Balik Mengundi – Go Vote

Lord Bobo bertitah: Balik Kampung, Balik Mengundi.

Go home, and VOTE!!!

The Giant Jibble Head has arisen. Go forth , O fair citizens of the Three Bs (Bt Gantang, Bt Selambau, Batang Ai). Cast thy ballot, or forever hold thy peace!

PS: The by-elections are all on Tuesday, 7th April 2009, in case you were wondering.

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3 Responses to Balik Mengundi – Go Vote

  1. Yvonne Young

    My goodness, the video is so touching and heart-warming. I wanted to hug somebody after watching it. It seems more appropriate for Singapore's campaign to encourage marriages and raise families than an election campaign.

    I don't think voters chose PKR out of "love". It may be more that the people are tired of corrupted BN.

  2. PeoplePower

    Dear All Pakatan Rakyat Supporters,

    Pls request all the voters in Bukit Gantang/Bukit Selambau/Batang Ai that you know to go to cast their vote earlier to avoid 'Pengundi Hantu' taken their place.

    Besides, the wheather forecast show there will be rainy day in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau from afternoon onwards. Therefore, pls tell the voters to cast their vote in the morning session.