Happy 1000th! | Credit: Frank Boenigk
1,000 posts and counting!
Happy 1000th! | Credit: Frank Boenigk
Happy 1,000th! | Credit: Frank Boenigk

LoyarBurok is 1,000 (posts, that is)!

Yes this is, in fact, the 1,000th post on this damned blawg. What better way to commemorate this milestone by looking back on some other key milestones:

But heck, all these are just coincidental numbers. Every post counts, and we hope that — in some way — each post has made a difference.

As you can tell, the posts were quite sporadic in the early days — there were 537 posts in 2010, compared to 349 in the previous four years!

Yes, we exploded in 2010, and the fire is still raging.

Thank you to all the writers. Please keep writing. To those who want to join us, please email [email protected]. All are welcome.

Here’s to hitting the 2,000th post before the end of 2011! Jom!

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3 replies on “It’s Our 1,000th Post!”

  1. To creators of Loyarburok. I first saw the article in the newspaper regarding this website. I did not know it existed. Anyway it is a good thing that there is a place for youngsters to be heard. Keep it up.

  2. Congratulations and hope more inspiring articles will surface soon including language right and mother tongue language protection issue.

  3. I can't believe that no one has commented on this post yet but – go LoyarBurok! :)

    Indeed, here's to many more amazing blawg posts to come.

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