The Bar Council has circulated to its 15,000 members the ‘Walk4Justice2’ motion which I proposed seconded by more than 100 lawyers (probably the first time in the Bar’s history!).

In light of the numerous sedition cases, I feel there are quite compelling reasons for the Walk. See the motion here. It is to be debated at the Bar’s EGM on 19 September 2014, 3pm.

It does not appear that the Bar Council objects to the proposal and wants to hear views. It is unclear however if the Bar Council supports the motion. Lawyers are therefore urged to attend this key EGM and speak.

Then, to let our feet do the talking!

SYNew is a humourist who is currently practicing law. Unfortunately for him, not everyone appreciates humour, especially judges. He suffers from a bad case of cacoethes scribendi and he is here to relief...

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