LoyarBocor: Paul Mullen’s Report For TBH RCI

Paul Mullen | Source: TMI http://bit.ly/o3yzl8

The TBH RCI and Nazri adopts and quotes Mullen’s report in an attempt to justify the finding of “driven suicide”.

Marcus van Geyzel calls the TBH RCI a sham and a shame.

Who is telling the truth?

Now, you decide.

Download and read Mullen’s report here.


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3 Responses to LoyarBocor: Paul Mullen’s Report For TBH RCI

  1. Sameer sharma

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  2. Loyar Bagus

    It's quite clear that Mullen's report doesn't say what the RCI thinks it does.

    But on a tangent, objectively speaking as a lawyer who has retained psychs on quite a few occasions, I would be embarassed to tender a report of that quality in open court!

  3. LMa

    I read Mullens report and he succinctly gave his opinion in para 26, 28 and 31 that there was very little likelihood that TBH had committed suicide; he was in the low risk group.

    IMHO RCI does not understand Queen's english. Nazri? He is just a half-past six lawyer and was only capable to sign SPA prepared by his clerks. No wonder the nosense that usually comes out of his mouth.