[VIDEO] Police Intimidation Caught on Video

Citizen journalist LoyarBurokker Pamela Lim was stopped by the police while on the road. Unhappy with the their conduct she whipped out her phone and started video recording the two police officers. How did the police react? Watch it here @ LoyarBurok.com via our YouTube channel WayangLoyarBurok.

malaysian police

Police intimidation?

What really happens when the police stops a woman and the woman whips out a camera to film them?

Can the police take your I.C. and not give it back? Were they threatening and intimidating me?

Watch to find out and give your comments.

LB: If you have trouble playing the video here, or would like to see more LoyarBurok videos, please go to our YouTube channel @ WayangLoyarBurok.

Pamela Lim is driven by her fervent spirit for adventure, her inquisitive nature for wildlife and her intrinsic values for doing the right thing. As a result, she has been “dipped” in hot soup and cool oceans alike. She makes a living by teaching others to live their dreams through diving while documenting memories through photography from the travel trade; at times, sending her out to recce currents and paths less trodden. With God all things are possible. Follow her tweets @pummkin.

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I'm driven by my fervent spirit for adventure, my inquisitive nature for wildlife & my intrinsic values for doing the right thing. The compulsion to go in and around water had been apparent from the age of 4 and the ocean has yet to be taken out of me. I make a living out of making people live their dream of learning how to dive while making memories through journalistic assignments that I get from travel businesses sending me out to recce the path less trodden. With God, all things are possible.

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877 Responses to [VIDEO] Police Intimidation Caught on Video

  1. lkt-56

    The men in uniform wielded the power. Assuming the driver had committed an offense she will be on the defensive. Some event not in the video compelled her to film it.

    If the men in uniform have been professionally doing their job there is no reason why they should react the way they did. Being on the right side of the law they will merely tell her to stop filming and is she refused they can tell her that she can be arrested for obstructing the police in discharging their duties.

    The story is not complete so we cannot say for sure who is right or wrong.

  2. Iskandar

    This stupid bimbo was just trying to test the patience of those policemen.

    Miss bimbo, just sign the summon. If you're not happy, go to the court and contest it.

    And please, learn the National language so that you and the policeman can understand each other clearly.

    Dumbo bimbo.

  3. matador


    I am indeed one. Like i mentioned earlier. Dont let all the white noises distract you in addressing this simple issue.

    Unless if we want it to be more academic, then explore every avenue.

    Dont worry, I am not intimidated by explosive. I forgive you.

  4. samanekor

    wat a farce?? if u wrong in the first place admit it and just get on wit life. its not wrong to video tape but the wats the purpose?? The police on the other hand wit their usual "standard operating procedure" phrase IKUT PERGI BALAI is not professional at all. is this an arrestable offence?? bloody hell it's just summon matter la. Those rank n file officer do not know the law (i mean most of them are just form 5 dropouts frm some kampung we havent even heard of… so the way the react is also SOP ie being defensive.

    BTW Klusner get a bamboo stick n shove it up yr @ss and shout in malay

  5. Phil

    for those turning this to a racist issue, you should go back to your cave. It is people like you bringing out unnecessary argument.

  6. Daniel Lim


    are you Malaysian?

    Pamela might not be 100% right in this incident. But “be slaughtered and fed to the pig"? Are you insane?

    what has the world become today? And what have Malaysian become these days? Altan, Teo BH, Kugan, that millionaire female Datuk, that kid in Shah Alam… have the lives of Malaysian become so worthless?

    Do you know what you are talking about? If I follow your logic, then you should be C4ed, no question about that.

  7. untaf

    Knowing Pam… i think she just provoke and intimidate…. the whole thing… and then think she is right…

    you're at the wrong side of the law, sign the summon, then leave… no need to take the pic or video… i think the police did the right thing….

    i dont correct to take pic or video of other people without asking permission, especially in front on the face of that individual…

    pandai conteng saman, tak nak pi balai, "i'm very scared"… pi ikut je pi balai…

    i challenge her to not pay the summon and present the case in court…

  8. Lee C

    Dear 2nd class, mind you that fluency in a language should not be used as the yardstick for judgement; this is not an academic nor professional exercise. You are also being unfair to the policemen as their earnings and ranks should not be used as a yardstick to their PR ability too. They behaved as such may be because they have not been taught properly in this aspect. Be fair to all!

