Citizen journalist LoyarBurokker Pamela Lim was stopped by the police while on the road. Unhappy with the their conduct she whipped out her phone and started video recording the two police officers. How did the police react? Watch it here @ via our YouTube channel WayangLoyarBurok.

malaysian police
Police intimidation?

What really happens when the police stops a woman and the woman whips out a camera to film them?

Can the police take your I.C. and not give it back? Were they threatening and intimidating me?

Watch to find out and give your comments.

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Pamela Lim is driven by her fervent spirit for adventure, her inquisitive nature for wildlife and her intrinsic values for doing the right thing. As a result, she has been “dipped” in hot soup and cool oceans alike. She makes a living by teaching others to live their dreams through diving while documenting memories through photography from the travel trade; at times, sending her out to recce currents and paths less trodden. With God all things are possible. Follow her tweets @pummkin.

I'm driven by my fervent spirit for adventure, my inquisitive nature for wildlife & my intrinsic values for doing the right thing. The compulsion to go in and around water had been apparent from the...

877 replies on “[VIDEO] Police Intimidation Caught on Video”

  1. The previous Pam I read about was a papadum.

    I shall call you pompous.

    From your commentary, you sounded like a lout.

    Please Miss pompous I dont see anything so intimidating about them.

    I dare you do the same on the streets of Manila or Jakarta.

    I assure you will not be showing us anything more.

  2. I can't comment whether Pamela was right on how she acted towards the two policeman. However, the policemen were not matured enough. They should have told Pamela what she has done wrong and once issued the SAMAN, they should have get going and not lingering around. By the way, the plump police office, the one that made her to sign the summons was 'chewing a gum', so is it right for a policeman to chew something or eat while on duty? How could one tell that both of them were still on duty?

    By the way, there must be something that has triggered Pamela to whipped out her camera. We aren't sure what was that but with the bad news surrounding our policeman, how could you expect a good civilian to react? Don't forget that we have a Kugan died under police custody!

  3. Why take the IC and driving licence when the document serve only to verify the identity of the persons, and the qualification to drive?

    The action of keeping the document to force her is bully, using brute force. Why were the policemen afraid to be filmed, if they are not bogus? If they just did their duties, the film is the proof that they were professional in their undertaking.

    Citizens have the right to check whether the two uniformed persons were genuine policemen. If they are not happy to be filmed, they would not show their identity. Nowadays in this country can one really trust the uniformed personnel to be genuine officer. Hoe certain are we to follow stranger policemen? The IGP should take all these into consideration and tell police officers to write out their summons and haul the persons to court, rather than demanding them to go to police station.

    Some claims that people should be polite. That is mutual, and it should not be done out of fear.

  4. From what i can see i dont know what happen before the video so i dont understand what upset you.

    But from the video, i can only see is that you are the one being rude.

    regardless who is right or wrong, It is NOT YOUR BUSINESS to scribble on the summon. If you dont accept the summon just take it without signing and challenge it in court. THIS IS CLEARLY YOU BEING AN ASSHOLE.

  5. I admit, Pam put the police on a defensive, however the police should have been more professional in handling Pam, according to the law and her rights as a Malaysian citizen. They shouldn't get personal and use their position as police to intimidate Pam.

    I speak from experience whereby in the service industry, when a customer asked the officer's name, they get all defensive, usually when they are unsure whether they were going to get a complaint. Those who provide excellent service willingly provide name details, looking forward to a compliment.

    When Pam videotape, the police should have acted politely and professionally because whatever that is played back can go either way, meaning showing them as examplanary policeman but instead they got all defensive and personal, which reflected very badly on them. They were issuing summons so they did nothing wrong.

    First and foremost, I wish to highlight to the comments posted here, we are civillians and in terms of the "power" and "holding the upperhand against a policeman" is nil. The policemen were not in the position to feel threathen and could have handled the situation better.

    Luckily, common sense avail and the policemen decided not to waste time on Pam and give her, her summons which she rightfully deserved.

