Edmund Bon’s 112 Statement to the Police

ASP Zaidi A. Rahman from the Kepala Batas police station took Edmund’s statement today at about 11.30am. Edmund’s lawyers, Amer Hamzah Arshad and New Sin Yew with pupil-in-chambers, Lee Shee Pin was present at the recording session.

Pic by Siow Feng Saw || Malay Mail Online

Here is a briefer on the session today:

Report no. 512/14, Kepala Batas police station

The statement was recorded under section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Edmund’s statement was classified as a witness’ statement, and not as a complainant’s or suspect’s statement. After the introductory formalities such as Edmund’s background (including whether he was married or not), the gist of Edmund’s reply is here which was thereafter attached to the official 112 witness statement to form part of it.

In essence, Edmund said that the words complained about were not seditious. He relied on a Federal Court decision – where he appeared as co-counsel – to state the legal position on the non-applicability of religious opinions (fatwa) to non-Muslims.

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