  9. Michael


    Daniel is right. Why question Pamela's right to a MyKad? Are you questioning her rights to a citizenship?

    This is just discussion about the treatment of police towards a civillian. Nothing to do with race. Keep the discussion focused on that issue.

    If you want to talk about race or citizenship, you have no rights to comment on another.

  10. matador


    Agree with you. With her attitude, she would probably be slaughtered and fed to the pig.

    The main issue is intimidating. Who intimidate who, that requires the answer. Dont be distracted by all the white noises..

  11. Daniel Lim

    tony on 10 October, 2010 at 12:07 pm,

    Can you educate all of us under what Act, what section, which paragraph, etc, that we commit an offence that can be arrested for writing on a summon?

  12. Ali

    This girl is really "degil". Yes, you are really CRAZY! Altering the summon ticket is a crime——–>go to jail. I think the police should teach a lesson to this girl!

  13. Orang_lama

    We know most cops (not all) behave this way. Even if the lady was rude, does threatening her in return make it alright? She may have committed a traffic offence and they can abuse their authority and charge her for more offences for her behaviour. Please..they are paid to protect us, not threaten us. Do we continue to fear and continue to submit to such behaviour and threats…wake up and see what has become of the PDRM in general thru our years of submission.

    I applaud the lady for her guts though most who wrote in the cops defence may be operating in the BAU M'sian way. It take guts to demand changes for the better.

  14. civilian

    daniel.. with her attitude.. even China don't want her around lah..

    what lah with you guys..?? everything also you want to relate to the "balik China" thingy..

  15. aca

    standard reply from PDRM. The police was provoked.

    standard reply from Perkasa. Dont challenge the police as it tantamounts to challenging their special privileges.

    UMNO BOleh.

  16. Lee C

    This happens when our authorities do not take action against racial slur and not seen as acting fairly to all citizens. Citizens are up in arms to defend their rights whenever possible, whether rightly or wrongly! Shouldn’t we be alarmed!

  17. tony

    it.s so obvious that she is looking for trouble with the laws. the ignorant policemen should have just call in a patrol car and arrest her for writing on the summon.

  18. pendatang

    Never sign the saman if you think that the police have wrongly accused you. Bravo for resisting to those two who tried to drag you to 'their' balai. Rush to balai to do what? If really need to lodge a report, it can be done within a time frame of 24 hours, so what's the hurry? Furthermore, even if you do not show your IC or driver's license on the spot, you are still not breaking the law. The law allows you to produce the IC and driver's license in 24 hours. As such I always don't show the police my IC and license whenever stopped by them, and I later brought to the balai if they really wanted to see.

  19. 2nd class

    This English speaking bitch can't even speak BM well. She is just trying to provoke the police in order to have some news reported. The police is also not without fault as they should have better PR skill but what kind of police we can expect with basic salary RM600? At least they were not asking bribe from her. Though police must improve themselves but we have too many arrogant bitch like her

  20. Dennis

    I cant believe some of the comments which have already been posted relating to this video. Those of you who supported the police are the sort of people who have made Malaysia the fine and wonderful nation that it is

    Sure the police "were only doing their job" in the way that Malays are so good at… rude and arrogant. And note how they love to intimidate people ( women, immigrant workers) who they think will fold under their unbelievable unprofessional attitude

    Give a Malay a uniform and he immediately becomes a little tyrant riding around on his little motorbike pretending to be something important

    In short the police acted illegally, unprofessionally and arrogantly … but then they are members of the 'superior race" Arent they??

  21. civilian

    oh ya.. and i think u don't deserve a Malaysia license or even Mykad in the first place..