    1. I salute you. This is one of the few calm, rationally-thought-out comments that I have seen written in response to Pam's video and her version of events.

  6. She's even more rude than the police. In fact, she was intimidating the police. Lucky to be alive reading these comments from all of us, isn't she.

    And the police – too bad that they don't even know what their own rights are. They should not have returned her IC and brought it back to their balai and taken it from there.

  7. Dear Pam,

    What you did was very brave and daring!!!!

    To me fuck the Malaysian Police, fuck the fucking UMNO govt and fuck all Malay Muslim racist bastards in Malaysia especially those in the fucking place called Putra Jaya.

    Let pray to God for the total and ultimate destruction of ALL UMNOs in whatever form from the surface of this earth forever.

  8. I think the policemen is doing the job. I disagree with the lady driver attitude by writing something on the summon form. It is the duty of the police to write the offence on that form. If you disagree with that offence you can challenge it in the court. Let court decide on it.

  9. When the POLICE FORCE is from whom we expect security and safety, speak rudely and harshely,,,than fear and intimidation does creeps into the public domain. Retrospectively,, generating hatered towards the uniform personals. She is right not to follow them. They should have issued the summons and walked away.


  10. Driver, what did the police do that made you whipped out your video camera in the first place? It is rude to videotape anyone without their permission, regardless if he/she is a normal civilian or a cop. We don't have enough information (your offense, what did the police say to you prior, etc) to make a judgment on whether who's wrong or right. However, it is not your 'hak' to videotape someone without their permissions. I sensed that you are trying to intimidate the police as oppose to the other way around. How is this going to help us normal civilians when it comes to our personal interactions with the cops when faced with similar situations?

  11. Loyar burok

    This pamela lim is a loyar buruk and kurang ajar. This is not police intimidation but she is a kurang ajar citizen .What authority she has to scribble in the police summon book.

    We see what the consequences. Loyar Butok Spin this issue.

  12. I think Pamela should not behave that way…The police is doing their job. Probably she thought she has the right but writing on the summons isn't right…It looks like she just want to show off her right which not at the right way.

    1. Malaysia need to learn their right and not to be abuse by the uniform. Malaysia police thick they are above the law. Never follow the police to the balai, if you do you will be in deep shit especially if you are a Chinese

  13. wtf, the was wrong in the fact that she was rude to the police. but come on, it comes with the job. you want to make a police report because the driver was rude. come on how pathetic can the police be. and then blocking the path. well, that's why we have so much crime. they spend their time doing this. summons were released. job done, move on. go and stop other rule breaker.

    btw, she does have a right to transcribe the dealings with the police. come on, with all the negativity surrounding the police. you need to protect yourself. she didn't obstruct justice. she signed the receipt (wrong to doodle, that is what pissed the cop of) the cop's job was done. the moment he got his panties in a bunch, and started asking her to come to the station, that's when she began fighting back. the first cop got side tracked when she started recording. then he started badgering her. give the damn ticket and leave. come on, dragging some one to the station because they got you mad????? wtf.

    1. she dun owe them anything.our malaysian police don't respect us why shud we respect them.i had many cases like what she experienced.and being a guy they spoke even rude to just to stress that repsect is mutual

  14. Dumb bitch,

    You were being disrespectful and interfere with the authority executing their duties bye writing on the summons, which you shuouldnt have. Dumb broad.

  15. From what I see and hear, the police are doing the job. In fact, the driver has been using sarcasm against the policemen and therefore provoke them to "heret" her to the police station. She should not write on the summons book, be polite and accept that she has done something wrong. I malay, the lady driver is definitely kurang ajar, tunjuk pandai and in fact was the one menakut-nakutkan pihak polis. I believe if you want less crime in our country, we should start respecting the laws first and our servicemen including the police.

