Enough Of Hatred

In the recent months, we have seen violence escalate around the world, so devastating and cruel and inhumane, that some of us can hardly believe that it is actually possible to occur  in these day and age of so called modern politics.

What is harder to believe in this modern era we live in is, with the ongoing violence getting out of hand day by day, the international bodies that are empowered to ensure international safety and protection  are nowhere to be seen, or even if there are there to be seen, are of no importance and do not make any difference, like toothless tigers.

We may say that we are not in a state of ‘war’, however, looking at the state of affairs of the world today, that cannot be further from the truth, in essence. There is no need for some leaders to make a declaration of war, for there to be war. When children and innocent people  are killed, and no one is held accountable and answerable, and everyone just sits back and watch,  it is war. When houses are bombed , and no one is held accountable and answerable, and everyone just sits back and watch,  it is war. When passenger airlines gets shot down for no reason, and no one is held accountable and answerable, and everyone just sits back and watch,  it is war.

The terms ‘war’ is relative depending on which part of the world we live in, and the severity of the violence that is involved.

The common factor that appears in all these ‘wars’ is undoubtedly hatred.

Hatred. A word that is synonymous with violence.

It is funny how the world moves on with escalating violence, as though it is a normal part of life, without taking a step back and asking, where did this hatred come from? Why is it even here?

Sad to say, but you would think that  these are questions that would be reflected upon and asked by adults, as they are the ones running governments and are suppose to look after and protect children and women. So ask yourself, do you reflect and wonder where this hatred comes from and why is it even here?

The very next important question that you must ask yourself is : are you surrounded by people who create an atmosphere of hatred? People who instigate hatred? People who are promoting hatred?

People who promote and instigate hatred are people who divide communities (for whatever ulterior motives it may be) and as a result there would be violence that would inevitably ensue. So if you find yourself surrounded by these types of people, stay away from them. Of course, depending on which part of the world you live, in some countries promoting hatred is an offence. So in those countries, you have an avenue to complain.

It would seem that ultimately, the choice is on us whether we want to live a life of hatred or otherwise. No one can force you to hate. It is your choice. If you hate, violence will follow. There is no doubt about that.

So coming back to our earlier discussion on ‘wars’ around the world that is currently ongoing today in 1914, sorry, 2014, is this that picture of a peaceful world that you would have imagined when you were growing up as a child? Of course not. Now imagine living that life of violence as a child. It must be frightening.

Living a life of hatred would ultimately result in no winners. It is a lose-lose situation.

We owe it to ourselves and to the children of the future to stop this hatred and violence before it becomes too late to turn back. We must do our part to stop instigating hatred and to bring those who do, to face the consequences.

It has become very clear that we cannot leave it only to governments to tackle this issue. Just look around at the governments of the world today and notice how they are tackling it. It is appalling to say the least.  We have to do it ourselves. We have to change our mindset to get rid of any seed of hatred that is hiding within us, if that is the case.

Tell yourself: enough of hatred.


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An Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

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