This is how I feel when you abuse GG and invade my GMail :(

Joachim shares some very simple steps to help you enjoy your egroups while maintaining inbox sanity. So what are you waiting for? Join the LoyarBurok and UndiMsia! egroups.

Here are 3 simple steps to manage the barrage of incoming emails in any email-group you may have recently joined.

  1. Visit (assuming it’s a Google Group and you have a Google account).
  2. Click “My groups” and select “Edit Memberships”.
  3. Select the box “all email” and switch it to “Abridged Email”(a summary of daily emails) or “Digest Email” (you get an email for every 25 emails from the group) or “No email at all”(you need to manually visit the group from google groups to read updates). Try and see what suits you.

An alternative method would be to set an email filter to archive/skip your inbox and park the email under a label:

  1. For Google, go to your inbox.
  2. Tick on the relevant emails and click “more” (somewhere in the middle under the search box).
  3. Choose Filter messages like these and make adjustments to your filter as you like. Emails from a certain e-group or persons can be entered or even a subject matter, say “Rights”.
  4. Next, choose “Create Filter” and choose Skip the inbox so it doesn’t flood your inbox. Apply a label to it so you can search for it easily. Let’s say “Investment-related”, “Activism” or “BonCon” and you can just click on that label to access all emails which have been labelled accordingly.
  5. Google filters/labels can hit and miss so you may need some tweaking from time to time.

Some general e-group etiquette:

  1. If the group has splintered into a smaller sub set for say delegation of work, maybe it’s worth sending a message to just those few people in private? Rather than spam the whole group.
  2. Think twice before posting anything casual. Remember this is Email, not whatsapp, FB message or text. Your message will be sent to dozens if not hundreds of peeps’ inboxes. (hopefully less so if you take the above tips into consideration).

Happy E-grouping!

Let this not be a dampener but rather to help reduce inbox clutter. Remember, you can always visit the group via Google groups so think twice if you feel like unsubscribing from the information overload!

Keep calm and keep E-grouping!

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