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Abdul Haleem explains why he won’t be there.

This is not going to be well received by many. But let me emphasise the title of this opinion piece. Why I (meaning me, personally and singularly) will not join the Bersih 4 Rally. I am not advocating anyone against joining the rally. I am speaking for myself.

Before you crucify me, let me remind you that I was there for Bersih 2 and Bersih 3. I was briefly arrested during Bersih 2. Google it and you’ll find my opinion piece which I wrote after both rallies. If you need to know, I was based across the causeway and made a point to come down for it. Twice.

Now that I am based in KL, let me tell you why I will not take part in Bersih 4.

I am disappointed with BERSIH 2.0. If BERSIH 2.0 is fighting for fair and clean election, it should have gone all out whacking PKR and Pakatan Rakyat for the KajangGate circus. What was the outcome of KajangGate? We have a new MB for Selangor and a new ADUN for Kajang. So what did the people of Kajang in specific and Selangor in general gain? Bersih 2 and 3 was against all the manipulation, corruption and unfairness of our General Election. If Bersih can go all out despite all the odds taking it to the streets for the GE, why did they allow PKR and Pakatan to get away with just with a slap in the wrist for KajangGate?

On both previous rallies — though it was organized by Bersih — on the actual day, it was hijacked by the political parties. On Bersih 3, all hell broke loose when clowns from PKR got hold of the mic and started the fiery speeches which were very provocative. The cops were no angels too. During Bersih 3, the moment this particular political figure started his provocative speech, me and my friends got up and left the scene for some chilled drinks. By the time we finished the first drink the whole area turned into a war zone. We don’t need to be reminded of police brutality during Bersih 3. I surely don’t want to see innocent young ones beaten up for taking part on a democratic process. I don’t think this time around is going to be different. The Home Minister is also the DPM since yesterday and the Kebab still going mad for all the wrong reasons.

With all the mess in PAS and GHB, can the rally depend on Pasukan Amal PAS again for the fantastic job they have done in the past? No one can deny the superb job done by Pasukan Amal PAS during Bersih 2 and Bersih 3.

As Bersih 4 is going to be an overnight event, I worry for safety and security. Knowing Malaysians who will even bring their toddlers for the rally, I personally think this is not a good idea to have it overnight. Anyone remember the chaos of Occupy Dataran? I think is not impossible for anyone to cause trouble in the wee hours, jeopardising the safety of rally goers.

Well in my opinion I do think it’s not worth it for me to join the Bersih 4 rally. Again, this is my own opinion and I am not asking anyone to subscribe to it. But I will stand for your right to peaceful assembly. In fact, I encourage those who were not there for Bersih 2 and 3 to go and take part this time around. Be safe. Make friends and understand how nice Malaysians can be to each other on occasions like this.

Malaysian. Engineer who wants to be a lawyer.

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  1. So BERSIH2.0 tak ada guna, tak mampu mendisiplinkan parti PKR drp melanggar prinsip yg so call "BERSIH"
    Apa lagi yg tinggal kat organisasi BERSIH – double standard betul

  2. Najib the Bugis Pirate ought to be praised and paraded for the world to see. Assisted by the IGP he is taking the country back to His root. I see, I come, I conquer, I seize…..all of you are going to hell. Do you want to go faster? Or try confinement or imprisonment in my lock-up?

  3. Bersih is just another opposition party, it's no more a independent body.. It's just full of shit..

  4. I know the pain of inhaling the tear gas (luckily I didn't stay close enough to be sprayed with that 'itchy' water. For same reasons, I too will skip the next Bersih rallies unless it focuses back on process improvements instead of regime change

  5. Penganjur2 Bersih sebenarnya adalah tali barut, mengubah topeng mereka dalam sekelip mata.
    Ingatan semula pada penyampaian memo kepada pegawai istana dulu….
    Hipocrit tu memang pun…. Yes – Bersih has gone to the dogs.
    Ambiga post:
    Dah ketagih demo ke….??
    Rombakan kabinet pun nak demo….??
    Semua masaalah, penyelesaian nya demo jalanan….!!
    Nak tiru macam Sri-Lanka kata nya…
    kenapa Sri-Langka pulak ye….??

  6. We are in the grey area zone actually. I can't say that one is totally right or totally wrong here. Both have their solid points, but… but we are all on the same direction which is to kill the real great evil around now, we all use our own way to kill them. And to make sure that they are not above law as they like.

  7. For me, there is a better way to make the election more bersih than the so called bersih rally. That is why I wont join the pointless rally.

