[Updated on 14 October 2010: Through Dato’ Khalid Bin Abu Bakar’s statement on 13 October 2010, the police has responded on Facebook here. Thank you commentator PDRM for bringing it to our attention. We reproduce it in full:

Salam rakan-rakan semua, apa yg kita lihat di dalam video itu, terdapat kekurangan/kesilapan di kedua-dua pihak. Di pihak Polis, anggota tersebut bersikap kurang mesra, dan terdapat kata-kata yang tidak perlu diucapkan langsung. Apa yang perlu diucapkan ketika menahan seseorang yang melakukan kesalahan trafik, adalah mengucapkan salam/selamat pagi/petang, maklumkan apa kesalahan pemandu dan jika dia menerima alasan yg diberikan oleh pemandu, dia boleh menggunakan budi bicaranya untuk melepaskan pemandu dengan amaran atau ingatan dan jika dia tidak menerima alasan pemandu, dia terus mengeluarkan saman dan beredar.

Jika pemandu enggan menerima saman, buat catatan dan terus beredar. Kata-kata atau ucapan lain yang tidak berkenaan tidak perlu.

Di pihak pemandu, di dalam insiden ini pula seolah-olah mencabar dan membuat provokasi kepada anggota polis yang menjalankan tugasnya. Ini juga tidak perlu dilakukan. Tidak salah untuk merakam kejadian yang berlaku tetapi tidak perlu mengeluarkan kata-kata yg mencabar anggota Polis itu. Jika ada perbuatan anggota Polis itu yang tidak menyenangkan pemandu, dia boleh melaporkannya kepada Pegawai Kanan Polis di mana-mana Balai. Pemandu juga boleh hadir ke mahkamah untuk mendengar kes di hadapan Majistret, jika tidak puas hati dengan saman yang dikeluarkan. Saya telah menghubungi Rakan kita yang postkan video ini tetapi malangnya dia tidak dapat memberi saya butir-butir lanjut kejadian ini. Kita akan cuba kesan Anggota polis berkenaan dan dapatkan butiran kejadian. Terima kaseh saya ucapkan di atas pendedahan ini.]

Pamela Lim’s previous video post has attracted a record number of hits on LoyarBurok. She elaborates on her video with an account of what happened before she started filming and why she acted as she did. This was originally written (on 10 October 2010 at 8.47 pm) as a comment response to hundreds of other comments on the original post and is now reproduced for easy reference.

The video can be viewed here.

I was flagged down after turning right at the junction of Federal Highway adjoining Jalan Gasing/Jalan University. When I stopped the car to ask what I was stopped for, the policeman said I committed an offence, for using the mobile phone without hands-free. I maintained that my phone was on the hands-free speaker and I was holding the phone at a distance as I spoke but they kept saying that I did not use the hands-free. They asked for my IC and driver’s license in which I complied and gave it to them. As they were holding the summons book, they didn’t read out which Act that I had violated when I asked them what the difference was, between using a hands-free kit and the hands-free speaker.

Then they asked me how I would like to settle the matter. Then I asked them, how do you normally settle matters like this. Then they said, if I want to settle it normally, it would be a hassle for me. Then they waited for my response. I told them, I didn’t think that I have committed an offence per se, but if they say that I have, then I am willing to accept the summons as I’m obviously in the wrong by using the phone according to them. I have always used the handsfree kit but that day, I hadn’t plugged it in and my mistake was answering the phone by putting it on hands-free speaker and was flagged down before I could put the phone on my holster. Look at the video again, my phone holster is stuck on the right of my windscreen.

As they insisted that I was wrong, I insisted that they gave me the summons for it. They began to taunt me with words in Malay and if I hadn’t read the RED BOOK by the Bar Council to know what to do when confronted by the police, I would not know what to do or what to expect next.

I asked them for their names and their ID numbers in which they got defensive. Then I thought if they were going to hassle me further, I might as well record their actions on photographs. I photographed them with my phone so that I have evidence of my encounter with them should I want to challenge the summons in court. They began to yell at me for taking pictures, accusing me of “intimidating” them and that I have no rights to take pictures of their uniform as it was government property. When they began to intimidate me with their words, that was when I switched to video mode.

What followed was all recorded for you to see.

I had no idea what they were getting at except that they were trying to intimidate me to submit to their demands. When they handed me the summons to sign, I wrote on it that “I do not accept as I had handsfree,” the police went livid. There is no law that states that you can’t write anything in protest of a summons for an offence that you do not admit to. Signing the summons denotes acceptance of the summons, not the offence. All the time, I had the video on, filming with my left hand. He shouted at me. Questioning what rights do I have, implying that I should have none when dealing with the police.

He kept questioning me WHO I AM. Does it matter who I am? I am an ordinary citizen who has rights. Does it mean that if I were a “somebody” this treatment would have been different? Does it mean that if I was a somebody, I would be let off? Why was the policeman so adamant in asking me who I was? What difference would it make if they had decided already that I had committed an offence? Or would my offence be a non-offence if they had known how my family had been a close source to the family of the late Tun Razak and the father of our independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman?

