‘Baby-bed’ launch of LB.com, 25 December 2008

This is the blawg: https://www.loyarburok.com/

The Lord is glad that the site is finally, albeit softly and simply, launched – yesterday – and up and running!

Thank you all who made it, and to Seira and Sherrie (the S-ploited) who performed.

The Lord’s cohorts spoke about the history, vision and work plan of LB.com which should play the role of an online legal journal. They also showed why LB.com will be different, and why YOU should be part of the LB community. To spot, create and develop a credible pool of public intellectuals. Other more important ideals are here.

How can I be part of this stable’, you might ask. Read this first. Have a relationship with LB.com. Then join the LoyarBurok group on Facebook. Wear the LB tag on your sleeve and heart, or display it anywhere else (request for the tag by writing to [email protected]). Make LB.com your homepage. Write in with your comments. Bash our authors’ pieces. Write your own, and have yourself whacked. If you have an interesting story or perspective, let the Lord’s cohorts know and they will jump over to interview you.

The Lord wishes everyone a great year ahead and to less monkey-ing around. The Lord further demands socio-political archetypical blawgg-ing pieces (in English or BM) of no more than 800 words. Everyone to send in their pieces (and money) to the Lord at [email protected] for consideration. Together, we will loyarburok the world.

Towards human domination!

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