The grounds of appeal of the Federal Court

We had previously uploaded the Grounds of Judgment of the Court of Appeal here.

Today, about two weeks after delivering its decision on 24th June 2014, the Federal Court has released the Grounds of Judgment of the specially enlarged panel of 7 Judges who heard and dismissed (4-3) the application for leave to appeal by the Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur.

Again, in anticipation of the Judiciary website becoming overloaded, we have taken the liberty of uploding the judgments here as well.

The grounds are in the following links:-

If you feel inspired to write a commentary about the judgment, do send your article to us following the steps outlined here.

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One reply on “Kalimah Allah Federal Court Judgment”

  1. The judges have ERR Greatly, PERVERTED the course of Justice and have VIOLATED the constitution of "Rukun Negara"…..So Judgement is NULL and VOID…….Carry on using Allah in ANY Publication….Only FOOLS, weak minded and EVIL racist humans are confused!!…No need to be Romantics to stupid, dumb, racist, unconstitutional judgement.

    Believe in God is believe in God/Allah in whatever language, style, manner, customs, freedom…….LET no one Tell you the condition of your belief, how you should worship and NO LEGISLATION should exist to be a religion over you. If it did We need to FIGHT it to Death……. That is not Legislation anymore…..that is Evil-BIGOTS-RACISM combined to Commit CRIME Against humanity… Nazi and today the UMNO ISIS Boko Haram Taliban style Islamic cult agenda with approval from S & A…!! No need to be romantics or emotional to EVIL – Best Ignore stupid Laws & judgement like ROSA Parks was asked not to SIT on the Whites only seat in a BUS!!…… Defy and continue to Disrupt!!

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