[UPDATED] Police Intimidation Video: What Happened Before

[Updated on 14 October 2010: Through Dato’ Khalid Bin Abu Bakar’s statement on 13 October 2010, the police has responded on Facebook here. Thank you commentator PDRM for bringing it to our attention. We reproduce it in full:

Salam rakan-rakan semua, apa yg kita lihat di dalam video itu, terdapat kekurangan/kesilapan di kedua-dua pihak. Di pihak Polis, anggota tersebut bersikap kurang mesra, dan terdapat kata-kata yang tidak perlu diucapkan langsung. Apa yang perlu diucapkan ketika menahan seseorang yang melakukan kesalahan trafik, adalah mengucapkan salam/selamat pagi/petang, maklumkan apa kesalahan pemandu dan jika dia menerima alasan yg diberikan oleh pemandu, dia boleh menggunakan budi bicaranya untuk melepaskan pemandu dengan amaran atau ingatan dan jika dia tidak menerima alasan pemandu, dia terus mengeluarkan saman dan beredar.

Jika pemandu enggan menerima saman, buat catatan dan terus beredar. Kata-kata atau ucapan lain yang tidak berkenaan tidak perlu.

Di pihak pemandu, di dalam insiden ini pula seolah-olah mencabar dan membuat provokasi kepada anggota polis yang menjalankan tugasnya. Ini juga tidak perlu dilakukan. Tidak salah untuk merakam kejadian yang berlaku tetapi tidak perlu mengeluarkan kata-kata yg mencabar anggota Polis itu. Jika ada perbuatan anggota Polis itu yang tidak menyenangkan pemandu, dia boleh melaporkannya kepada Pegawai Kanan Polis di mana-mana Balai. Pemandu juga boleh hadir ke mahkamah untuk mendengar kes di hadapan Majistret, jika tidak puas hati dengan saman yang dikeluarkan. Saya telah menghubungi Rakan kita yang postkan video ini tetapi malangnya dia tidak dapat memberi saya butir-butir lanjut kejadian ini. Kita akan cuba kesan Anggota polis berkenaan dan dapatkan butiran kejadian. Terima kaseh saya ucapkan di atas pendedahan ini.]

Pamela Lim’s previous video post has attracted a record number of hits on LoyarBurok. She elaborates on her video with an account of what happened before she started filming and why she acted as she did. This was originally written (on 10 October 2010 at 8.47 pm) as a comment response to hundreds of other comments on the original post and is now reproduced for easy reference.

The video can be viewed here.

I was flagged down after turning right at the junction of Federal Highway adjoining Jalan Gasing/Jalan University. When I stopped the car to ask what I was stopped for, the policeman said I committed an offence, for using the mobile phone without hands-free. I maintained that my phone was on the hands-free speaker and I was holding the phone at a distance as I spoke but they kept saying that I did not use the hands-free. They asked for my IC and driver’s license in which I complied and gave it to them. As they were holding the summons book, they didn’t read out which Act that I had violated when I asked them what the difference was, between using a hands-free kit and the hands-free speaker.

Then they asked me how I would like to settle the matter. Then I asked them, how do you normally settle matters like this. Then they said, if I want to settle it normally, it would be a hassle for me. Then they waited for my response. I told them, I didn’t think that I have committed an offence per se, but if they say that I have, then I am willing to accept the summons as I’m obviously in the wrong by using the phone according to them. I have always used the handsfree kit but that day, I hadn’t plugged it in and my mistake was answering the phone by putting it on hands-free speaker and was flagged down before I could put the phone on my holster. Look at the video again, my phone holster is stuck on the right of my windscreen.

As they insisted that I was wrong, I insisted that they gave me the summons for it. They began to taunt me with words in Malay and if I hadn’t read the RED BOOK by the Bar Council to know what to do when confronted by the police, I would not know what to do or what to expect next.

I asked them for their names and their ID numbers in which they got defensive. Then I thought if they were going to hassle me further, I might as well record their actions on photographs. I photographed them with my phone so that I have evidence of my encounter with them should I want to challenge the summons in court. They began to yell at me for taking pictures, accusing me of “intimidating” them and that I have no rights to take pictures of their uniform as it was government property. When they began to intimidate me with their words, that was when I switched to video mode.

What followed was all recorded for you to see.