  22. Loh

    The person who advised 'be polite to whomever you meet' is not polite at all in his writing. The person who somehow considered the word kid-head refers to him was fast to reject it. How funny.

  23. Pete

    Seriously, I am not a big fan of police, a big critique! But in this case, sorry man…, but one gotto ask really, who is intimidating who? Its a straight issue, one commit offence, the other trying to issue saman (not duit kopi mind you). The whole thing started only when Pamela wanted to film the process, which I think its not appropriate. If I am not mistaken, its international practice that (correct me if I am wrong) that no one can take photo on police/ army building, stations, cars, uniforms etc (i had my share of experience in both Oman and Australia)though the former was a bit ruckus, whereeas the latter simply asking me to delete the photos I had taken on their stations which I graciously obliged. Anyway, seriously, Pamela, what do you wish to achieve really? Standing on their shoes, if you were them carrying out duties, how would you react?? Lastly, I don't think Pamela is scared or whatever…from the whole video, my conclusion is Pamela is the one intimidating and should be punished (by whatever process that is appropriate). Pam, if you don't believe me, try the similar action when you are in Melbourne, Berlin, Dubai, Singapore etc, see for urself what you got into…

  24. ghgfufyjgff

    IT is a SECURITY GUARD WITH PISTOL . Not a policeman!

    Many security guard uniform looks like police uniform. e.g BSN bank's guard looks like police. Go to any BSN branch and look yourself, they have gun too.

  25. Jim

    If I am Pam, this is what I would see as the way …

    1. Firstly pull over, ask the officer what was my offence…and wait for an answer or response…from the cop…

    2. he should then inform her that she has committed and offence etc. etc.. and quote the act.. that she had violated… cops should spend their free time or work time to be trained and competent on this matter…

    3. He should then ask to see her driver license and her ID to validate the Driver License.

    4. If there was an offence, he should at this point decide whether to give her a warning and explain the offence, or book her and get all that down on the form and give it to her to sign. Also inform her that if she wished to dispute the matter, then she can either pay the compound fine or challenge it in court …. that's it.. he then returns her ID and Driver License.

    5. It is fine to video tape what is happening to you directly and at this point… personal safety and or to prevent a

    "he says, she says, they said etc. etc." comments which can be difficult to prove without visual evidence.

    As a private Malaysian citizen, we have our rights. However, we too have the right to question any authority under the law to explain what was being enforced against us. If no satisfactory answer can be provided then, they the enforcement must contact their superior or supervisor to attend to the matter. That is why the police force has inspectors at various levels. This was created long time ago by the British system which the police force inducted most of the workflow and sad to say our police force are not manned by professional people. They are being policed and often times (not all with some exceptions) are the lapdogs of the politiicians.

    I have experienced being stopped in Australia for exceeding a 50 km zone doing 55km. This was a rural town and yes, people tend not to look when the cross a road in a farm area, same with farm animals crossing etc…

    Why cant we have balance… blame it on the government's poor and sadly unprofessional handling of our country… slapped with corruption all over….

    You the govt. have to proof your professionalism…

    not us the rakyat.

  26. Michael

    Zainal, the rakyat is in no position to provoke the police. Anyone in the position of power and authority should exercise restrain no matter how provocative the rakyat is.

    Do watch "Border Security Australia" and see who the Immigration Officers react to passengers who are aggressive and rude. The Officers do not react but they educate the passengers on the law. As I have mentioned earlier, educating the wrongdoers is they key even when they are being fined. No point issuing fines when the individual doesn't realise that what they have done is wrong. That should be how things are done.

    Last but not least, I do know people in the force and I have the upmost respect for them as they are doing a thankless job sometimes.

  27. Daniel Lim


    “Driver, who is intimidating who, you did something wrong just admit it. Who are you to write your own summonses? Please have respect for our Malaysian police force.”

    Did you even watch the video? Or when the video started you were somewhere else?

