Loh shee fun? So racist!

Is “loh shee fun” food first or of Chinese origin first? Two friends hash it out, mediated by liberal with no Asian values.

loh shee fun

A: Let’s have loh shee fun.

B: You are so racist!

A: What?!?

B: Ya man… How can you say that?

A: But… but… I do want to eat loh shee fun. You can eat whatever you all want, ok?

B: Ahh… but you mentioned loh shee fun didn’t you? That reflects your mindset!

A: Wow. Ok, ok, let’s have pizza then.

B: Cheezh! Now you are worse, penjajah mentality!

A: Hello, pizza is talian, not British!

B: Doesn’t matter. They are orang putih food.

C tried to mediate between his friends.

C: Guys, relax. It’s just food. Can’t we just see that loh shee fun is food first and of Chinese origin second? Pizza is food first and of Italian origin second?

B: Okay, A tell me, to you is loh shee fun food first or Chinese first?

A: Er… well, it is Chinese food?

B: See you are a bigoted racist! Why can’t you say it is food of Chinese origin? Why do you say “Chinese” first, then “food” – “Chinese Food”?

C: Guys, can I suggest…

Both A and B snapped at him and said together:

A & B: C, you stay out of this. You are a liberalist with no Asian values!


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