I had no idea what they were getting at except that they were trying to intimidate me to submit to their demands. When they handed me the summons to sign, I wrote on it that “I do not accept as I had handsfree,” the police went livid. There is no law that states that you can’t write anything in protest of a summons for an offence that you do not admit to. Signing the summons denotes acceptance of the summons, not the offence. All the time, I had the video on, filming with my left hand. He shouted at me. Questioning what rights do I have, implying that I should have none when dealing with the police.

He kept questioning me WHO I AM. Does it matter who I am? I am an ordinary citizen who has rights. Does it mean that if I were a “somebody” this treatment would have been different? Does it mean that if I was a somebody, I would be let off? Why was the policeman so adamant in asking me who I was? What difference would it make if they had decided already that I had committed an offence? Or would my offence be a non-offence if they had known how my family had been a close source to the family of the late Tun Razak and the father of our independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman?

When they refused to return my IC and license, beckoning and summoning me to follow them back to the station, I refused and stated my rights and that I will report them for they had “stolen” my IC. That’s when they realised I knew the law. If I had committed an offence and obstructed justice, why didn’t they arrest me? They also refused to issue me the summons until they decided that they flouted the law themselves and returned my IC, license together with the summons issued. THEY REFUSED TO HAND ME THE SUMMONS FOR ME TO GO. This probably did not even occur to you because you didn’t watch the video properly.

These policemen abused their power to talk down to a lady, threatened me by withholding my IC and license and yet demanded the respect at the same time: how is that possible? No one is allowed to hold on to your IC, not even security guards at the condo entry points.

All of you who condemned me obviously had never been in a situation like mine, where you were made to feel small and insignificant for refusing to cower under pressure for an offence that I did not consciously commit. Being a female, I would have been subjected to a lot worse if I was intimidated by them to follow them to goodness-knows-where. I was well aware of the fact that they didn’t have their ID numbers on them and had every reason to be suspicious. In a country where I’m viewed in the same light as a “pendatang” (illegal immigrant) and accused of having an ancestry of prostitutes, I ought to be wary of every encounter with anyone who come across to me in such a manner.

It’s interesting to see how many of you distort the topic of intimidation and threats when the police outnumbered me.

For those who think I shouldn’t be a citizen of Malaysia, you ought to know that I am the descendent of Malaya’s first court interpreter, Peter Lim and can trace back four generations in Malaysia. I am a law abiding citizen and a God-fearing person. I have also compounded my summons and paid the fine. I have decided to make this video public not to seek publicity but to educate the public especially women, on their rights when confronted by the police and when to exercise them. What happened to me, can happen to anybody. I have utmost respect for the police force when they arrest criminals, recover kidnapped children, clamp down on high crimes and solve murder mysteries. I never hesitate to cooperate with them whenever necessary but I will not be intimidated when I refuse to give bribes.

Thank you for your time in giving your comments and being so quick to condemn. You ought to read the RED BOOK. I acted within my rights. I was in my confined space. I had every right to defend myself from unruly behaviour. They could have been more courteous. As a tax payer, we are paying their salaries.

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590 Responses to [UPDATED] Police Intimidation Video: What Happened Before

  1. Jen Li

    This has always been the problem with the whole "learning our rights" campaign that many fervently run. We all know what rights we have, but we do not shove it in another person's face and demand that we be allowed to exercise it, when in the first place, nothing had sparked off the whole issue.

    Firstly, the whole point of the rule of using the hands free means it should be HANDS FREE. It means if you're HOLDING your phone WITH your hand(s), it's an offence. Whether it be on speaker phone or not.

    Secondly, the police are not wrong to stop her and when they asked her how she would like to settle the matter, our suspicious minds think AH! They are asking for a bribe. But perhaps all they wanted was an apology and a "Saya tak akan buat lagi Tuan" answer? (Yes, highly unlikely but still possible)

    Thirdly to rudely exclaim she has rights, and to sarcastically say she is scared and she is threatened is nothing but bad manners. I cannot help but think she spoke in English and with an accent as well, because she felt superior to the two policemen.

    I myself had met rude policeman. And these two did not yell at her, did not intimidate her like she consistently maintained in her video and did not threaten her like she alleged. Naturally, when being spoken DOWN to and sarcastically reminded that she has "HAK" one would be annoyed as well.

    It is clear that these two policemen then decided that she should follow them to the police station and if indeed she thought she were as innocent as she said she was, she would have followed. I will go to the police station, taken their names and made a police report that they threatened me. Instead, she refused. Clearly undermining the police and all the while yelling she has rights and she knows the law.