When they refused to return my IC and license, beckoning and summoning me to follow them back to the station, I refused and stated my rights and that I will report them for they had “stolen” my IC. That’s when they realised I knew the law. If I had committed an offence and obstructed justice, why didn’t they arrest me? They also refused to issue me the summons until they decided that they flouted the law themselves and returned my IC, license together with the summons issued. THEY REFUSED TO HAND ME THE SUMMONS FOR ME TO GO. This probably did not even occur to you because you didn’t watch the video properly.

These policemen abused their power to talk down to a lady, threatened me by withholding my IC and license and yet demanded the respect at the same time: how is that possible? No one is allowed to hold on to your IC, not even security guards at the condo entry points.

All of you who condemned me obviously had never been in a situation like mine, where you were made to feel small and insignificant for refusing to cower under pressure for an offence that I did not consciously commit. Being a female, I would have been subjected to a lot worse if I was intimidated by them to follow them to goodness-knows-where. I was well aware of the fact that they didn’t have their ID numbers on them and had every reason to be suspicious. In a country where I’m viewed in the same light as a “pendatang” (illegal immigrant) and accused of having an ancestry of prostitutes, I ought to be wary of every encounter with anyone who come across to me in such a manner.

It’s interesting to see how many of you distort the topic of intimidation and threats when the police outnumbered me.

For those who think I shouldn’t be a citizen of Malaysia, you ought to know that I am the descendent of Malaya’s first court interpreter, Peter Lim and can trace back four generations in Malaysia. I am a law abiding citizen and a God-fearing person. I have also compounded my summons and paid the fine. I have decided to make this video public not to seek publicity but to educate the public especially women, on their rights when confronted by the police and when to exercise them. What happened to me, can happen to anybody. I have utmost respect for the police force when they arrest criminals, recover kidnapped children, clamp down on high crimes and solve murder mysteries. I never hesitate to cooperate with them whenever necessary but I will not be intimidated when I refuse to give bribes.

Thank you for your time in giving your comments and being so quick to condemn. You ought to read the RED BOOK. I acted within my rights. I was in my confined space. I had every right to defend myself from unruly behaviour. They could have been more courteous. As a tax payer, we are paying their salaries.

I'm driven by my fervent spirit for adventure, my inquisitive nature for wildlife & my intrinsic values for doing the right thing. The compulsion to go in and around water had been apparent from the...

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  1. Ms.Pamela,

    if you are a person who loves to obey the law, 1st of all don't use the phone without the handsfree. = ) you can stop at the roadside next time to attached your handsfree kit to your phone rather than endangering your own self and other road users.

    "Justice does not come from the outside. It comes from inner peace." = )

  2. if u recorded for courting purposes why the fuck did u post it on youtube?alasan seperti nak kasi pengajaran kat orang ramai is plain ridiculous because i can see that u r being rude to the officers as well as not cooperating.then who can tell that u r telling the truth about the things like 'pendatang' and all?u r here to just to get sympathy and try to twist the perception of u being the victim.

  3. Acting like U were abuse by the Malaysian Law enforcement officers…U're guilty…that is what I see there…insulting police officer doing their job…if U were right why dont U follow them to the Police Stations and made your statement? why U wanna argue with them? and secondly U have no right to add or write something on compound letter issues by the officer…that was already break the law as U say it U know about Law…???

    I'm a driver too…and I get my licence since 1994 only once get traffic compound…and once get into terrible accident on the road…when stupid person like U were driving infront of me.

  4. I feel very sorry for you Pam. I can't believe that you stoop so low to bring up those pendatang and racist remarks. You are wrong in the first place by holding and answering the phone while the other hand is on the steering wheel(you implied this yourself). Imagine the danger you could pose to other motorist. Then you assume they want bribes, did they ask you for the money in the first place? Then you intimidate them by taking videos, then you scribbled something on their summons like an act of no respect to the law. They already told you not to do this. Then you shout that you are scared inside the car of no apparent reason(the policemen just standing outside the car and only verbally talking to you), again this intimidate them. You are lucky you're not in the Bronx, if you were, you sure shit in your pants already if you trying to do all those things and then you know the real meaning of pendatang and racist. I'm surprised and relief that the policemen didn't arrest you for obstruction of police duty. I have manhy times encounter such weird behaviour of our policemen and they probably tired of working all day long and a simple nice words of sorry and admitting my guilt just make their day. Anyway, its just my own obeservation, I could be wrong about the whole episode as I were not there. Good luck with your police report.


  5. wow, notice the word marked in red font. purely her thoughts and yet marked in red to welcome haters. trying to provoke your readers eh? to perhaps feel sorry and be on ur side when the words marked in red are highlighted here?

    oh puhlease! grow up and learn some manners. and stop creating racial tension. dont say u did not, coz the words marked in red clearly show you did.

    may there be a better Malaysia for all, and without people with their own agenda to it.

