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The Perak Crisis: Keep Focused on the Real Issues

On 11 May 2009, the Kuala Lumpur High Court ruled (per Dato’ Abdul Aziz J) that since there had been no formal vote of confidence on the floor of LA, Nizar remained the rightful MB of Perak. Zambry appealed. The Court of Appeal unanimously reversed the High Court decision but it was some time before the three judgments were released. Two of them, those of Dato’ Raus Sharif and Dato’ Ahmad Maarop JJCA were released towards the end of June while that of Dato’ Zainun Ali JCA was released in early July.

The three lengthy judgments come up to some 240 pages in all and a large number of issues were canvassed and discussed. Dr Kevin YL Tan SJD previously commented on the correctness of the High Court decision and having already discussed the contradictions that arose from the judgments of Raus and Maarop JJCA feels it is timely to revisit the most salient issues in this case.