    Sorry, but I think Pamela is downright RUDE. And before Loyarburok blindly support her and her call to be allowed to exercise her rights, they should reassess the situation first.Indeed this follow up piece just goes to show how superior she thinks she is. Bringing in racial undertones and exclaiming her links to our country's leader(s).

    We are always so quick to condemn the police. Quick to say we are oppressed. First and foremost, we forget to respect the police. We expect to exercise our rights, but we forget to show some manners in our daily dealings with them. I have learnt over the years of dealing with the police, you respect them and they will do the same.

  2. limkitkat

    becoz a chinese like you, all our Malay friends think all Chinese are ultrakiasu. U so stupid loh!

  3. Red

    Hello AgreeToDisagree,

    You seem to fail to notice that someone actually mention that those we're Pasukan Gerakan Am or a rookie uniform. So quick of you to judge those we're FAKE police. If they we're then logically they'd be very furious when their face we're recorded in the vid. They would have assaulted here on the spot instead of saying something like "jumpa dlm youtube" or asking her to follow them to the police station no?

    Seriously, are u Pam in disguise?

  4. Jack Ron

    PAM effort in twisting this saga by bringing in her addtional defence-the racial issues still fail.PAM is an epic fail…its just not your time…

  5. WahWah

    Pamela, I find it amazing how you weave this public vs cop video into a Malay bashing publicity post.

    They never called you "bangsa pendatang" or "keturunan pelacur" like you claim. They just asked you to sign the summon or follow them to the police station.

    Not only have you violated the traffic rules, you've also hacked their form and refused to follow them to the police station. If they asked for bribe, just say no and just sign the summon.

    You fight your case in court, not by the roadside lady. If every drivers are like you, we won't have judges in our court. Our judges and magistrates will be busy manning every roadblocks so that they can read to you the laws whenever the police want to issue a summon.

    From the video and your above article, here's what I can see. You despise the Malays, the constitution and you have no respect or trust in the police. You are definitely a staunch supporter of the Pakatan Rakyat Alliance.

    You have nothing to prove here Pamela. You're lucky that you met those 2 patient policemen. If you're in China, you might have been dragged by the roadside and shot.

  6. Hidup Pam

    Hidup Pam!

    Jgn pedulikan komen komen yang stupid – apa yg kamu buat betul. Kita lihat betapa gilanya polis dan harapnya bila mrk sendiri kena polis baru tahu.

    Pam acting in self defence so teruskan perjuangan!

  7. Grimvoire Weiss

    No matter how well you written or intellectually right, you are a total a fail case in street-smart as what i see.

  8. hi dino,

    "whats with your new twist of stories about FAKE POLICE now? where is her report about the FAKE POLICE?"

    The earlier one. First page I think. There was one list from a commentator that identified fake parts of the uniforms, and various discussions on improper operating procedure by another commentator.

  9. clear conscience

    It appears to me most of you who had posted your comments here on the event that happened seemed to be, or rather very….,very immoral.

    Firstly, it appears that many of you had forgotten your moral studies either by giving back to your teachers or you had not exercised what your parents taught you in the past years.

    Words like:-

    a) "slap you",

    b) "spank your butt",

    c)"you asshole dumb ass",

    d) "idiot",

    e) "Why the fuck",

    f) "biatch (actually wrongly spelled as bitch)",

    g) "goddamn",

    h) "stupid fag shit",

    i) " u’re damn stupid annoying bitch",

    j) "u’re talking cock",

    k)" i come over there n give u one punch"

    are uncalled for if you; irrespective of whether you have the rights to say or use it. It only goes to reflect the decay in our present day society in Malaysia and it goes to show the entire cyber world how rude present day Malaysians can be. How can foreigners view us anymore to be friendly & hospitable as in the past?

    The decay in society is alarmingly alarm that we begin to show ignorance over our conduct both in private as well as in public. What a shame on us as Malaysians!! Whether Pamela was right or wrong, it is not for us to justify using such immoral words on her. Be grown ups & debate but avoid using harsh words, immoral antics, threatening gestures & whatnot. It goes to show we are also as guilty (by using such words or immoral gestures) as we accused others to be guilty.

