Art Harun is deeply offended.

I refer to Khabir Dhillon’s “Why Get All Pissy About Lord Bobo?” that appeared on LoyarBurok.

Apart from all the “fuck”, “fucking”, “fellatio”, “blowjobs” and a whole new biological concept — which I find rather sexually intriguing — namely, clitoris in the throat, I find the article wholly degrading to males in general.

And as a true blue hot-blooded sensitive-as-a-clitoris-or-a-penis-tip wet blanket of a male, I am writing in to register my absolute objection and outrage against that article.

The object of my outrage and objection is this line: “The point was that men, like the dumb fucks that they are, would take a blowjob any day and be satisfied that they just received the best gift in the universe.

Bloody hell.

Firstly, how can Khabir Dhillon describe me as a dumb fuck?

Secondly, how dare he suggest that I would take a blowjob any day?

Thirdly, how dare he stereotype me as a person who is always satisfied with all the blowjobs that I have received as the best gift in the universe?

How very  demeaning is that? And degrading too!

Dear Mr Dhillon, men are not dumb fucks. We only appear to be dumb fucks who just think that a woman’s face should be at her chest rather than on her head — but deep inside we, the men, are deeply caring human beings who just yearn a bit of understanding, love, and care. (Although of course, a fellatio or two on some days would not hurt.)

Your article, dear Sir, is sexist and is stereotypical of men as a gender which does nothing but stereotypes women. How incredulous!

Let me tell you Mr Dhillon Sir, in this current world, where political correctness and neo-etiquettes rule, no one is supposed to crack jokes about women, men, gays (sorry, did I use the word “crack”?), and make sexual innuendos, or any kind of stereotypical remarks like “women should cook” or “men like to masturbate” anymore.

All human beings have evolved my friend. It’s like their whole body is now made of those cells which hitherto only resided at the g-spot, clitoris, or penile tip. Hence the ultra-sensitivity to jokes, articles, pictures, remarks, and whatnots which in any way could possibly be construed as sexist or perverted, regardless of how far-fetched such a conclusion is.

Even when the sexism or perversion is not there, people will still dissect, analyse, and dig deep into the words used and search for any meaning well-hidden in between the lines in order to support their conclusion.

Please, as is usual with this kind of letter expressing outrage and objection, I would end by asking you to wholly and unreservedly retract your entire article, apologise, and retire into your cold, dark sexist room and watch some porn movies of some sexy long-legged big-boobed blondes and cougars giving blowjobs to some dumb fucks on the couch.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Art Harun

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