  16. As far as I can tell, the cops were being polite to her. What is missing from the visual of the video is eluded to in the 2nd cop's comment about the driver writing something down in the summons booklet, when all she was requested to do was provide her signature on the summons (a summons she was not verbally contesting, either)…..a civilian has no business scribbling and doodling on a summons form other than verifying that they received the summons by way of a signature.

    Sadly, it comes across like the female driver was being unnecessarily rude to the two cops.

    Frankly, they should have arrested her for obstructing police duty.

  17. these police dont get duit kopi so they threatened drivers .balik balai ? so , they can further intimidate her! pamela lim, thank you ! we must rise up like her enough is enough!

  18. If this happen in the States or even Singapore, she would be handcuffed to the station. Whats wrong with this woman??

  19. uncivilised civilian,
    you did not intimidate me.
    I am not easily intimidated, especially by uncivilised people.

    But I do admit that I would be much easily intimidated by people who talk substance because I would be afraid that I am not as knowledgable as them.

  20. from the video, Pam DID violate traffic offense from her reaction. She also ADMIT SHE IS WRONG and expecting summon. THEN WHY SCRIBBLE ON IT IF SHE KNOWS SHE BREAK THE LAW. This just show she making unnecessary conflict.

    The video clearly shows that the policemen, regardless of their attitude, are issuing the summon and expecting to go (becoz they know she definately wont give them KOPI) until she go scribble on it and prolong the unnecessary conflict.

    you accept you break the law, you sign. Dont accept you did, then dont sign. i have never sign a single saman that i receive regardless i did break the law or not.

    you dont like the attitude of the police, the video is enough for you to lodge complain.

    Why make it so complicated to scribble on the summon.

  21. Watching this video I found that the two policemen were just trying to perform their duties to uphold the law, which apparently this young lady, Pamela Lim had broken. She was totally arrogant and it was her who intimidated the policemen and had not given her full cooperation, after she had broken the law. I’m disgusted with the lady’s attitude and the people who would like to spin this incident,making it a racial or political issues. Have some respect to the law and don’t think that you are above anyone else!

  22. civillian,
    you started it.
    you said she is not qualified to get myKad (as if you are very proud of myKad). Aren’t you implying that she doesn’t deserve to be a Malaysian? Because as far as I know, all Malaysian has the right or has the obligation to get a myKad. Since you said she doesn’t deserve to have one, aren’t you saying that she doens’t deserve to be Malaysian?

  23. Well,
    I dun think Pamela did anything wrong…. Have she been more obliging, guess what the fucking police will do…. Raising their voices,
    Breaking the law doesn’t mean that you can yell at me…
    And there is nothing wrong with the filming as far as it goes… As far as I know in US, any stop by the police is filmed and recorded, what is wrong with that?

  24. Driver, who is intimidating who, you did something wrong just admit it. Who are you to write your own summonses? Please have respect for our Malaysian police force.

    By the way, improve your spoken Bahasa Malaysia, you are in Malaysia.

  25. Why were the policemen so afraid when she recorded them using her handphone? In USA, every traffic summons is given while the whole scene is captured by video, to avoid abuse or corruption. And if she has done something wrong (what’s wrong with scribbling summons? People dump them in the dustbin every day!), the police should not take possession of her IC and license without any valid justification (maybe the police were trying to scare her just because she’s a female, alone & non-Malay).

  26. Pamela should not film the whole episode, should not sribbled on the summon.
    Policeman should not take her IC without issueing a receipt. As a Professional PDRM officer, they should just issue the summon, return all her document and ride off.

  27. I do not agree with Phil.
    Signing is to acknowledge of receiving. Likewise, if a warning letter been given to you in a company, if you do not agree with the offense, surely you will have to write something on the warning letter ie : “I sign to acknowledge of receiving but I do not agree to the charge”

  28. i think you are the one being funny and kid-head

    The summon is for you to sign as you accept it or DONT sign if you dont accept it. i have being always doing that. I accept the summon without signing. No need to scribble. You think you are not being treated fairly then challenge it in court.