    What difference do we see in ourselves? Do we think we are godly & heroic? Where do you stand? How are you going to teach your children when you are so rude, immoral by virtue of your acts? Think for a second before you start using abusive words. Are you equally wrong? Cyber space has given too much freedom to wrongly express our inner self. Our actions is a true reflection of our inner self, our inner morality, our up-bringing, our educational success or failures (both schools & home), our herd mentality & the like.

    Nothing escapes the radar of your God for what you do. Return to the path of morality. Bertaubat for what we are wronged & seek forgiveness on what we had done or spoken. It is not for anyone of us here to judge another person (whether he or she is right or wrong). You may say I am also judging you for using such words. No, I am not. It is the judgement of God which & who will prevail & by all religious standards & norms, such words & acts are discerningly wrong.

    God forgives & bless those who repent & be obedient to Him.

  10. dino

    @AgreeToDisagree, whats with your new twist of stories about FAKE POLICE now? where is her report about the FAKE POLICE?

  11. Pamela aka idiot

    Weird..if the police were fake one…how come they never assault her or better still spank her butt?!! They even requested her to follow them to the police station to settle the matter. This is purely Ms Pam trying to push racism in her accusation by portraying our law enforcer indulged in bribery…i wonder why is it always happen to be malay…claimed herself as the victim of racism…pendatang laa…prostitute laa…come on…we are not idiot…what is it she's trying so hard to prove? Our malay policemen are all corrupted, is that it? That all malays hate so much the Chinese that they will try to oppress in any way that they can think off? Pls read carefully and observed with your open mind what this bitch is trying to pull here ok..?!!!

  12. ah choi

    you never even cared to pay traffic summons from previous years,

    how on earth could you be a law abiding citizen then?

  13. Shes rude cos in her heart she knew those police were fake even though in her mind she did not. The disparity caused her rudeness get it??? ALL you HATERS stop attacking PAM – the POLICE WERE FAKE and deserved the be rude to, if not JAILED for impersonating police!!! Are you supporting FAKE POLICE out of racism now?!?

  14. robin hood

    Whooah…, um website is hit big time by dark side troopers. me gonna puke big time by their infantile comments.

  15. Pamel'ASS,

    Are you playing politics now eh, UMNO PKR bla bla bla. Now I see your real intention bitch. hi hi hi.

  16. Patek

    Wtf are you trying to prove, you asshole dumb ass.!!?

    You started the whole thing first you idiot.!!!

  17. Evaluator

    Ms. Pamela,

    I can say that what you did is crazy.

    Although you were using hand-free speaker, but you were still holding your hand phone. Hands-free kit is used to do? Is used to let's user using phone without holding the phone. So, that is consider using phone while driving, because you were holding the phone while driving.

  18. Pamela's fan

    hi pam! you guys are rude! she's just a sweet lady. treat woman well GUYS.

    can you guys sense sarcasm? HAHAHA boo you Pamela! youre a epic failure.

  19. Pamela gone crazy

    dear pamela,

    your family is a close source to the tun razak and tunku's family?

    ohmy, how about my family is related to Obama. lady, everyone can lie when it comes to TYPING.

    stop talking trash. and just make a statement or make a vid of yrself. tell tht yre sorry for wht youve done, and tht would be a pengajaran to all of us tht not to be rude. budi bahasa budaya kita.

  20. cocky_pamela

    hello again pamela…it's me again cocky_pamela…just to share some good tips…i got stopped by policemen many times…some got tickets but most of the time they let me go with warning….simply because of my good public relation….talk sweet…say sorry…and most importantly give a smile…don't be sohai that will cost you $$$ to pay the summon…don't ever ever start your conversation with "macam mana mau selesai encik??"….just say selamat pagi or selamat petang abang polis…lain kali tak buat lagi…is that so hard to do??!! Oh..i forgot..you're human banana who read RED BOOK in the BAR and drinks lots of whisky with your fellow BAR Council friends…and got drunk……mumbling about pendatang laa…prostitute la….summon laa…descendant of some prominent figure laa….bla..bla..blaa….piraaaaa mabokk!!!

  21. Pamela Anderson, I saw you were the one trying to intimidate the Police.

    Why the fuck did you record them on Video? If I were the Policemen, not only I'll slap you with RM300 fine, I will also practically slap you in the face.

    And don't let me start on your annoying voice, the tone used, I'm not happy at all watching this, let alone being the receiving end, the Policemen.

    Well biatch. Any publicity is good publicity.