  6. you broke the traffic law and you even dare to say that this video is to educate the people? EDUCATE WHAT?

    you want everyone, especially younger teens to be kurang ajar like you is it?

    i am glad that some comments were not about racial issues like what you had brought in this post.That deserved a candle light protest.

  7. Pamela, you once again repeated this, "I maintained that my phone was on the handsfree speaker & I was holding the phone at a distance as I spoke but they kept saying that I did not use the handsfree."

    Now who cares if you were on loud speaker? The point of this handsfree is not about using the "phone's handsfree" , it is about keeping your hands free. Get it? The copper was an idiot. I agree. But he should have just narrowed it down to you holding the phone in your hand while engaged in a conversation using that phone. But then again I guess that copper may have never said such a long sentence in his life anyway. Too confusing.

    I can turn it around and say that you abused him knowing very well he'd have been intimidated by one like you who appears educated and articulate as well and speaking English with a fake accent!!

    But as I have said earlier, that guy probably was hoping you will make it easy on yourself and, just as everyone else, talks to them when we are stopped for an offense such as yours with a plea in our voice. But from the sound of your voice, I cannot imagine there would have been a plea. You deserve the summon, no doubt. But as for the cops…well, I pity them that they came across you. The whole saga was just unnecessary.

  8. Kepada 4Rakyat.

    Aku rase kau nih lawyer/ahli bar council.pertama sekali dia salah sebab memandu menggunakan talipon bimbit.Itu kesalahan pertama dia.Kedua dia tak memberikan kerjasama kepada penguat kuasa undang2 bila disuruh tanda-tangan surat saman.ketiga dia menulis diatas buku rasmi saman selain daripada tanda tangan dia.keempat tidak memberi kerjasama bila diarahkan untuk ke balai polis.

    lagi satu lawyer sekarang banyak jadi penjenayah sebab mereka sangat arif tentang loop-hole dalam sistem undang2 negara.

    Law cannot be broke but it can be bend if you know the way.Diplomacy is one of the bending method.

  9. 4RAKYAT

    No, Pamela did not run foul of the law. However, if this was meant to be a public service message to help educate the people of their rights, it didn't do a great job.

    In the first place, if Pamela was not sure whether the two were real police or not, why did she not insist that they show their badge or any form of police identification BEFORE handing over her IC and driver's licence? She is well aware that she is under no obligation to hand over these personal identification documents to anyone other than a valid representative of the government, so why did she hand them over if she wasn't 100% sure who they were?

    In the video, Pamela clearly admitted she was guilty. She said "saya mengaku saya salah" a few times which, verbally at least, suggests that she had some idea that she had committed an offense. If there is this tacit admission of guilt, what was all the fuss about?

    The video clearly shows that the request to "pergi balai" was made after scribbling on the summons. We are told, by Pamela, that she wrote that she did not accept the summons because she had handsfree. Why the contradiction? So did she "bersalah" or did she not "bersalah"?

    In any case, was that really the time or place to debate the summons? As I understand it, signing the summons is simply to acknowledge that you have received the summons. It is not an admission of guilt. In fact, she could have simply acknowledged receipt of the summons and then gone on to lodge a formal protest of the summons at a court and contested it there. That surely would have been the most appropriate time and place for such actions, not on the road!

    I do appreciate that Pamela did act according to her rights, but the manner in which her message is presented renders it as an ineffective manner to truly be of service to the public.

  10. Peace. See right as right, wrong as wrong.

    Let's put it this way. First you are definitely wrong in committing an offence and glad that you now know and paid the summon, treat this as a learning point.

    Secondly, the police is right to give a summon and as human, has rights to be angry just like you did.

    Third, you are also impolite while the police also did lose patience with you and took your cards without returning.

    You are saying this video could help when we are in situations like these and your emphasis on red book – reaches objective in the promotion.

    Unfortunately, people including me still in view that you could have been more polite and more Malaysian in handling situations like these. If it happened to my loved ones, I'm not 'helping' them either but will surely correct their manners.

    Count your blessings to have majority here tell that you are wrong, could mean they still care and put few words of concern rather than the thousands not even bothered to argue with you (I'd say) stubborn girl.

    And oh yes, whether people say I'm a pendatang or insisting I am, it is all their opinions. I am a Malaysian no matter what, and counting my blessings everyday with situations like these to learn more things everyday.

  11. OK. I say it again. being ‘cocky' is not the way. Being cocky is rude. Think it, 'is being cocky' is not against at law, provoke the police , and say "BYE, BYE and BYE' at the end of the video? This is really a provocation, an it was really could be used against her. Being cocky in any language don't make you free. If you talk in Java language or japanese ones also, it don't make you not guilty. As long the police know what she talks.

    Say it! Why she scribble the summon book. Why, Why and Why? Is this not the act of provocation? Huh, not wrong? Is that drawing book? That's is a summon book!

