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We’re Back.

As promised. But not the final version. Thank you Farez, Mich, Sunil, Seira, Sherrie and Yanti for your artful instructions. Design issues still being worked out in the next few days 2 weeks. Please continue sending your contributions and comments to [email protected] Lord Bobo Barnabus (Loyarburok Supreme)

‘Baby-bed’ launch of LB.com, 25 December 2008

‘Baby-bed’ launch of LB.com, 25 December 2008

This is the blawg: https://www.loyarburok.com/ The Lord is glad that the site is finally, albeit softly and simply, launched – yesterday – and up and running! Thank you all who made it, and to Seira and Sherrie (the S-ploited) who performed. The Lord’s cohorts spoke about the history, vision and work plan of LB.com which […]

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