  22. andokc

    You're really annoying. Stop justifying yourself. Please don't further insult our intelligence. Listen to your voice alone, make me wanna puke. I bet you are not likeable as a person..

    If you're the police, GOD BLESS THE PEOPLE!!!

  23. cawley

    ohmy, woman! for god sake, cant you just sign the goddamn form? why do you have to argue? and actually, friendly speaking. youre the one who intimidating them while theyre getting their job done asap. whts the point of putting up the vid in YOUTUBE? see how the response goes? it all comes back to you! bitch, youre in malaysia, and wht's with the accent? those policemen with broken english, riding some motor kapcais. theyre just as same level as you bitch. youre driving a perodua, but yre acting like DATIN WANNABE. you drive a BMW then ppl wouldnt be bother of some kind of immature attitude of yours. mirror yrself pamela. you just dig your own grave. and goodluck in court.

  24. stupid pam

    this annoying "citizen" named Pam tried to bribe the policemen…look at her statement

    "I asked them, how do you normally settle matters like this"

    doesn't that sound cocky to u guys?..she's trying to bribe them and i think she got scared because the policemen didn't fall for her trap and to cover her mistake, she took the video and start spinning the issue to gain sympathy from public..more like "mahkamah rakyat" style..fuck-

  25. shame on u pamela….trying to get symphaty but now u r loser…!! u r lucky bcoz facing nice policeman in malaysia… if u r in US doing like this….u will be dieeeeeeeee..!! hahahaha..!! =))…who cares who u are? proven u r wrong started provoke the policeman by screble the books.. huhuhu stupid bam bam bingalooooooooo..!! hahahahaha..!! =)) u think that is BUKU HUTANG 555 ka? hahahaha…!! =))

  26. Pam was scared, and her sixth sense was correct but instead of having a conversation and indulging them, she should have immediately drove to the Balai as well to save herself from these fake police who are armed or carrying fake arms – that itself is an offense.

    Don't let them get to you Pam, you highlighted something very sick about Malaysia so we can shine a light on the unregulated horror that is Malaysia's justice/enforcement system.

    Generally its a bribe both real and fake police seek. Otherwise it could become a shooting simply out of spite or machismo in extreme cases, and who would be the wiser? Good on Pam for running circles around these creeps. The mind is a strange thing and Pam's courage borne of fear has given us ALL strength to challenge the wrongs of society, the false among our protectors.

    Once again in a site full of lawyers, I ask – Whats the protocol for CITIZENS for determining which police or roadblocks are REAL? Is there a roadblock schedule or website for each district detailing who our REAL police are? Don't even mention plain clothes police, even greyer area . . .

  27. cocky_pamela

    Firstly you're dumb ass…can't you just admit the fact that you enjoy all these against young malay policeman…i repeat YOUNG MALAY POLICEMAN making them feel small with your so called "good citizen" remarks about right n justice with bombastic English but tonggang langgang Bahasa Malaysia? Your ego is so irritating…i think that policemen should just throw the ticket straight to your face and left. Secondly, i felt sorry for you not because of the way you been treated but the way you've portrayed yourself as malaysian…you tried so hard to be like victimized Chinese Malaysian that eventually it turned out to be something like one big banana…yellow outside but white inside…nothin resembles malaysian but westernised hypocrites who tried to be smart alex…please laa..you're just making fools of yourself…lastly…learn how to be polite, embrace the way of malaysian culture, speak bahasa malaysia…i mean good bahasa malaysia if you happen to interact with people who understand less english…regardless malay, indian or even chinese…and have respect with the law enforcer…!!!

  28. Gest

    pam ,

    it is understandable that you ignored all the harsh comments, but those who tried to reason with you with facts and maturely falls into your ignore list as well?

  29. Lensy

    Dear Pamela,

    You're such a good role model to all Malaysian rebels out there like really. You get gold stars for being such a good role model for all of us to follow. And if you're really sane enough to understand what I'm saying, you should know that I am being really sarcastic.

    What can I say. I love sarcasm and people like you; should extinct.

    Kay thanks bye.

  30. stupid pam

    hey again stupid pam,

    police have rights la to take ur IC..stupid fag shit! u're comparing them to the guards for what leh? u're damn stupid annoying bitch. guards are guards. they are fucking POLICE not GUARDS, u son of a bitch. u think u read the red book then make u clever la? duh! who the fuck even care if u're tunku's daughter? u've made a fucking offense! get over it!

    this stupid pam also trying to BRIBE the policeman..just look at her statement "I asked them, how do you normally settle matters like this".. NORMALLY SETTLE MATTERS LIKE THIS? smells fishy as fuck~ now this is another offense..SPRM should take actions against this faggot lady!

