#Bersih4 #YellowRiseMalaysia — Yellow “Ong Ong” Blessings for #DearNajib

A time for cleansing.

In recent days, there have been strange sightings of yellow ribbons on main pedestrian bridges around Kuala Lumpur. It is believed that this a blessing exercise organised by concerned citizens of Malaysia in light of the 1MDB scandalthat has been putting #DearNajib under tremendous pressure.

It is also feared that the ghost of Altantuya will emerge to haunt #DearNajib, as coincidentally this is the Chinese Ghost Festival month, which will add more misery to the pain of #DearNajib. It is believed that these yellow ong ong (lucky) ribbons will provide blessings to #DearNajib through these tough times.

Building up to these yellow ong ong blessings, an NGO called Bersih has organised a massive #Bersih4 overnight blessing exercise in downtown Kuala Lumpur on 29 and 30 August 2015, and this is seen to be the climax of the blessing for #DearNajib.

All concerned citizens of Malaysia are encouraged to actively participate and take part in this highly anticipated event to clense off the suay (bad luck) of #DearNajib.

PS: Please continue to #YellowRiseMalaysia as the more you yellow-rise, the more suay of #DearNajib will be cleansed.

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