    She is acting! She is reacting on the book! She hate the police and apply it to the book! NOT WRONG! Think again!


    "Any person who obstructs, opposes or disobeys any reasonable direction given by any police officer in the performance of his duties under this section shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding two hundred ringgit or to IMPRISONMENT for a term not exceeding three months or to both."


  12. i) at no point did pamela utter any profanity against the police officers. if she had, it would be an offence. watch the video again. she may be 'cocky' (our police officers are used to submissive targets) but that is NOT against any law.

    ii) police officers are professionals. if pamela was violent, pls use the taser. otherwise, the police officers should rightly take it in stride. it's call job hazard. in malaysia, being 'cooperative' means to be submissive and be ignorant of your rights as a citizen. in malaysian, police officers are 'not supposed to be questioned'. what perverse logic.

    iii) emotions aside, if this video is transcripted, no one can find any fault with pamela. think about it. i am right. forget the video. forget the tone. just be objective and read the 'transcript'. everything is in accordance with the red book published by the bar council. IS THAT SO WRONG???

    iv) u guys equate cockiness with guilt. come on… be objective. and some of u are even worse, trying to spin it again into a racial issue. if the video is done by a makcik and the police officers were chinese/indians, we'd all hentam them too. u shitheads never see beyond skin-colour.

    v) and to speak in english is within pamela's rights. this is malaysia. the last i heard, there is no compulsion to speak in any language (except perhaps in some courtrooms). ok, she should speak in bahasa if it appeases some bigots. ok, bahasa in the national language. tapi tepuk dada tanya selera, berapa kerat ngkau orang yang fasih dalam bahasa kebangsaan? ngkau orang patut malu sebagai orang malaysia. but still…. you are not guilty just because u appear 'cocky' and 'speaks in english'.

    finally, most of us know how most police officers would want cases like these to be 'settled'. and most of us, agree to the arrangements. but still, this should not matter.

    pls respond beyond the apparent cockiness. pls stick strictly to the red book by the bar council and point out to me WHERE THE HECK DID PAMELA RAN FOUL OF THE LAW?


  13. Alo. This is stupid. Who write the law that NO ONE COULD take your IC?

    Hey, about the RED Book. Do you miss the point there, read it back!

    Hmmm. Who is POLICE, a civilian? POLICE not A Civilian! They have the power to take the IC and use it based on law. Please read

    They are used to enforce the law. They also protect property and reduce civil disorder, like you. Their powers include the legitimized use of force. If they need to take you to police station for a remand, they can! They can seize your cam and take it as an evidence, as in that contains anything you say!

    The POLICE is under the special structure, that not same as normal. This also effect more on military.

    And read this http://www.agc.gov.my/Akta/Vol.%207/Act%20344.pdf

    This show the duty of police. Read Act344, "DUTIES AND POWERS OF POLICE OFFICERS", at "Duty on public roads".

    It reads:

    "(2) Any person who obstructs, opposes or disobeys any reasonable direction given by any police officer in the performance of his duties under this section shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding two hundred ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or to both.

    (3) Any person who commits an offence under this section

    may be arrested without warrant unless he gives his name and address and otherwise satisfies the police officer that he will duly answer any summons or other proceedings that may be taken against him."


    "Power of police officers to inspect licences, vehicles, etc."

    24. (1) Any police officer may—

    (a) stop and detain any person—

    (i) whom he sees doing any act or who is in possession of any thing; or

    (ii) whom he has reasonable grounds for suspecting is

    doing any act or is in possession of any thing;

    for which a licence, permit or authority is required under

    any law in force, for the purpose of requiring such person

    to produce such licence, permit or authority;

    (b) stop and search without warrant any vehicle or vessel

    which he has reasonable grounds for suspecting is being

    used in the commission of any offence against any law

    in force:

    (2) Any person who fails to produce a licence, permit or authority under paragraph (1)(a) when called upon by a police officer so to do may be ARRESTED WITHOUT WARRANT unless he gives his name and address and otherwise satisfies the police officer that he will duly answer any summons or other proceedings that may be taken against him.


  14. Few months back I was stop by a lone cop named "Lenin", guess a Sarawakian. Similarly uniformed as the guys in the video, but only one guy. This happened somewhere near Sri Rampai, Setapak.

    You know what, I didn't talk a word with him, just handed my IC and licence& road tax. That guy scribbled a summon and gave it to me to sign. I said I am not signing and he added some more charges, I guess "Enggan menandatangan". He tore the summon and gave to me but I refused to accept it, but he put it into my basket. I threw the summon in front of him. Both of parted happily!. No issue here. Why want to kecoh2 for small matter.

    If you think you are right, don't sign the summon, appear in court and proof yourself right. Wa kong lu kong, semua king kong

    Ex Cop RF118xxx

  15. Nothing personal Pamela, but you have only yourself to blame for the amount of shit you're getting for this.

    You acted like a completely pompous swine in the video, and what surprises me is you don't even realize that.