    1. There is always another alternative(s). The only question is how effective are they.

      Would you mind to share with us, in view of the various restrictions imposed in all forms to cripple and silence the dissent., what would be the way, the best, and effective way, to achieve the goals of clean election?

  8. I agree with what Abdul Haleem said regarding how Bersih 2.0 reacted when KajangGate happened, but allow me to quote what Marcus van Geyzel has written in the "Do Malaysians Really Want The Truth?" dated 25-07-2015:

    "I’m even more disappointed that some Malaysians are standing in the way of those who are trying to uncover the truth.

    It reminds me of Bersih in 2012, when Malaysians were quite brutally attacked by our own police force, and some said: “Eh, but some fellas breached the barrier at Dataran first right?“. And this kind of meandering self-righteousness is surfacing again with the admission by The Edge that they tricked Justo to get the information. If you are uncomfortable with a little bit of civil disobedience, and happily lose sight of the real issues every other day, please stop saying that you’re desperate for justice or the truth."

    Once I was doubt what I can do for my beloved country, because I experienced that miserable, confuse situation before. Until Syahredzan Johan reminded me that Prof. Albus Dumbledore once said this to the little wizards in Hogwarts when they are confronted by the Dark Lord.:

    "Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right."
    Prof. Albus Dumbledore once said this to the little wizards in Hogwarts when they are confronted by the Dark Lord.

    Abraham Lincoln and his men bribed the Democratic Congressmen in order to procure the votes for the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which permanently outlawed slavery.

    I am in doubt no more.

    See you all in KL on 29-8-2015.

  9. "If BERSIH 2.0 is fighting for fair and clean election, it should have gone all out whacking PKR and Pakatan Rakyat for the KajangGate circus."

    Those who dont agree with Haleem, can you please response to the above?

    And are you practicing double standard on "fair and clean election"?

  10. No matter what civil disobedience is the only way to change the country. Force used upon the protestors is expected. If you don't join, then you can't change the country. Elections can be rigged easily by Najib if he wants to.

  11. Dear Abdul Haleem, I believe people will respect your choice and decision. Allow me to share my humble thoughts.

    "The building is on fire and raging out of control. The most important thing now is to get everyone together to put out the fire. Now is not the time to ponder whether to help put out the fire or not, just because the other guy who is carrying the bucket of water is a bully."

    We have a group of people who are running the country to the ground. I don't need to elaborate, because their deeds are now known to 30 million Malaysians. These people are demolishing every single pillar and cornerstone upon which Malaysia was founded by our forefathers, on the principles of democracy. As an aspiring lawyer, you are being trained to believe and uphold these pillars of the nation. In time to come, millions of ordinary Malaysians look towards people like you, the champions of law, to protect them.

    The Malaysian way of life as many of the adult Malaysians have grown up with and known, while not being a bed of roses, are now at grave risk of being replaced with one that is much, much worse. Let's NOT fool ourselves that life will continue as usual. NO! It won't!

    Do we, Malaysians, just sit back and watch this happen? Or do we now come forward collectively and peacefully to make our voices heard? For those with children, what sort of Malaysia do we want our children and their children to inherit? For the youths who will inherit Malaysia, do you believe what you see happening now will lead to a better future and way of life for you and your future family?

    1. Abdul Haleem do you Hv to write about it …if don't want to attend then don't attend …nobody is forcing you …it's just that your ball is shrinking because the DPM n Home Minister is a gangster…it's plain simple you are scare

    2. interesting analogy… the building is on fire and raging out of control… hemm… then there were a group of people shouting "stop the fire!!! stop the fire!!!" while trowing a tin of petrol into the fire without anyone notice…

      the people who sincerely trying to stop the fire didn't know why the building keep on burning even though they have trying half dead to stop the fire…

      you see… building in fire is a fact… trying to stop the fire is a noble thing… but you must see and understand who is "helping" you to stop the fire… is the person really helping you or just pretending "helping" you only…

      that's what I can understand from what writer mean… Bersih trying to help you stop the fire but in the same time throwing petrol into the fire… it will not stoping the fire and end up you get frustration… is it because the building suppose to be collapse or you who not good enough to stop the fire…

      Bersih wanted to have clean without manipulation election… but when it happen to their crony… PKR with their langkah kajang… and even over throw an MB with false accusation and slander they shut their mouth… how bersih was a BERSIH?

      for me… Bersih 4.0 should be rename as kempen "kurang kotor 4.0"… that is the reality of current politic todays…

      we as a people have no other choice else then "kurang kotor" alternative… and the reason for that alternative choice be more "kurang kotor" than current choice was because they have little power only… once gain more power they will become as kotor as what we have right now… ekekeke…

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