Before history is forgotten or re-written, this must be said.

It was a long time ago that Malaysians wanted to write and be published to be read by the nation at large. But back then we did not have the internet. We did not have blogs. We only had one channel to write – the mainstream newspapers. Our options limiting, our choices limited.

With the advent of the internet, and blogs, the reverse has occurred. There is now much space to be published but not enough writers.

The ONLY blawg – that cares – was established to organise and build a community of writers who wanted to be published and be heard. And heard on ANY topic under Malaysia’s sun, and moon. Everyone has a voice, and must claim the space to accentuate the voice; for if not, other voices will take that space.

LoyarBurok is unique because it is not only a blawg, but a lifestyle (see: LoyarButik). Yes, right.

The uniqueness of the blawg is that every new writer gets immediate and direct access to the blawg with a username and password. Thereafter, writers are at liberty to publish their posts on their own with the assistance of the blawg’s dedicated MastHead team.

More astonishingly, LoyarBurokkers are free to curate (English: design) the blawg as many times they like on a weekly basis! A curator leads, engineers and decides what appears on the blawg for the week. This is D-I-Y at its best.

We have hundreds of LoyarBurokkers – more non-lawyers than lawyers (note: LoyarBurok is not for lawyers or about the law only, we have LoyarBurokkers from various places of birth, of different backgrounds and of different social origins) – who have written and contributed in different ways. Many of our writers have gone on to do great things after being first spotted at LoyarBurok. The blawg is much like a youth academy churning out youth super-footballers only to be sold for filthy millions to big, rich clubs like Manchester United. Only difference is: LoyarBurok gets nothing. Yet, our community continues to expand in the quest to rule the world.

If you are interested to dominate the world with us, read more here or email your queries or posts (of not more than 800 words written in simple, layperson’s language and style) to [email protected]. Download and read the Writer’s Guide written by a cool, old-fashioned, human rights activist masquerading as a corporate-styled lawyer which is as nice a read as one can get on a guide-to-do-something.

Join us. Your life and inbox will never be the same again.

Happy LoyarBurokking!

The collective persona of Lord Bobo's minions (yes, all the cheeky monkeys and monkettes). Haven't you heard? LoyarBurokking is a lifestyle. Join us, and your life will never be the same again. Because...

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  1. ” Everyone has a voice, and must claim the space to accentuate the voice; for if not, other voices will take that space. ”

    Tried a more direct method. Nary a peep was returned. Try talking about APARTHEID at the level a Bar Council should, or forever hold your peace where misrepresenting Bar as being as proactive like this post describes.

  2. Where is this so called Writer's Guide? I have search high and low for it on the website and admin page but could not find.

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