    Did you really think everyone would hail you as a hero for this? That we'd all say "oh thank you Pamela, you brave and altruistic citizen journalist, for this piercing expose?"

    How can you expect to "educate" people on the police force's alleged abuse of power, when you yourself are verbally abusing them?

    If this is how you talk to your friends and co-workers, then wow. I pity the people around you.

    Look – it's obvious that these cops were unprofessional. Anyone with half a brain can see that, so maybe Malaysian netizens will cut you some slack if you at least admit how much of a douchebag you were.

  16. Petikan dari pamela "Like I said, I paid the summons. I accepted that I committed the offence upon READING the Act given to me by lawyers AFTER this incident & I gave Loyarburok the footage to educate the public".Lucky for you your lawyer is good.He/she/they know you're guilty!

    Maksudnye semasa kejadian/rakaman tuh anda tak mengaku yang anda dah buat silap.Bahkan anda membuat andaian yang mereka tu bukannye polis yang sebenar(ade orang jahat menyamar jadi polis) dan anda takut kepada mereka bile mereka ajak anda ke balai(disebabkan anda tak memberi kerjasama kepada mereka).

    Kesimpulan ape moral yang boleh diperolehi dari rakaman video tersebut??..anda tidak menunjukkan ape2 contoh yang baik yang boleh diikuti oleh rakyat malaysia.sebaliknya anda menunjukkan sikap tidak memberi kerjasama kepada penguat kuasa undang2.Dan tajuk video ini juga salah kerana sebenarnye andalah yang mengugut polis bukanye sebaliknye.

    Jika anda tidak dapat memahami komen saya ini silalah menggunakan Kamus Dewan Bahasa Cetakan Terkini.

  17. do the right thing and write an open apology.(if you really are noble and all that you say u were)or are you trying to educate malaysians to be rude as you?

    dragging racist issue and other irrelevant points is just showing more that your at fault.

    i have been pulled over few times. they all are polite and ask me nicely did i know what is my offense, admit then take the summons, easy without any drama. one of them even let me go off with a warning.

    you're just being rude.

  18. for those who think they're fake policeman

    act.they are PGA.pasukan gerakan am

    u telling two diffrent stuff here.

    on this page u tell,u didnt tell it x wrong to talk on phone using loudspeker while driving.u x admit ur wrong

    but on the video,u tell"tak saya salah bagilah saman"

    no wonder the policeman tell "u ambik gambar,u kata u tak bersalah' on the first second of the video

    jgn tipu la…we r x children so easy to be tipu by u

  19. Pete, u said " Is don’t go to balai, then go where? They didnt ask you to go with their motorbike, did they? You are being difficult…"

    First of all, from comments above by others and in the video page, it is clear these 2 guys are not the "normal" police ppl. They r clearly bantu ppl or something similar. They clearly have ego and power issues unresolved.

    Has it crossed your mind that they can lead her (by asking her to follow their bikes) to a predetermined area with other accomplices to rob, thereaten and do whatnot with her?

    You really think judging how pissed off that guy was by issuing the summons and handing back the IC, that he really wanted to go to a bloody 'balai'? They both just wanted cash, that what they r used to.

    I really cannot see why the idiots didnt just write the summon and rip it off and hand it her and piss off to another victim of bribery? I know why. It is becos they hoped she would back down and pay… and more importantly becos she started filming, so they didnt know how to react to hee voicing her valid rights on camera.

    Anyway Pete, dont take it too hard. Next time make sure you follow these charlatans to the 'balai'. But I doubt you'd do that, coz you'd just pay the bribe and fuck off and continue being an ignorant ass.

  20. Pamela keeps bringing up the RED BOOK so let's see what's in the RED BOOK, shall we?

    Point 2 of the Red Book deals with what you should do when the police question you when you have been stopped. Quote: "If there are further questions by the police, you may ask them whether you are under arrest. This is important to seek clarification."

    Did Pamela ask whether she was under arrest or not? If she did, it was nowhere in the video. So Pamela is clearly unsure whether she was under arrest or not.

    Next sentence in point 2 is "You are under arrest if the officer say “YES” or do not want you to leave or want to take you to the police station."

    Well, the police officer in question did ask Pamela to go to the police station which implies that she could have been under arrest. If Pamela had asked whether she was under arrest or not, she would have known the answer to this.

    In the event she was under arrest, point 4 of the Red Book "Police Arrest You" deals with this.

    " The first thing when a police is arresting you is to ask the reason of this arrest unless it is notified by you. If not, the arrest is considered unlawful. Never ever resist an arrest. The police have the right to use force against you and this will lead to unwanted situation."

    Did Pamela know she was under arrest? No. Did she ask why she was under arrest, if she was indeed under arrest? No.

    The Red Book also mentioned twice to answer questions politely or to be polite. Did Pamela respond to the police politely? This is arguable but I think the many furious responses suggested that, in line with Malaysian cultural norms, many would consider her not to have been polite.