    Pamela admitted that she was wrong, committed an offence, within the first minute of the video.

    And can you educate all of us here, under what Act and which Section that we cannot write anything on a summon beside putting down our signatures?

    And, have respect for our police force? You mean you can respect the 2 bullies on the video? One was even asking her which country she's from. Was he trying to ask Pamela to go back to China? Another one didn't want to give back her IC? Respect?

  28. matador

    Sick citizen stupid cop. Both seems dont know their rights. Regardless of what rights you have but when it comes to law enforcing, obviuosly the one in uniform have the supremacy. If I am the lady, sign the bloody summon, bugger off and deal with it later. For the bloody stupid cop, once she start obstructing, call for reinforcement, cuff her and deal with her appropriately. Regardless of what occur before the filming, most of the time you would not get a replay if the incident goes against the person you are filming unless you expect yourself to vanish in thin air with your camera.

  29. civilian

    U yang salah in the first place and cari salah in all other places and then ask this loh guy to back u up with lame excuses when even he knows that you are salah..


  30. Zainal azhar

    I not undestanding why u video taped the police who's doing the job.For me u are the person who's intimading the police not them. by videoing this u are try to provok the police who doing their job. What is ure anttention actually

  31. Michael

    First and foremost, I think that the usage of vulgarity is uncalled for even if you feel that Pamela should have reacted better. The usage of vulgarity as far as I am concerned, shows that you are bankcrupt of ideas and logical arguements not to mentioned, uneducated.

    Btw, Klusener, who are you to imply anything? Does not speaking Malay makes us less Malaysian? What is wrong with English? I speak fluent Malay but am more at home speaking English so does that make me less a Malaysian? This whole issue is about the treatment of the rakyat at the hands of the police and here you are talking about languages! It is a different issue altogether!

    As for my own individual experience, I was fined RM450 last August for having expired road tax and insurance. I accepted the summons and paid it the next day – they didn't even have my records in the database as yet! Generally, I have no problems with the police as I understand that they are just doing their job.

    On the other hand, I do understand the situation that Pamela was in and I do not fault her nor the police. She felt that she was intimidated and from what I could see, so did they when she started taping the whole entire matter. Both sides were calling each other's bluff.

    Both sides misunderstood one another I believe. I didn't not see how this situation started but this is what I assume since the video taping started half way in the middle of the situation.

    However, that being said, I believe that the police should have used a softer and polite tone when dealing with the rakyat – even if the individual has done something wrong as this is just a traffic offence. Educating the individual and explaining to them the offence that he/she has done wrong is better than issuing summons any time.

    That is my two cents worth of comments.

  32. mohaSHUK

    watching this video clearly show how arroggant you are… you break the law. Just sign the bloody summon chit. Let the cops do their job. You don't have to proof to the world you are good at the law…. and INTIMIDATED the cops – you missing the point miss. Be polite just as you expect other to be polite to you. Disappointed. This time around…. tabik sama polis.

  33. lawyer buruk too

    This was a story I heard this Friday night (8 Oct). This person was driving the car along the Highway between JB and Simpang Rengam when she was stopped by the police for speeding. She was positive that she never exceeded the speed limit.

    She gave her drivers licence to the cop but he just refused to wrte the summons and kept talking and talking. The cars which were stopped after hers left within a minute but she was held back.

    Why? Because she refused to bribe them.

    After some 15 minutes she was issued the summons and she left.

    Now what do you call this? Intimidation or are you going to blame the driver for not making it easy for the cop by greasing his palm.

  34. read between the lin

    U guys totally have missed the point. 2 policemen, with guns clearly seen, have stopped a woman by the side of a road, taken her licence and ic and ask her if she's a a citizen of this country. Watch the video again pls. What are they trying to say? They work for the govt and wear govt issue uniforms, and she doesn't have any rights at all? And when is the last time YOU spoke to a policemen with a gun in his holster and intimidated him? If they were intimidated, they must have done something wrong! Yes she was pompous but she stood her ground and they GAVE in knowing they were wrong, only because she stood her ground! So our lawmen don't know thew law, have your ic but don't know you're a citizen, is it a wonder crime is getting worse? The bottom line is, when you are in a position of power, is it necessary to talk to the rakyat like that?