  31. mlayu spore

    Your're re the type of person i despise.. and so those others.. i think you have ur issues with MALAY.. what are you trying to proof? that the police is condemn? i dont see them trying to be rude.. it's you who made their temper go up.. dumb!!!.. and lastly your voice is reallly reallly really annoying!!!!!!!!

  32. stupid pam

    hey pam,

    learn to be polite laa..u're talking cock and trying to get the police go crazy. stupid move la girl. u think u're the only one who have rights ka? what about them? stupid la u..u don't have any rights to video'd them too la stupid shit. imagine somebody take a video of u while in the toilet? how's that for their rights? fackshit..u're really an annoying bitch..u should be grateful they didn't shoot for your annoyance. u go write shits on their saman book for what?..what if someone write shits on your belonging?..stupid..u're one annoying stupid bitch.

  33. John Doe

    I guess that's from biatch twitter right?

    This biatch is a lost hope.she still act all high & mighty & beginning to enjoy this publicity she's getting.

    without the tiniest bit of regret she's spamming all over tweeter seeking attention.

    I guess this is it.this will be my last time commenting here.this biatch had truly lost her way.

    enjoy the spotlight while it last!

  34. My BIG LAUGH to PAM.

    when i first time saw the video .. my first word was "stupid lady" ….

  35. John Doe

    if someone like me who represents Malaysia as an expert in d ISO Stds for Diving Services Tourism Committee 228/Working Group 1 who (cont… about 1 hour ago via Twittelator

    # …cont) meet with interntnl movers & shakers of d world's dive industry can get that kind of treatment, what more u? about 1 hour ago via Twittelator


  36. katie laughs at pam


    then shame on you for this whole drama.

    educating the people you say?? then your bullshit.. after watching the video..

    1. you should just cooperate and ask the police what wrong did you do.

    2. shut your noisy yapping mouth and be polite.. WHAT HAK RAKYAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT? 'HAK… AMBIK GAMBAR..'

    3. if you were POLITE and COOPERATIVE, the police might just give you a warning and let you go.. OR

    4. just take the bloody saman and the whole thing will just end in 5 minutes and both of you part in happy ways..

    if you didnt scribble in the police's saman book, there wont be such drama.. common, your an educated person and a 'JOURNALIST' use your brain laa.. be professional..

    lastly… no need to create unrelated issues like 'pendatang' or 'pelacur' people like you just like to provoke chaos

  37. adrian

    Trey on 11 October, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    hey trey, i think u watch too many 'bad cop' movies la. what kind of sohai r u? u call this 'police intimidation'?? i come over there n give u one punch on yr ugly pimple four eyed face.. then u'll know what 'intimidation' is. u little piece of shit. not all police are trying to kidnap u n rape u ok…

  38. Mr O

    YES. Learn how to be polite and how to respect 1st, otherwise, you are outrage your so called family close to TUn Razak and TUnku, ok?

    Bull shit…..

  39. Gest

    Dear pam,

    hope you could share your police report here.

  40. Pete

    Trey, no i won't follow these charlatans to the balai becos i won't get myself into Pam's fiasco with the police in the first place. I am very conficent that my politeness and communication skill will solve the situation. I will just say yes I am wrong, and would pay the summon, tadaa…

    This is Something Pam and Trey and yang sewaktu dgnnya need to learn, which they dont teach you in Cambridge or Yale law school. Be street smart, be polite, be nice, be respecful, it wouldnt hurt you and bring you off far…

  41. Mr O

    Stop Provocation la..No one talking about Pendatang, No one here is talking racism. We are here talking about what you have done.

    Don't try to use sympathy to gain support. Dont try to use your family background to justify your wrong action, Ok?

    Your family close to Tunku, so what?don't be arrogant. you are inf act wrong at the first place.

    to me, you are the one who intimidating the police.

    Furthermore, you have the right to defend yourself since you are the one how post this video, but the 2 police do not even know what happen on the net. fair to them?


  42. no need explain so much….wasted your time…go back and learn how to be polite first!

  43. The Quoter

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety.

    Reading the comments from so many Malaysians just reinforces this: Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.

