1) It’s a very rare occurrence to actually see Malaysians actually come early. I kid you not. Go see yourself!

2) Legal Aid Lawyers actually give free representation to those arrested! Yes, lawyers actually doing work for free! Crazy! Shocking!

3) Hot chicks/studs. ’nuff said. Remember Bersih 3.0, anyone?

4) Good cardio workout. Nothing like running for your dear lives. Forget running a marathon! Or faux pas zombies.

5) Networking. Where the hell else can you find thousands of people believing in the same cause/having something in common? Church? A Multi-racial crowd, cutting across even social-economical and religious backgrounds! Astounding!

6) Pre-rally food/photography tours. Love food? Love photography? You will love public rallies!

7) A cause. You are willing to walk for a cause. Not just standing up for it, or clicking a ‘like’/RT or two but willing to go the distance. Follow it to the end. Show your support for something you believe in.

Let me assure you this has totally nothing to do with Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat rally tomorrow (12/01/2012) at 2pm at Stadium Merdeka.

Really. Haram ni. Biadap betul semua orang ni!

P.S. “In other words, love” says Human Rights lawyer Edmund Bon.

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