The Perfect Assembly: What a party!


And we have come to this.

All the hot air, machinations, manipulations, lies, deceit, arrests, detentions, and interventions.

Nobody is NOT talking about BERSIH 2.0 now. In the office and foodstalls, by professionals and the not so professional.

It looks like everyone is going down to the ground.

And it appears that if one is not, he or she will be get the glare followed by the question: do you not love Malaysia? (That’s quite unfair really for everyone is entitled to choose whether to rally or not.)

In the coming hours as we countdown to the rally, it would be good that we take a step back in the quiet of wherever we are, breathe deeply and relax. (Yoga would be good.)

The original intent of assemblies and mass mobilisation is to send a strong message to the receiver of the message. But the substance of the message will be lost if there are those who prefer to hijack the event or sabotage it, and turn a peaceful event violent. And it’s very easy for that to happen.

I believe that Malaysians are mature, rational and peaceful people who individually and collectively love Malaysia.

And that Malaysians are able to rally peacefully and harmoniously. Let us show our detractors that we can.

We therefore will and must do our utmost to prevent violence or conflict as best we can. Walk away. Walk away. And to do that, we cannot go to BERSIH 2.0 on 9 July angry, frustrated, and confrontational.

So for one minute, let us picture our perfect vision of the rally.

What a party it will be.

Malaysians in groups of yellow. And groups of rakyat in yellow.

Old, young, urbanites and ruralites.

All coming from different parts of Malaysia. Converging along the way.

Handshakes. Questions. Answers. Old friends, and new ones.

Your colour – and mine – does not matter.

Your god – and mine – is not an issue.

All walking by different routes, in different ways. Some hold hands, others arm-in-arm.

To one destination.

All surrounding Merdeka in a sky of yellow.

Not able to get in, we open picnic mats and eat sandwiches on the lawn.

Kids running round and round. Friends talking. People meeting for the first time.

Shouting at times. Laughing most of the time.


Common people stand and speak. Activists speak. Malaysia listens. Government and EC hears.

And then it rains. Completes picture. Perfect afternoon 9.7, 2-4pm.

All are drenched head to toe. Some have to change, others dry down.

But all have felt the energy. The rush.

All walk home happy. Going our own way. Back to our homes.

We will meet again.

Happy that Malaysians have come together for a common cause.

Glad that history has documented it. May never happen again.

Each knowing there is hope in Malaysia. In Malaysians. In the young.

Knowing that we will not be cowed by fear or threat. That we will stand for justice.

And walk kilometres after kilometres to get there.

And we will get there… somehow.

It will be romantic.

The Perfect Assembly.

Because it’s fun.


Life's a sufferance. Lawyering a bore. As Edmund continues various escape techniques to be rid of Lord Bobo’s influence, he crusades with UndiMsia! movers to build strange youth love movements around the country. And so he tweets @edmundbon and practises the black magic art of advocacy at

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