  35. Daniel Lim


    Do we have a law saying that Pamela commited an offence by videotaping the whole incident?

    Can you enlighten me?


  36. kepalabatu

    pamela lim,

    u were absolutely wrong. serve your right. u hv to respect the police and what were u up to?

    and you were scared? pls… this was your excuse!

    and on top of that… u were actually intentionally trying to trap the police so that u hv news to tell.

    what a joke!.. grow up and take a shower please…

  37. Daniel Lim

    The funniest comment so far on this post is from "ER on 10 October, 2010 at 9:54 am".

    What has your comment to do with your race? Just because the 2 in blue were Malay? So you want to turn this into a race thing again?

    "I malay, the lady driver is definitely kurang ajar, tunjuk pandai and in fact was the one menakut-nakutkan pihak polis."

    Why the 2 policemen has to be scared by Pamela? Did she hold a pistol? Or a knife? A parang?

    Do we have any right to write anything on the summon? Can someone with knowledge of this particular law say something instead of just hantam Pamela?

    I think Pamela could have acted more politely, but who knows what act of the policemen earlier provoke her into this?

    But the 2 policemen should have acted more professionally. The fact that they returned the IC and driver's license at the end means they were wrong not to return her IDs earlier? Means they have no right to retain her IDs? Also, if Pamela committed an offence by writing on the summon, then they should have pursued the matter further by issuing another summon and not just leave with their tails between their legs? Shouldn't they immediately say something like, "Cik, di bawah undang-undang Acta xxx, Perenggan yyy, kamu sudah melakukan kesalahan and diberi saman kedua." Something like that? Even if they pursue this matter later by sending another summon to her postal address, doesn't this show that they are not even clear of the law?

    To sum up my thought, Pamela "could" be in the wrong, but the 2 policemen "definitely" put shame to the police force and can't be defended.

  38. uji

    The woman driver Pamela Lim is rude, unreasonable and was unnecessarily making police duty difficult. she should have been arrested and brought to court. Who said that you have the right to video tape police on duty?

    you have antagonized the police and than when they are agitated you want to appeal to the public to condemn the police force! That is not constructive at all.

  39. wow

    you should have recorded whatever you hoping to happen quietly …that's why there is a show called in America ( Caught in Camera) like a CCTV.

  40. Leman Rus

    The video is pretty plain stuff. The comments are explosive. Never new so many Malaysians have been taken in by years of being misled.

    Civil Servants are exactly that – meant to serve the public. The same go for politicians.

    In Malaysia the boot is on the other foot and the public deserve what they ask for – getting their asses kicked.

    Ask Bob Mugabe.

    Good Luck!

  41. neutral

    Pam: Because you are intimidating, do you know what intimidating means?

    That's just rude. Not sure what happen before this video was taken that caused the animosity, but it sounded like you were insulting the policeman's English. Your Malay sounded like crap as well but the policeman didn't poke fun at you did he?

  42. Loh-Tse Lee

    This is one stupid asshole driver! You did something wrong got your saman. DO NOT intimidate the officers on duty. People like you usually say you got rights. Why don't you use your rights rightfully? Be polite to whomever you meet. Be it the policemen and be how rude they may be. I put the guilt on the stupid lady driver. Case dismissed.

  43. Dr Lim

    Hi Pamela, based on this video I dont think the two policemen is causing any trouble. What was the summon for? Did you break the rules? What did you write in their summon book? If you are here in Australia, the way you talk and act, will land you in jail for the night. You should apologize to both of them if you ever see them again. Remember, not all policemen are corrupt. Some of them are honest and they just want to do their job. Dont be arrogant. Regards, Dr Lim.

