noun, colloquialism: one who is full of hot air; one who enjoys to talk a lot about things that serve no useful purpose




To provide a forum for everyone with an interest in anything and who do not wish to take themselves too seriously:


(a) to pontificate (with their tongues firmly lodged in their cheek) on frivolous issues such as those concerning the state of the world, human rights, government, legal profession, judicial system; and more weighty and important matters such as movies, theatre, food, travel, books, music and anything else which comes to tickles their awesome minds in a manner that is provocative, amusing, entertaining, insulting (when they feel like it) and pretty damn ingenious;


(b) to create awareness and activism on – issues of concern such as to help redress violations of human and animal rights, and to seek improvements in the way they order and structure their lives (yes, great ambitions indeed);


(c) to generally shoot their mouths off about anything they like, provided it is done with sufficient pomposity, verbosity and general malapropism to ensure at least one person reading it shakes his/her head in disgust, wonder, amazement, awe or/and bewilderment (hopefully, it all happens at the same time).




LoyarBurok® is a blawg owned and maintained by Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd (LB’). LB is led in its quest for global domination by an ingenious simian General Chief Editor named Lord Bobo Barnabus, The Wonder Typewriting Monkey, who exists solely in cyberspace.


Lord Bobo was kidnapped in infancy for a brutal and secret experiment held in Siberia sometime in the 1990’s to reproduce the works of Shakespeare with several hundred other simians form various descents with only three typewriters. After several diligent years of producing original drafts of a play that came extremely close in artistic integrity and vision to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the Lord’s almost completed final draft was destroyed in a violent riot caused by the other simians during an escape bid.

With nothing left to hold the Lord back after the destruction of the Lord’s masterpiece, the Lord managed to escape from the simian gulag.

After a great deal of trouble, the Lord found himself in a small corner of cyberspace where shortly after the Lord’s arrival the Lord was able to mind control various homo sapiens with the Lord’s awesome powers of telepathy that the Lord also managed to develop in the gulag into writing and contributing to this goddamned blawg.