    Pamela: The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

  44. Pamela's fans

    Hey Pamela,

    You wrote so much of these also can't get any good respond from these people. You are 'fail'. Haha…

  45. Mr O

    Self claimed good citizen. LOL.

    1st, you are against the law.

    2nd), you can just not to accept the summon by not signing the summon. Who give you the right to write on the book?

    3) Dont try to use the police negative image to do provocation. We know what is right, what is wrong.

    4) In this case, pendatang is irrelevant, you are trying to create sympathy to gain support..

    Sorry, not in this case and i felt irritating when i heard your voice…

  46. mock

    one word to describe this… YOUR DUMB!

  47. Roadrunner

    U should see this…Pamela and whoever U're… <a href="http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2 Fwww.youtube.com%2F&h=e5614…did” target=”_blank”>http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2 <a h…” target=”_blank”>Fwww.youtube.com%2F&h=e5614…did ever Malaysian police Officers threat U like this before? I dont think so…because they're not like that!

  48. AM

    pamela i do not understand wat ur problem is,you are the one acting so fussy n brought up racist remarks.y cant u speak properly?if you want to stand up as a rakyat pls bear that budi bahasa budaya kita.u r such a disgrace to malaysia

  49. oh puhlease pamela!

    and lastly, if u had good manners, and you speak politely rather than your annoying "i am scared" "marah laa".. i think id be on yr side. i guess your attitude explains it all. and its hard to sympathize with what u are going through. i feel more sympathetic towards the police. they probably when back feeling down and their ego was bruised being belittled like that.

    as what the rest has commented before, in good faith pamela, from women to another women, you should fix your attitude. at least the way you speak. cheers!

  50. @jk :

    1) There’s a lot of chinese chauvinist like you exist here too.

    How am I chauvinist? How am I chauvinist by the way? Or do you imagine I am chauvinist because it is YOU who are living in a racial box unable to see that the entire Malaysian populace can see the sad slanted policies as they are?

    2) You failed to perceive things beyond your racial box.

    What am I not perceiving? Only that which you insist others perceive, that does not exist. Equality does not exist. Is it me you can see from the box you are in, or do you see yourself and imagine it to be me?

    3) Shame on your biased comment.

    Which part was biased? Is it biased because I do not see it as you do? Or because you are unable to see anything but what you yourself want to see?

    4) It need 2 to tango.

    2 to tango, and who threw the first blow? Who did not review Special Malay Rights 15 years as promised in the Reid Commission? UMNO or me? In 1974, EQUALITY for everyone was not reviewed, at twice that time in 1989 it should have been a given, in 1994 3 times that recommended period, and 2009 4 times the recommended period by the Reid Commission. Special Privileges still continue with no reviews in sight. If that is not APARTHEID and breach of Social Contract by refusal to Review all the while UMNO in charge, who was doing the tango?

    5) And mind you, BN is not consist by UMNO and Malay parties but from MCA, MIC and GERAKAN too. Why only blame UMNO when theres MCA, MIC and GERAKAN involve?

    I said UMNO-putra NOT UMNO. There is a BIG difference between UMNO members with patronage and those without. There are a handful of good UMNO. I don't think you are among them for trying to make lies into truth. Too many UMNO are failures and very corrupt. MCA/MIC/Gerakan are just lapdogs. They just echo what UMNO says, so will you blame the phone or the person talking into the phone?

    6) Since when Malaysia an apartheid country?

    Since there were 3 classes of Malaysian citizen. UMNO-Putra, Bumi-putra and Non-Bumiputra. Since 4 times the recommended period for review of Special Privileges had passed with not a single review.

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism

    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.

    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    What do you gain by denying the minorities this? Civilisation and all brands of spirituality and religion demand we treat every man equally. Of course if you revert to natural predatory behaviour among nations, I am sure India and China or even Indonesia would absolutely enjoy taking Malaysia apart, don't give them an excuse.

    So why are you trying to goad and tempt greater powers and true chauvinists into exerting hegemony over Malaysia by branding neutral citizens as myself as such? When anyone asks for equality and freedom from apartheid, please don't call them a chauvinist or racist when it is in fact you who are what you brand others as.

    If you believe in something that cannot be justified, you will end up losing your case. Humanist principles and the equality of man cannot be argued with. These are the basis of civilisation. Are you uncivilised or just playing an unpleasant, offensive and politically incorrect game to impress some UMNO-putra?