[VIDEO] Police Intimidation Caught on Video

Citizen journalist LoyarBurokker Pamela Lim was stopped by the police while on the road. Unhappy with the their conduct she whipped out her phone and started video recording the two police officers. How did the police react? Watch it here @ LoyarBurok.com via our YouTube channel WayangLoyarBurok.

malaysian police

Police intimidation?

What really happens when the police stops a woman and the woman whips out a camera to film them?

Can the police take your I.C. and not give it back? Were they threatening and intimidating me?

Watch to find out and give your comments.

LB: If you have trouble playing the video here, or would like to see more LoyarBurok videos, please go to our YouTube channel @ WayangLoyarBurok.

Pamela Lim is driven by her fervent spirit for adventure, her inquisitive nature for wildlife and her intrinsic values for doing the right thing. As a result, she has been “dipped” in hot soup and cool oceans alike. She makes a living by teaching others to live their dreams through diving while documenting memories through photography from the travel trade; at times, sending her out to recce currents and paths less trodden. With God all things are possible. Follow her tweets @pummkin.

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I'm driven by my fervent spirit for adventure, my inquisitive nature for wildlife & my intrinsic values for doing the right thing. The compulsion to go in and around water had been apparent from the age of 4 and the ocean has yet to be taken out of me. I make a living out of making people live their dream of learning how to dive while making memories through journalistic assignments that I get from travel businesses sending me out to recce the path less trodden. With God, all things are possible.

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