Live coverage of UndiMsia’s first birthday bash! Refresh this page for periodic updates.

9.45am: After weeks of brainstorming, theorising, mind-controlling, Oppa UndiMsia-ing, and general LoyarBurokking, it’s finally happening! UndiMsia’s first birthday party is about to kick off. So get out of bed and head down to Bangsar Utama, pronto! We’re scheduled to start at 10.30am.

9.50am: Very nearly one year ago (one day short), UndiMsia! was officially launched at Bangkung Row. For those who missed it, here’s what MalaysiakiniThe SunThe StarThe Star iPadFree Malaysia Today, and Selangor Times had to say. We hope the media turn up today!

9.56am: Here’s a cheeky peek at what’s going on this morning:

  • Auction! Bid for a date with sexy Malaysian movers and shakers. All proceeds go to the Resource Centre.
  • Music! To Kill a Mockingbird and Emeka Agu — perhaps some Gangnam Style?
  • Launch! Our Resource Centre will be officially launched. Perhaps there will be ribbon-cutting. Perhaps Will and Kate will pop by. Maybe some Republican convention style balloonery? Also, what’s this DIYToolkit that Edmund Bon has been banging on about for weeks and weeks?
  • Watch! The documentary Ombak Perubahan will be screened. We have been told it is all kinds of awesome — and it surely must be because it’s by those super-sexy LoyarBurokkers known as the S-Ploited (Seira Sacha and Sherrie Razak Dali) in association with WayangLoyarBurok!
  • Mingle! Get to know other happening Malaysians. Go beyond clicktivism. Meet the people behind the Twitter handles. Touch. Connect. Move.

10.05am: Here’s a sneak peek at the #BidADate candidates.

  • Tony Eusoff: He’s involved in countless local productions like Sepi, Cinta and broadway production Dream Girls. He’s hot, sexy not to mention an extremely nice guy.
  • Nadia Heng: Miss World Malaysia 2010. Winning a pageant didn’t stop her from being an avid environmentalist. How do you find a woman like that?!
  • Edmund Bon: How do we describe him? The Bonsiah. Bon Connery. Fashion designer. Champion of women’s rights. Believer in free love. A human rights activist and lawyer who contributed so much to society he doesn’t know what sleep is.
  • Yvonne Sim: Miss Malaysia top 5, FHM Girl Next Door 2010. She even starred in one of the Ghost series. Any guy/girl would be lucky to bid a dinner with her.
  • Seira Sacha: She produced #OmbakPerubahan, which premiered 7 pm last night at Annexe Gallery. A young director, lawyer, and activist. Need we say more?

10.10am: All the preparation is done, and it’s now the calm before the party! Chief Executive Minion Ka Ea: “Wow, we’ve never been this organised before!” Most of the volunteers have gone off, probably to have a private argument over who gets to date Edmund Bon.

10.22am: Apparently some media have decided not to come because there are no VIP guests-of-honour. One mainstream press representative not impressed by us saying that “The rakyat are the VIPs.” It shows that UndiMsia! still has a long way to go when it comes to citizen empowerment!

10.30am: Our favourite editor (the home of Ask Lord Bobo) KL Chan is here!

10.45am: The place is buzzing now! Lots of people fondling the #DIYToolkit, taking photos with the Dinding Rakyat, talking about Idola Demokrasi and asking “what’s next” for the 2nd year!

10.55am: Royalty has arrived. Not those Will or Kate buggers. Edward Saw, one of the original LoyarBurok founders! JyeaH!

11.00am: Things are heating up! (The aircond is not used to cooling down so many hawt bodies). We should be getting started soon.

11.07am: Omai some people are having convulsions at the front. Oh wait. It’s UndiMsia! movers doing some Gangnam style.

11.10am: We’re officially starting now. Emcee Ong Kar Jin is introducing To Kill a Mockingbird. No, not the book — they’re a band who are going to get us started with a few songs.

11.16am: As the band plays, it’s good to see Ed Soo here — he’s the owner of Leonardo’s, and kindly hosted the launch of UndiMsia! last Malaysia Day.

11.18am: Two of the #BidADate candidates are here! Nadia Heng and our superstar film-maker Seira Sacha.

11.19am: The To Kill a Mockingbird lead singer has some great vocal chops. Slightly distracted by the strange movements by her band-mates as she’s singing. We suppose that what kids these days call dancing eh?

11.30am: Video now being aired showing how Malaysian youth who were interviewed can easily answer questions about celebrities, movies, etc but not “Who is your MP”, “Who is the highest Ruler in Malaysia?”, “What is a by-election” etc.

11.37am: Video shows how UndiMsia! began (in a mamak, a purple banana falls, lightning, Lord Bobo!) and the journey so far — Hangatkan Langat, Jelajah Sebaran Cinta, Launch of #MyMP, Idola Demokrasi!