    If you give me a bill, i accept it i sign, if i dont just dont sign it. How you feel if i scribble on it. It is the same thing, disrepectful.

  29. Why are some Malays always calling others kurang ajar? It is as if they are the only ones who are “ajar”. In my mind these are the Malays who are really kurang ajar themselves. Look at their comments from the angle of an “adult” & you will understand why. It is so childish. With all the negativities surrounding the Authorities,(e.g. Kugan, Namewee vs the 2 racist principals, Teoh case etc) it is a natural instinct for the non-malays to be on the defensive. But these “kurang ajar” malays would not understand because they are not on the receiving end. If they were to think through, they will probabaly understand. But I seriously doubt it.

  30. Why can’t you write notes on the summon? It is not currency notes where people might not accept. The summon is just a police document indicating whatever the authority wanted to say, and it is not a certificate to be framed up. Where else does one write when one wishes to clarify the issue? If a signature means that one agrees to the charge, then if one does not agree, isn’t it better to indicate on the document than to refuse to sign and cause ugly incidents? If the police considers the dignity of the government is compromised merely because she wrote on the summon, include that as an additional charge for her to answer. Looks like many are just kids, are kid-head when the government document is treated akin to holy paper.

  31. wow..that’s like watching cops or police reality on Astro .Which is for those two cops? or Pam was rude?

    Who is wrong and right here?

    The cops might be annoy with the camera ..but what she wrote on that book? or saman?

  32. Another point, you say they intimidate you? from the video i think you are treating them any better (unless they upset you before the video part which we dont know).

    You say the dont give you back hem your IC and other stuff. What do you expect when you are so rude. They also do have right to call you to balai for being disrecptful. After all scribble on the summon is enough for they to say that you obstructing their jobs.

    If they pull you down to balai that day, i think you DESERVE it.

    i am not supporting them, i only based on what i see on the video.

  33. I dont blame the policeman, I think she rude she had committed a traffic offence, just take the summon and done with it.

  34. The public perception about cops has taken a rough beating of late. I have no doubts whatsoever that there are the good cops who have gone out their way to help the common man but unfortunately the stigma that they have been rubber-stamped with has somewhat tarnished the overall image of the police. If you follow the video closely, it appears a traffic offence has been committed. Just issue a summons – that is the duty of the policemen but instead when they start pushing their weight around then it something else. Mind you, I personally have heard of racial slurs when stopped by police. Lucky lady, at least she was brave enough to hold her camera high and her head too – she may not have been so lucky without the camera and her cool head.

  35. Ms Pumkin, cant heap all the blame onthe policemen. She acted intimidatingly and prevented them from carrying out their lawful duty.

    What does she think brandishing the cameraphone, writing her own notes on the summons, refusing to sign the summons and then refusing to follow them to the police station, constitute.

    She cannot play ms innocent here. From her verbal comments which can be heard on the video, i can conclude that it is she who sparked off the whole ugly incident by provoking the policemen.

    Any common citizen, let alone a policeman, will find her and acts offensive. Her fervent for adventure…..does not give her the right to her holier than thou attitute….

    She did wrong, take the summons and dispute it thru the proper channel.

    Shame on you pumkin, but then again, it can only be expected of you rigth….

  36. Hi Pamela,
    Firstly did you commit any traffic offense? if yes, you should engage a courteous conversation to that police officer.Remember not all the police are corrupted.from your video clip i find you have created the intimidation situation.
    Even if i am were the officer, due to the spur of moment i would have acted a bit angrily!Not only you gone through that situation,i also been caught once but i take the summon politely and salute the police for their duty.Now do you realize Neither not all the citizen is right nor all the police is wrong!Please respect of traffic regulation!Repent.I don’t bribe so they issue summons!that simple my dear Pamela! Don’t show that you know everything, be humble!

  37. It is Sunday so kopi in the morning is the motive. The issue can be debated . I can see both the police and Pamela Lim have their points.

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