    Pamela, you should really read (and by read I mean SCRUTINIZE) the Red Book before you hold it up as something that every Malaysian should learn from. If one were to ask whether your actions really complied with all the best practices in the Red Book, one would have to say no.

    I am not defending the police here because they clearly did not act in a professional manner but I think a little more diplomacy could have made this a much less contentious issue.

    Nevertheless, Pamela was well within her rights to film the police as they were acting in a position of authority in a public place. It would have been nice (not a necessity but a preferred outcome) if she were to have told them she was recording first before she commenced, though!

  21. I would like to think that all of you who condemned me are conscientious objectors with girlfriends/wives/mothers/aunties/nieces/cousins who are worth protecting in instances like mine if they ever get to encounter it. I'm sure if it happened to your loved ones, you will feel violated & bad. This post was a response to all the snyde comments with racial slurs & from condescending individuals who think I shouldn't be entitled to citizenship in Malaysia. Go to the comments section in the previous post to check the chronology of comments before you form an opinion here because I won't debate what I did in self defence. I just hope that this kind of situation would not happen to your loved ones no matter how vile you are.

    Like I said, I paid the summons. I accepted that I committed the offence upon READING the Act given to me by lawyers AFTER this incident & I gave Loyarburok the footage to educate the public. If I had wanted to seek attention, I would've posted the video on my links & my website instead. You are perfectly entitled to an opinion & thank you for taking the time to comment here. I learn something new every day.

  22. Pamela,first thing first,you are wrong for using a phone,you are endangering other road users.

    secondly,your act is more intimidating than the police,you record the whole process hoping for them to ask for bribe? Are u anticipating it? Wannabe a good netizen by posting it in your blog? They talked to you nicely and you talk and champion about your rights? You know your rights to scribbled on the malaysian government summon book? That is official government document and you claim that you know your rights?

    thirdly,its people like you that trigger racial slurs and tarnish the image of the police force,apart from some rotten apples.They were merely doing their job an ur anticipating a bribe?

    Kudos for tarnishing the image of the police force.When ur in trouble in the future,report to DAP instead.

    Lastly,why bring up racial sentiments? Its sad for other chinese who are not on your side..mind you that.

    remember,do you want everybody to be like you when they face any police? Do you want police to be harsh all the time to everyone just because everyone videotaped the whole scene when they met the police? You are such a disgrace and i almost puked when i heard your line "HAK SEBAGAI RAKYAT!"

  23. 1. You're wrong for using the phone while driving

    2. They took your IC to take down particular, the whole video is only 8 minutes, minus all the ruckus and "attitudes" and try to handle you is already 4 minutes, so hw can remaining 4 minutes is equivalent to tryin to take away your IC?. Did they say they won't give you bck your IC?

    3. You are being difficult? Is don't go to balai, then go where? They didnt ask you to go with their motorbike, did they? You are being difficult, and they can't handle you, so to balai la…whats the problem?? You wanna be brave with right and all that and when they call your bluff asking you to settle in balai, you backtrack

    4. Sorry Pam, your explanation about hw some politicians calling us pendatang and prostitudes doesnt give you the right to act the way you were acting, nope, hold no water

    5. It doesnt matter whether your great great gandpa was a chief of high court interpreter or police or governor, thats dont qualify ur attitudes. Don't drag ur whoever good name into this fiasco.

    6. Yes, the amateur cops may be wrong whatever, it still doesnt give you the right "to break their leg" if you catch my drift.

    7. Sorry Pam, your 2nd article didnt do any justice at all, it didnt alter my perception and opinion I had on you and the whole situations based on 1st article (video). You're losing majority support basing on only ur side of the story, bring in the other side, you're gone case (assuming the policeman ae also internet savyy like you)

    Anyway pam, dont take too hard, reflects on the constructive ffedback/ comments and if it help you to be a better person the nx time, then be it, if it doesnt, then beat it, carry on ur life Pam…

  24. Pamela is wrong cos she drive while talking on her phone..

    she deserve the saman

    only she is trying to be smart

    by taking video accusing they r fake police

    n scribble on the summon paper..

    I do not touch anything on race issue.

  25. pamela, lol, u are such an idiot! i glad that u took this video, to tell to public how naive and idiotic you are. cakap melayu tak erti ke? cakap dengan polis, cakap baik baik, jangan biadap, semua boleh berbincang. tsk! shame on you! i hope ur friends dont laugh at you leh…keang tuhor, mai kehkeang!

  26. LOL, "sedihnya~~" saya baca sesetengah comment yang racist di sini. Apasal pula hal ini ada berkaitan dengan warna kulit?

    Wawasan 2020 dah tak lama lah, masih hidup dalam zaman 70-an ke?

