our territory. Ours. Mine. Not yours. And don’t you dare encroach into my area. Because you have no right over what is mine. You had better get away from it.

We have locked away our capacity to engage and to argue in a locker room somewhere between Putrajaya and KLCC. We have thrown away the keys. We have deleted civility, good manners and human decency from our hard disk.

All that we have is anger. And our capacity to strike. We have built an impenetrable firewall to ward off any kind of tolerance or rationality. Those will be blocked and quickly booted out from our system.

When we perceive a challenge – and we do that very quickly – we will strike.

The State meanwhile cavorts us. It condones us. When we carry a severed and bloodied cow head from a mosques to protest against some Hindu temple, the State gently met us. The State listened to us. The State said it understood our grievances. The State was sorry that our grievances were not heard by others. The State concluded that we had no bad intention. The State shook our hands, sat with us and pacified us.

And so we threatened to show our might, to protect what is ours. To defend God, our God who is definitely not your God. We are angry. Our area has been encroached. And together we must rise to protect what is ours. Together we must defend what is ours. Allah, this God is ours.

And the State stands by the side of the road saying it will not do anything against our plan. The State suddenly says it is powerless to stop us because according to the State, “people will demonstrate if they want to”.

The State says that there is a balancing act which has to be done, namely, our interest as an angry people and the interest of the national security. And accordingly, the State implies that we can carry out our threat up to a point when national security is threatened. But that point is not defined. It is still subject to discretion and interpretation. By the State.

We are relieved and happy to note that we can demonstrate our anger. Because before this we note that even candle-lighting vigilers singing Negara Ku have been arrested and detained. Even lawyers coming to the aid of their clients have been arrested and detained by the State. What more an anti-ISA rally.

The State came with all its might. It was there with its truckloads of baton wielding officers and that monstrous tank spewing acid laced water against us. It was there with that water and canisters of tear gas. It was there with batons. Even children were arrested and detained.

But this time, the State was meek. So we can do whatever we planned. And whatever we planned is in the name of God. We planned to protect God.

How dare you encroach into our area?

And in the name of Allah, we strike.

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5 replies on “Our Failings”

  1. Yes, it is the failure of the political Malay. The kampung Malay have always been gentle and compassionate. The kampung Malay have always known the concepts of sayang (love) and kesian (compassion).

    I was born in a kampung – Kampong Tanjong Tokong – in 1950. We were no more than only seven families in our Malay kampung. Those were the days when the Malay folk naturally considered us as orang kampung. We laughed and cried together as friends and compatriots. We were ONE.

    At that time, had someone come to the kampung to threaten any of us, the whole kampung would have risen to the challenge. This is the concept of the kampung. We were always one for all and all for one, even without the influence of the Three Musketeers.

    If Umno fails to return to the concept of the inclusive kampung, if Umno fails to practise the concepts of political accommodation, the concepts of consultation and consensus, then there is no reason whatsoever for the other component parties in the National Front to continue the charade.

    I cry for my country.

  2. I share your sentiments regarding the sad tragedy that happened in Selangor. We all know who these perpetrators are – the bigots and extremists who just cannot see diversity as strength. They are extremely selfish!

    What Najib really meant is this: We condone protests by the Malays/Muslims because we want to take Selangor back. It's not about religion at all. It's about power. Najib will try everything to get back Selangor. But we knew all his tricks because it has been tried before and failed miserably. Najib must remember that prayers by the downtrodden are sent directly to Allah – Muslims & non-Muslims alike! So, wait for your party's demise and slink back to the hole where you come from. I'm waiting for the day to say "Good riddance!" when BN is voted out from Federal power.

  3. Not sure whether you agree with this perception about the deranged mentality and mental neurosis of the Malays in Malaysia [ not all Malays, but some percentage of the population, and this has been opined and uttered by the ex-Information Minister,the late Mohamed Rahmat]:

    That driven to the limit of tolerance, succumbing to their physical, mental and emotional endurance, the Malays ( not all, but some ) will go beserk, and run AMOK ! When they run AMOK, hell will let loose in their bloodstream and brain synapses, and you can imagine what they will do with the innocent victims and bystanders who happen to be in their vicinity.

    Empirical evidence has cited such terrorising events had occured before – right in the backyard of this nation called Malaysia. Someday, if remain unchecked, their neurosis will turn into situation that we use to see in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan – they will become suicidal bombers….. all in the name of Allah… the GREAT.

    Will Najib and his cousin continue to state they cannot stop them from demonstrating?…..

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