This is how I feel when you abuse GG and invade my GMail :(

A little rant on people who abuse Google Groups as a personal mailing list.

This is how I feel when you abuse GG and invade my GMail :(
This is how I feel

It’s GoogleGroups, often set up by a group, for the purposes of the group. It’s not YOUR personal mailing list. If you didn’t have my e-mail before this, and the only reason you have it is because of this group we’re in, then I didn’t sign up to be on your personal mailing list for your latest profound rant of a blog post. I signed up for e-mails from the group, pertaining to the group.

This is so highly annoying. Especially since I have given my primary e-mail to the group – because I value what the group does and has to say! Then to keep getting these nuggets of nonsense in my inbox that completely serve an individual’s ego and has absolutely nothing to with the group I love! (This means I am more than happy to receive e-mails discussing issues pertinent or of interest to the group and all communications necessary in mobilising the group for any initiatives.)

We all have the freedom to post whatever the horseradish we want on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, portals, but e-mails are different. The inbox is private – you do not have access unless I give you my e-mail address. It’s also more annoying because you have to click on it – especially when it comes from a googlegroup that you are a member of – because you think it’s something important. I also just can’t ignore an e-mail like you can ignore some online post because I have to check the little box and press delete or my inbox will be cluttered!!!

It’s just plain rude and slyly opportunistic to lift someone’s e-mail address like that. It was wrongfully obtained for those purposes. No different from when those companies who buy and steal your mobile phone number from god knows where and then spam you with notifications of their latest promotion. Usually these companies sell nonsense and that’s why they have to resort to these tactics. Do you?

Oh and if the sender specifies to the group to “Send me a private e-mail”, it means do not reply to group, instead please send your little answer to the sender. I don’t think the other members of the group need to know that you have to attend a wedding in Batang Berjuntai and therefore you are really bummed that you can’t make it to group meeting but you really really want to go to the next one. Seriously. RTFM.

Ong Jo-Lene is not your friend. Tidak ditanggung halal.

ideologically promiscuous, morally flexible, gender variant, militant atheist.

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  1. Mr. K, then I cannot rant on Saturday on my favourite blawg and inform people of this eeeeeevil! Actually I have a filter for all groups – I still need to check those e-mails which means I still need to filter the "personals" from important group e-mails, albeit periodically and not as dramatised above ;)

  2. All you do, Ms Ong, is to change your settings on that particular group to "no email", and surf on over there and read whatever emails interest you at your leisure. Simple. ;)

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