And we have come to this.

All the hot air, machinations, manipulations, lies, deceit, arrests, detentions, and interventions.

Nobody is NOT talking about BERSIH 2.0 now. In the office and foodstalls, by professionals and the not so professional.

It looks like everyone is going down to the ground.

And it appears that if one is not, he or she will be get the glare followed by the question: do you not love Malaysia? (That’s quite unfair really for everyone is entitled to choose whether to rally or not.)

In the coming hours as we countdown to the rally, it would be good that we take a step back in the quiet of wherever we are, breathe deeply and relax. (Yoga would be good.)

The original intent of assemblies and mass mobilisation is to send a strong message to the receiver of the message. But the substance of the message will be lost if there are those who prefer to hijack the event or sabotage it, and turn a peaceful event violent. And it’s very easy for that to happen.

I believe that Malaysians are mature, rational and peaceful people who individually and collectively love Malaysia.

And that Malaysians are able to rally peacefully and harmoniously. Let us show our detractors that we can.

We therefore will and must do our utmost to prevent violence or conflict as best we can. Walk away. Walk away. And to do that, we cannot go to BERSIH 2.0 on 9 July angry, frustrated, and confrontational.

So for one minute, let us picture our perfect vision of the rally.

What a party it will be.

Malaysians in groups of yellow. And groups of rakyat in yellow.

Old, young, urbanites and ruralites.

All coming from different parts of Malaysia. Converging along the way.

Handshakes. Questions. Answers. Old friends, and new ones.

Your colour – and mine – does not matter.

Your god – and mine – is not an issue.

All walking by different routes, in different ways. Some hold hands, others arm-in-arm.

To one destination.

All surrounding Merdeka in a sky of yellow.

Not able to get in, we open picnic mats and eat sandwiches on the lawn.

Kids running round and round. Friends talking. People meeting for the first time.

Shouting at times. Laughing most of the time.


Common people stand and speak. Activists speak. Malaysia listens. Government and EC hears.

And then it rains. Completes picture. Perfect afternoon 9.7, 2-4pm.

All are drenched head to toe. Some have to change, others dry down.

But all have felt the energy. The rush.

All walk home happy. Going our own way. Back to our homes.

We will meet again.

Happy that Malaysians have come together for a common cause.

Glad that history has documented it. May never happen again.

Each knowing there is hope in Malaysia. In Malaysians. In the young.

Knowing that we will not be cowed by fear or threat. That we will stand for justice.

And walk kilometres after kilometres to get there.

And we will get there… somehow.

It will be romantic.

The Perfect Assembly.

Because it’s fun.

Life's a sufferance. Lawyering a bore. As Edmund continues various escape techniques to be rid of Lord Bobo’s influence, he crusades with UndiMsia! movers to build strange youth love movements around...

12 replies on “The Perfect Assembly: What a party!”

  1. Lumi: Perhaps my post wasn't clear, but the question was directed to Mr. Bon.

    Maybe, one day, I may ask you a question.

  2. @JohnnyRamoneLives
    In the style of Che Det, altogether now…

    1) Not sure Edmund can answer for Anwar, unless you know different.
    2) All politicians are opportunists, some more than others.
    3) Anwar and more importantly, the opposition coalition he heads, has spoken in favour of reform. No contradiction there.
    4) People like you and people like us must be careful about the message and not be drawn into party politics. But you cannot stop people who are party members (of any party) making common cause.
    5) Pull the Bar Council's strings? What? Independent minded lawyers? In Malaysia? Yer 'avin a laff!
    6) I'm sure with your critical thinking, you will avoid becoming a pawn.

    All the best!

  3. Edmund Bon, can you please explain Anwar's presence. Please pick one of the options below or add your own.


    A) is a garden variety opportunistic politician, just getting face time in high profile events and is riding Ambiga'a wave.

    B) pulls the bar council's strings and masterminded this event

    Could you please illuminate me?

    I'm all for Bersih's objectives, but I'm not keen on being a PKR pawn.

    1. Amiga invited all political parties to join in BERSIH march.

      Only PR coalition members are interested. BN wants to remain KOTOR.

  4. Well, 9/7 has come and gone but it's effect will be felt for a while I think. It may be the precursor to major change, perhaps seismic change.

    I was particularly heartened to see the multi-racial composition of the groups – not always, not everywhere, but nobody, nobody questioned the right for you to be there because of your bangsa. We marched as brothers and sisters and learnt about being a community. It was a feeling that cannot be replicated in cyberspace with virtual friends. We are human and that's why we need to come together. To be energised, to be renewed.

    Of course the rally was declared illegal as was Bersih, but this goes to the heart of 'what is the law'?

    It seems apparent to me that very many people – I don't know whether the majority – have lost confidence in the Government's ability to pass and administer the law. Leaving aside all the disquiet about the police and judiciary, this is quite different. It is a refusal to suspend our disbelief any longer. It is a refusal to accept the Government's explanation as 'credible' – at a stretch!

    We came together because we did not think it was fair to ban a reasonable request. Not reasonable to ban the expression of our desire for a fundamental democratic principle – elections. Many may not have known about the detail, but were incensed tat the banning. And at the handling of the issue. And of dragging the Agung into the picture. And for going back on a compromise. And for the arrests and intimidation.

    Yes, something has changed. As to whether we are reborn as a a nation, only time will tell.


  5. Kian Ye, my friend, are you just writing this stuff to provoke reaction? You might do, but aiya, not today lah.

    It seems to me that you're the one who is so wound up that your resort to SHOUTING and foul language. Whatever ails you, I wish you relief.

    Go in peace and leave us build a better Malaysia!

  6. Who's the barbarian using foul language in here? If you don't like, don't read, if you don't like, don't join. Just sit in your own cave then.

  7. Just let the YELLOW, RED & PURPLE enter STADIUM MERDEKA & let them fight it out. Those who come out ALIVE shall prevail the WINNER.

    What a bunch of DUMB PRICKS & DUMB CUNTS!!!

  8. Bunch of ASSHOLES wearing YELLOW (Bersih)
    Bunch of WANKERS wearing RED (UMNO Youth)
    Bunch of IDIOTS wearing PURPLE (Perkasa)

    The govt. should just allocate an remote island somewhere in Malaysia for all these JACKASSES in Yellow, Red & Purple to fight it out. Allow them fight each other & more importantly allow them to kill each other until they are finally fed-up with all these nonsense. All these DUMBASS deserve ‘No Place’ in our modern society (let alone our beloved country called Malaysia). AMBIGA SUNDAL KELING & her konco-konco, IBRAHIM KATAK ALI & his konco-konco + KJ & his konco-konco are just a bunch of BARBARIC IDIOTS who are still living in Stone-age era preferring to march here & there shouting like CAVEMEN & CAVE WOMEN exclaiming excitement upon seeing something modern called an “Ipad”

    Can we have an end to all these BERSIH nonsense??? Why don’t these BERSIH wankers just lock themselves up in their own bathroom & shout whatever they want??? At least with their own echoes in their bathroom might give them somekind of ‘syiok sendiri’ sensation, while, the nation enjoy peace & stability.

    BERSIH, PERKASA & PATRIOT UMNO YOUTH…..go screw yaself, ok???

  9. nice! especially this….

    Your colour – and mine – does not matter.
    Your god – and mine – is not an issue.

    we will walk,
    we will struggle,
    and we will win….


  10. That was/ is truly beautiful and inspiring. I needed that. See you in the field of gold!

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