  44. Joel

    If only Teoh Beng Hock had a camera on him that day, the police would not accused him of commiting suicide

  45. Jon

    I have to say that she's rude to the police. I was stopped by the police almost a dozen for using my handphone while driving, but no saman at all. Not because i give duit kopi, but the way you speak to them. Talk nicely lady next time!

  46. mad komen

    say…. just say sorry… things will be alright dear pamela…

  47. Malaysian Citizen

    Even if you are asked to sign on a traffic violation summon, you have the right to sign in protest. That means you disagree with the Police and write the word "sign in protest" before you write your signature. By not allowing her to sign in protest is an intimidation.

  48. Brandon

    After watching the video and reading many of the comments here, I have come to the conclusion that Malaysian poor education system and years of BN brainwashing have made it's people ignorant of their own rights as tax-paying citizens in country and overly fearful of "supposed authorities" to the point that they wrongly think it's being respectful.

    Here's how I see it.

    1) The lady driver may have had a traffic violation. So, we can argue that perhaps she deserves a Summon.

    2) It is her right to dispute what is written on the summon. I am not sure what she scribbled on the summon paper, but if she didn't agree with the summon, then she DID NOT have to sign it. She probably scribbled that she disagreed. Remember, once you signed it, it means you agree with what's written in there. If you don't agree, take it to court. Once you have signed it, forget the court. You've lost the case!

    3) The police works for the Malaysian Citizens to protect the citizens. Their job is to stop a traffic violation to protect the people including the driver herself. If they think she is wrong, their job is to state the driver's faults, and write her a summon and go. If there are argument, put that in the summons and go. What they should have done is advice her of her violation, and give her the summon. That's it.

    4) The policemen DO NOT have the rights to keep your IC/Driver's License. Remember, they are supposed to work for the people, not the people work for them!

    5) The lady driver, while you may argue that she was rude, has the right to demand for the return of her IC/Driver's license. Video recording this conversation may actually have protected her from further intimidation, false accusations and can be used as proof in a possible court case.

    In summary, police can only advise you of your violation, give you summons and unless they have evidence that you posed further threat to the public, they cannot demand you to go to police station with them. They also cannot hold your IC/License without your permission. It's your right not to sign the summon if you disagree with what's in it. Don't sign if you disagree!

    People of Malaysia – all this expectation that you have to respect police etc are just values instilled from your school days which I think have made the people overly subservient to authorities. They are the same values causing you to lose sight of your own rights, which is why many commentators attacked the lady driver. Respect needs to be earned and is not a right. Know the difference! As long as you're legally living in Malaysia, you have to learn that you have rights and the policemen are there to protect you and others, not to threaten you. Your tax money pays their salaries.

  49. Atif

    I really hope that the policemen made a police report against the rude driver.

  50. Joel

    Funny how so many comments against the driver. My personal experience taught me to just give kopi money to the police as the government encourages us to.Even our top judge admitted giving bribe and look what action been taken against him, NOTHING !

    To challenge the wrongful charge in court ? Don't be silly. Remember we are living in boleh-land,so WAKE UP !

    You see, to challenge the charge, first you need to attend the court and plead guilty or not guilty, then a second court date will be given and most probably in 9 months time.The same routine repeats, you will then be asked to plead again. Oops, forgot to mention, you have to pray for luck to avoid any postponement as MC is quite common in boleh-land too. After pleaded not guilty, the court will then summon the police who gave you the summon and guest what ? You will have to pray for luck again for the officer not to be engaged in more important task at Bukit Aman. I was not so lucky, so another date given to me and again luck was not my strong field, the court officer gave me a date which was a holday next year and when I turned up in court 9 months later, she claimed she did not have next year calendar to refer to and the mistake was easily brushed aside

    The next court date was given again 9 months later but I mistakenly remembered it was a day later and when I turned up in court, warrant arrest had been issued. In short, if you really jobless and have plenty of time, then by all means challenge the offense in court, else just pay the fines legally or by top judge way

    would be there to state aku or tak aku salah,