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Malaysia’s Merry  ‘Buy-elections’

Malaysia’s Merry ‘Buy-elections’

Malaysia is perhaps the only country where the death of an elected representative brings jubilation to the local residents.

The People Have Spoken

The results from Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau are but definite proof that more than a year after March 8, 2008, the people are still resolved to show their discontentment and complete unhappiness with the ways of the Barisan Nasional in general and UMNO in particular. It is also conversely a display of strengthening support […]

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Balik Mengundi – Go Vote

Lord Bobo bertitah: Balik Kampung, Balik Mengundi. Go home, and VOTE!!! The Giant Jibble Head has arisen. Go forth , O fair citizens of the Three Bs (Bt Gantang, Bt Selambau, Batang Ai). Cast thy ballot, or forever hold thy peace! PS: The by-elections are all on Tuesday, 7th April 2009, in case you were […]

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