11.40am: After the much-awaited UndiMsia! Gangnam-style video, a montage of young movers wishing UndiMsia! a happy birthday. Their lives will never be the same again. Educated. Empowered. Move with us!

11.43am: The #DIYToolkit is now being introduced to the audience. #198Actions #IdolaDemokrasi — get your copy now and Activate!

11.49am: Edmund Bon now giving his speech to launch the #DIYToolkit, explaining why Malaysia’s democracy is not representative enough and the system needs to be fixed. The book explains how the rakyat can, and should, reclaim their voices. And of course everyone needs to buy and read this book!

11.53am: Emeka Agu’s performance is about to begin. Ka Ea doing a personal Gangnam-style lap-ish dance for King Chai at the back.

11.57am: As the music plays, Seira Sacha hands out Freedom Arts Festival programmes. Others are trying to get a look at Nadia Heng and Yvonne Sim. Some strategising going on over who to bid for. Some fine looking men and women here who aren’t up for #BidADate though! A great mix that can only happen at UndiMsia! and LoyarBurok events — Fahri Azzat, Melayu in a Punjabi suit; Jonson Chong, ex-politician ex-lawyer now-lecturer, HR Dipendra flashing his chest hair, a Chinaman who looks like Freddie Mercury. Where the hell else would you find these fellas in the same room?!

12.01pm: Farency Baseng now introducing the Pusat Rakyat LB Resource Centre, which is being launched today.

12.10pm: The #DateABid is starting! Candidates being asked onto stage now. Men and women in the audience trying to stay calm. Seira Sacha gets a bigger cheer than Edmund Bon!

12.12pm: Kar Jin is giving a brief introduction of the candidates now, beginning with Tony Eusoff. Seira trying to buat muka cool. Nadia and Edmund very obviously excited.

12.14pm: The emcee is getting a little too hot under the collar introducing Nadia and Yvonne. Steady brother.

12.16pm: Loudest cheers for LoyarBurokkers Seira Sacha and Edmund Bon. The celebrities look a bit nervous – who will get the highest bid?

12.18pm: Tony Eusoffe has a super deep voice! Says he was conned into coming today by Pang Khee Teik, who is not here.

12.20pm: Even though his fellow biddees are speaking, Edmund Bon is seen sms-ing people. Rumours are that its an sms to UberCurator Van Geyzel regarding upcoming Ask Lord Bobo book.

12.21pm: Edmund Bon speaking in Malay. Really trying to get those bids in! Explaining the Tao of the Bon Con by saying its not a con at all, but what the person allegedly conned really wanted to do!

12.23pm: Emcee says he is a younger version of Edmund Bon. Urm. Yeah, right – you really are.

12.24pm: Loud cheers greeting our stars as they shimmy down the so-called catwalk.

12.25pm: Bidding starts at RM40 for Tony Eusoffe. Progresses quickly up to RM100.

12.28pm: And #BidADate Tony Eusoff now sings. He’s got a fantastic singing voice! Wah!!!

12.32pm: Sold at RM320 to June Low #BidADate Tony Eusoffe. Thank you kind sir and lady!

12.33pm: And now its former Miss World Malaysia Nadia Heng. Starting at RM50, and at RM200 within 30 seconds

12.36pm: OMG. Emcee just mentioned Nadia has a twin sister. Man in the blue shirt bids RM600. Thank you so much, Nadia and kind sir.

12.38pm: Yvonne Sim bidding again progresses super quickly. Already at RM460. #BidADate

12.40pm: Wah. Yvonne is a very good dancer. Innuendoes aplenty. Chants for Yvonne to dance.

12.42pm: SHE’S DANCING!!!!!! Party rocking in the house tonight!

12.46pm: And sold! #BidADate Yvonne Sim goes for RM820! Thank you so much to the winning bidder, and to Yvonne for being so sporting.

12.47pm: And now bids start for super LoyarBurokker Seira Sacha. Already at RM400 within 30 seconds.

12.48pm: And sold – #BidADate Seira Sacha goes for RM800 to Roger Chan! Thank you kind sir, and thanks Seira Sacha.

12.52pm: And now the highlight of the evening. The Cloud Big Emperor – the Super Bon Conster Edmund Bon Tai Soon. Already at RM600 within 30 seconds.

12.56pm: Edmund Bon dancing for his supper – doing it Gangnam Style!

12.58pm: Edmund Bon sold for RM1,200 #BidADate ! Thank you, BonSiah and thank you to the person who won that bid!

1.00pm: The grand burst! Everyone having great fun bursting the balloons in the Pusat. Hooray! Happy Birthday UndiMsia!!!

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