  27. Laa hang nih pamela dah buat salah tuh ngaku je la.awat hang tak nak sain slip saman tuh??..bukan takat hang tak nak sain,hang pi tulih plak atas buku saman tu apo ko hal??Kalau betui hang tak salah nnt sampai time pi court hang debat la dalam court nuh.hang kan dah rekod semua nih.akai pendek betul la hang nih.kepala batu plak tuh dah buat salah tak ngaku duk berdalih je lebih.

    hang habaq depo(polis) menakut-nakutkan hang,tapi dari video nih aku tgk depo(polis) nih duk menari ikut rentak hang.Orang putih kata "YOU'RE IN TOTAL CONTROL OF THE SITUATION".Piiraahhh duk blakon takut konon.

    Aku tak kenal hang secara peribadi tapi aku nak buat spekulasi pasai hang,aku rasa hang nih dibesarkan dengan pendidikan barat.duk makan mayonese je lebih sampai dah lupo apo raso belacan.tuh pasai hang jadi macam nih.tapi hang keno ingt kalu kt barat sano nuh pipi hang dah melekat kt jalan/bonet kerete noh.

    sedar la diri hang tuh skit,mentang2 la hang nih pandai skit hang duk wat bodoh kt polis tuh.kalau semuo orang jahat/pesalah/criminal duk wat perangai mcm hang,hang tau ape jadik?

    tak dop sekor pon orang jahat kita bulih tangkap pasai depo)orang jahat) ada hak sebagai rakyat.CEH

    dunio nih tak seindah yang hang sangkakan.nih aku nak cakap bahasa fevourite hang skit,"Sometimes we have to install fear on our subject in order to control them".

    Paling utama skali aku nak habaq hang nih ade agenda lain di sebalik semua adegan nih.niat hang bukannye nak educate orang malaysia.


  28. Akumelayu : Jangan memalukan bangsa sendirilah. Kot marah pun marah kat individulah. Dah boleh online pun buat camni lagi. Pergilah cari sorang dua kawan cina. Baru ko tau kita semua sama je.

  29. AgreeToDisagree : There's a lot of chinese chauvinist like you exist here too. You failed to perceive things beyond your racial box. Since when Malaysia an apartheid country. Shame on your biased comment. It need 2 to tango. And mind you, BN is not consist by UMNO and Malay parties but from MCA, MIC and GERAKAN too. Why only blame UMNO when theres MCA, MIC and GERAKAN involve?

  30. there u go, the perfect description of ur own site:

    "loyar burok" = noun, colloquialism: one who is full of hot air; one who enjoys to talk a lot about things that serve no useful purpose…

  31. There are alot of Malay chauvinists by their attitudes here. These are the people most benefiting or most likely to benefit from that UMNO-putra APARTHEID system they got going on. Most Malays don't believe in what these racist cyber troopers are saying. All decent REGULAR people here should ignore them and vote against anyone with this sort of 'tacit approval of APARTHEID' attitude in GE13. Pam was scared, and her sexith sense was correct. She should have immediately drove to the Balai as well to save herself from these fake police who are armed or carrying fake arms – that itself is an offense. Don't let them get to you Pam, you highlighted something very sick about Malaysia so we can shine a light on the unregulated horror that is Malaysia's justice/enforcement system.

  32. I have been pondering to vote for Pakatan Rakyat candidate in the comming general election, whoever he might be representing in my contituency be he malay or non malay ( i am a malay male).

    but after watching the quarrelsome Pamela and tried to play victim, a kind of a child (A) scolding another child(B)and she (child A) going round crying claiming child B scolded her (child A).

    This has been unending whining of the non malays upon the malays eversinced i was in primary school and now i am a retired business person. I changed my mind of voting non malay as my representative in the comming general election.

  33. about the law of using handphone.it is a common sense even if u using speakerphone while driving.u still offence the traffic law.because one of ur hands on the phone and the other one on steering wheel.handsfree both ur hands on steering.

    on the video u said u terima the saman.but y took the video?

    if im x mistake,the police are PGA unit or pasukan gerakan am.dat y thier cloth r different.n they cover their name bcos they have privacy n rights too..

    if u hav watched SUMO-LAH..there a scene where the guy from msia tell his japanese master "do the malaysian way,talk nicely."we r malaysian,u know how we r.talk nicely,everything will be ok.i think there will be no problem if u talk nicely.

    u also intimidate them FIRST by taking their picture n video infront of them.better take pic or video quietly.

    n when u scribble on the summons paper,it is a official summon.

    if u scribble sumthing there mmg rosak la.

    dats y the guy get angry and then u tell him they intimidate u.

    what if u going to get a work,then on the work contract u scribble sumthing?what happen?common sense lah.no need to be written on law u can think alrdy..

    yes,According to ur words,the police are wrong when they try to get kopi-o from u.

    n tell u rakyat mana?

    yes,the police x fluent in english,cos nobody good in english want to be policemen..

    conclusion,both side wrong

  34. Such strong reactions!!!

    I agree that Pam could have dealt with it more calmly, but if she did, she would be better than many of us. I personally would never talk to a cop like that. I mean, he has a gun.

    But what Pam did was not wrong. She exercised her rights.

