Do you find yourself searching for meaning in what you do? Do you often think “what’s the point of it all?” — even when not stoned or drunk? Perhaps you suddenly realise what Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus means?

Lord Bobo has the solution (after all, we’re omniscient).

You need to join LoyarBurok’s MastHead team.

This is the group of His Supreme Eminenceness’ most loyal minions (though some may waver in their loyalty once in a while… ahem) who exist both in real life and in cyberspace.

The MastHead minions are the ones who peel the purple bananas and stroke the furry backend of the blawg’s inner machinations and machinery, which were set up by Lord Bobo’s trainee Nikola Tesla.

There are, of course, a few basic requirements:

  • You must have a decent command of English or Malay. You can’t be editing and curating the most awesome blawg in the universe without language skills, obviously. Esperanto knowledge is a plus.
  • You need to have occasional access to a computer/laptop. Who doesn’t these days?
  • You should be familiar with the Writer’s Guide.
  • You have to… wait, there aren’t any more requirements. See how basic this is?

If you’re interested, please email [email protected] with the subject “Lord Bobo, I offer myself to thee!” and one of our MastHead minions will be in touch with more details.

What a LoyarBurokker looks like at the exact moment his life is changed. Don't worry, it's not a permanent look (except for an unlucky few).

And who knows, you may find a renewed purpose in life. In fact Lord Bobo breathes life into all the different areas of your life.

You may even fall in love.

After all, LoyarBurok is where your purpose in life meets ours.

A typical MastHead meeting.

And you will do all this while having fun, and assisting in our purpose of giving people the space to “shoot their mouths off about anything they like, provided it is done with sufficient pomposity, verbosity and general malapropism to ensure at least one person reading it shakes his/her head in disgust, wonder, amazement, awe or/and bewilderment (hopefully, it all happens at the same time).”

Do it. Jalan. Connect. Caress. Cuddle. Stimulate. Simulate. Salivate.

The collective persona of Lord Bobo's minions (yes, all the cheeky monkeys and monkettes). Haven't you heard? LoyarBurokking is a lifestyle. Join us, and your life will never be the same again. Because...

2 replies on “Join LoyarBurok’s MastHead, and Change Your Life. Forever!”

  1. Gratulon Grafo Bobo. Estas belege, ke vi apogas Esperanto kune kun la restanta popolo en la mondo kaj kompreneble, la strebo de UNESCO.

    I do those english words of Sinjoro ENG mine by Esperanto.

    Gratulojn – contratulations.
    ?ajro el Brazilo

  2. Gratuloj Lord Bobo. It is nice that you are supporting Esperanto together with the rest of the people in the world and of course, the effort of UNESCO.

    I wish that we will have Esperanto page soon.

    Dankon denove.

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