For the second year running, the most awesome blawg in the universe is one of the recipients of The Nut Graph’s Merdeka Awards!

The list of recipients for the 2012 awards contains many inspiring Malaysians (many of whom are LoyarBurokkers, incidentally!), and Lord Bobo is proud that LoyarBurok is one of them.

This is what The Nut Graph said about us this year:

They shared this award last year with the UKM4 for their fight for students’ rights and freedom. But LoyarBurok has continued to inspire us with its drive and commitment and hence, they deserve to be mentioned again and on their own.

Impressive by any standard, efforts under the LoyarBurok group include UndiMsia!, Idola Demokrasi, #MyMP, and regular events for youths at their Pusat LoyarBurok in Bangsar.

The LoyarBurokkers have continued to stir debate and discussion on social media platforms on a variety of issues. With a presence on many fronts, LoyarBurok continues to engage young Malaysians in cool and intelligent ways, hence empowering more citizens to participate more actively in shaping this nation.

And this is what they said about us in 2011:

Students and lawyers pair up to earn a spot in our awards for their tenacity in fighting for students’ rights to participate in politics. The four Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia political science students, known as the UKM4 – Hilman Idham, Woon King Chai, Izan Shafina and Ismail Aminiddin – have fought the Universities and University College Act (UUCA) since being accused of campaigning in the Hulu Selangor by-election in April 2010. Although police charges were dropped, their university began internal proceedings. On 21 July 2011, after a sustained campaign on their plight with the help of LoyarBurok, the university dropped disciplinary charges against the four.

LoyarBurok, a group which promotes legal and human rights issues, was the first to draw attention to UKM4’s plight in their blog. Both the group and the students have brought the issue of student rights into the limelight, generated debate and even garnered international attention. The students’ application to the High Court to declare Section 15(5)(a) of the Act as an unconstitutional violation of the freedom of expression may have been dismissed, but they have filed an appeal with the Court of Appeal and the fight for student freedom continues.

Thanks to all the LoyarBurokkers around the world who continue to make the blawg what it is — your space for your views — claim it. All views are welcome, please register here if you’d like to join us! Remind yourselves of the reason we exist. And remember, you don’t have to be a lawyer to be a LoyarBurokker. We are politically non-partisan, but we sure love a party, son!

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna have some purple banana smoothies (non-virgin) to celebrate the award. JyeaH!

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