    When a cop asks you to follow him to the Balai, you know they are threatening you to elicit a bribe. Most Malaysians should know this unless you live in a cave in the middle of nowhere.

    Her reaction was strong but not suprising… (Defence mode for most lawyers)

    But to all other ladies out there, this is what I tell my wife. If a cop stops you, ask them politely what was the offence and then ask them for the ticket immediately. If they ask you to follow them, tell them you have to be somewhere else and legally you are not obliged to follow them. Then ask for the ticket and drive off… Chances are they wont give you a ticket at all…

    Please don't do what Pam did… Its dangerous

  35. Pam.. Pam.. Pam…

    i can't believe you're still trying to justify the whole thing.

    Thanks to you now i know what NOT to do when i'm driving. cos it all looks all too stupid to say you were holding your phone in a distance and then not admitting to the offence later.

    i will NOT simply taunt a police officer, and throw words like "hak" and "rakyat" just for the heck of it. "hak saya sebagai … rakyat malaysia" … to take pictures of a policeman issuing you a ticket? Pam, if you're a real malaysian, wouldn't you also be more polite? some people would call your demeanor as kurang ajar.

    and since you brought in the race issue.. ("pendatang"?? how did that fall in the equation??) if all of us acted just how you did, both to the "officers" and then so easily publishing about your very badly handled scenario, well, the more of us Chinese are gonna lose respect.

    So, Pam.. Thanks ah.

  36. If I'm not mistaken this two are only police bantuan.Ask the police had they not heard of robbers in police uniform?Never stop for anyone unless in police vehicles or road block.Luckily you did not follow them or may you will be victim of rape.Police too much power.Where is this IPCMC?Pathetic

  37. Pam,

    You should not have taken the video of the cops. You are intimidating them by doing so. They are not intimidating you in the first place.

    If you are at fault just try to say sorry and most of the time youl'll be let off with a warning. Just get off your high horse, OK?

  38. dear pam, don't be disheartened by the sexist condemnations. you're right in that they have probably never been in a vulnerable situation. likely that they're the ones who'd chose to 'settle', no questions asked, and would never encounter such belligerance.

    it's when you question them that they cannot take it. they really think they're the law. which is why you kept being bombarded with 'who are you?' nothing to do with you personally but all about their power over you.

    as for remarks about holding a handphone being 'not hands-free', we're lucky there's no law prohibiting holding a canned drink or karipap, or your darling's thigh while driving.

    thank you for persevering and not kow-towing then and now.

    just to lighten the mood here, amir muhammad has a really funny story about such an encounter, except that in that scenario it was a really professional cop who wanted to do his duty, but then was prevented from it because of the "who are you" thing. http://cityofsharedstorieskualalumpur.com/story/t

  39. "No one is allowed to hold on to your IC, not even security guards at the condo entry points"

    wakakaka!!! how can someone compare condo security guards with policemen???!!!

  40. I think all you have to do now just admit that u are wrong by taking the policeman pic and publish them.

    Just read all the comment and you know who's right and who is wrong.

    Dont try to divert this by saying about been treat as PENDATANG here or what so ever..

    If u think u 're right go ahead fight them in court, why bother bark here to gain sympathy.

    The longer u drag this issue the worse it will be..

  41. You've lost your case the first time. Go file them on another clause will ya. Do not whip up that pendatang sentiments and that ancestry professin to gain support, its weak and irrelevant.

  42. Dude, it doesn't matter if you're the fairy godmother or the duchess of malaysia. Nobody cares who your descendants are. That whole paragraph about who you are is highly irrelevant. Because as long as you lack respect, you're bottom of the food chain.

    It sickens me that you didn't even acknowledge or admit the fact that you were rude and condescending to the police officers.

    Get off your high horse and get a reality check. I hope you feel happy if the policemen get fired and they're left jobless with a family to feed. All because of your belligerent whining.

  43. Pam, I suspect you are just making up this story to address the adverse postings you received.

    You enticed them, and then provoked and intimidated them. And then you present yourself as the victim. We all know why you posted the video and it is far from noble.

    You are pig headed.

    They didnt "steal" anything.

    No one brought up "pendatang". It is you.

    Shame on you and serve you right for all the insults you received.

  44. I think they are NOT cops; firstly realise that they don't even have a badge with number and secondly the summon doesn't have the police logo on it !

    So these 2 'cops' are suspicious !! perhaps need to report them !!

  45. Hi, salute how you handled the situation. Whether or not you committed the traffic offence, this is now how the Police Enforcement is suppose to act. Thanks for the information on the red book – shall be reading it to know my rights.

  46. You claim on using a handsfree and yet you're actually holding your phone with your hand. Even if it's at a distant it's still not 'handsfree' get it? Clearly both are in the wrong, and two wrongs don't make it right either.

    1. She clearly stated that she had pressed the loudspeaker button and was going to put it in the phone holster. She was simply unlucky and got caught at that moment.

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