Khabir Dhillon responds to Pang’s criticism of Lord Bobo.

This is ridiculous.

Getting pissed off about a stupid answer to a stupid question is so fucking pissy twitty that it’s ridiculous.

Lord Bobo’s response essentially denigrates men as being one-dimensional. What does a man want? A blowjob. Everything else is secondary. How is that a denigration of women, I don’t get.

I especially don’t get the “suck his kangkung” comparison. Clueless in Seputeh was not asking for a solid. She was asking a dumb ass question. That deserved a dumb ass response.

A response about men wanting nothing more than blowjobs.

I don’t get how you say “she should therefore be game and consenting to the idea” and how Lord Bobo “assumed she should and that he is entitled to it” and how Lord Bobo accepts “unquestioningly that her consent is contracted automatically” and how “fellatio is a privilege of men”.

What the fuck man. You sound like a pissy little twit. It’s not a privilege. There is no entitlement. Heck, there is no issue of consent being contracted! She’s asking for an idea for a gift! A gift, dude! A fucking gift! A gift is not a fucking privilege or entitlement. It fucking obviously comes with consent, cos hey, it’s a bloody gift not a robbery!

The point was that men, like the dumb fucks that they are, would take a blowjob any day and be satisfied that they just received the best gift in the universe. And ask for no other. Even on Christmas. And it IS a fucking gift unless you got a fucking clitoris in your fucking throat and get off from shoving an ugly proboscis down it.

Of course it’s a gift. It’s one way. It’s not fucking. It’s sucking.

Yeah, yeah, some people “love” to suck cock but that has nothing to do with the biology of their throat. It’s a different kind of “love”.

Lord Bobo is masculine. It’s not Lady Bobo. His Supreme Eminenceness may be able to transcend gender in His thoughts and ideas but He’s still got a fucking shlong. And he’s telling you an obvious truth that you’d appreciate if you stop being so pissy twitty and understand what he said — you ask a stupid question and you’ll get a stupid answer.

Why waste time writing the stupid answer and not just ignore Clueless in Seputeh? Well, obviously, the whole fucking point was to pimp the cufflinks. The stupid question, as stupid as it is, had one redeeming factor — it was an opportunity to sell some cufflinks for Christmas!

The audience was not men. The audience is people with a fucking sense of humour who don’t get all pissy twitty over jokes about blowjobs. And how much men love them.

If your attention span is too short or selective for you to get what His Supreme Eminenceness Lord Bobo said, let me put it in brief for you…

A reader asked a dumb ass question about what to buy her lover for Christmas and Lord Bobo said — suck his cock, men are easy to please, or better still buy a pair of our cufflinks.

If anyone should be pissed, it should be the Male Liberation Front, who’d have a leg to stand on in arguing that the answer was sexist because men are indeed complex creatures who desire more than mere blowjobs.

The fact that we don’t have a Male Liberation Front is pretty cogent evidence that men indeed desire nothing more than blowjobs. And cufflinks of Lord Bobo. But of course, blowjobs first and cufflinks second.

Your disrespect of His Supreme Eminenceness is infuriating.

Father mother never teach, is it?

Say sorry, asshole.

Khabir Dhillon is an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya and a Nationalistic Malaysian. He likes to think that he has useful things to say but many say that it is only he who thinks...

11 replies on “Why Get All Pissy About Lord Bobo?”

  1. Hi Khabir,

    Don't lah like dat! Don't make jibes about his recent academic achievements lah. Pang went for a course he wanted to study/know more about. It is only natural, if not expected, that Pang would acquire new language or thinking in how he puts forward his arguments. And Pang has always thrived on a more intellectual discussion. Whether his arguments are flawed or not, then that would be where the debate lies. But I for one, am glad that Pang chose to respond. The fact that he expanded on his FB post and whether those points are relevant or that he included the response to his FB post in his article on LB website, and whether these are relevant, again, that can always be debated.

  2. Dear Angela

    I think the cufflinks are now a symbol of freedom of expression.

    It became a symbol when a joke was dissected as if it was an academic thesis and the so-called "academic" used his influence to coax and threaten an apology from His Supreme Eminenceness. All for making joke that was a bit risque.

    Pushing the boundaries of freedom of expression first requires convincing the smart ones in society that they don't have a right not to be offended by jokes.

    We'll slowly work on expanding that freedom. After all, we're in Malaysia.

    Get those cufflinks!

    Liberavi Animam Meam

  3. So the solution loyal readers of Lord Bobo, is, don't ask Lord Bobo dumb questions, you'll get dumb assed responses that may well be designed to be opportunistic to sell cufflinks and other products of LB. There's no patience for stupidity by a Lord who was created to present the group's opinions. Because it is such a dumb assed question, it deserved that much longer of a dumb assed response that reeks of telling Clueless you're a dumb ass to ask this question, compared to other responses in the "Ask Lord Bobo" columns which clearly has to do with the law. Hope the cufflinks sold like hot cakes.

  4. Dishonest Kazimir

    I thought I explained to you many days ago that "pissy twitty" means being angry AND stupid about it.

    Yet you make the same comment that dishonestly casts what I said as referring to merely being angry.

    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

    Or more accurately, YOU FUCKING LYING TWIT!


  5. "He likes to think that he has useful things to say but many say that it is only he who thinks that."

    Yeah, too true. This reeks of male entitlement and misogyny.

    "And it IS a fucking gift unless you got a fucking clitoris in your fucking throat and get off from shoving an ugly proboscis down it."

    Grow up.

  6. Some people have been reading way too much gender studies. Anyway, there is nothing anti feminist about blow jobs or asking someone to give you one. The woman can say no in this situation. However, what is sexist and worse, misogynist, are the references to cougars (a reference to the sexual voracity of an older woman in a negative way), the insinuation that all women do or are good for is to cook, shop, give fellatio and foot massages. Also for Bobo to talk about sex in such a blasé and vulgar way, is indeed to show off his male privilege and creating a space that is privileged for 'men talk' and serves to humiliate women, as Bobo has tried to do, and has succeeded very well.

  7. Yeah, you're right, whats wrong with blowjob? same as fucking, some people loves it, men even woman. Nothing near sexism.

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