We Just Have a Bunch of Assholes in Powerful Positions

I understand that this emergency sitting of Parliament is a Moment of Truth for the people of Malaysia in the aftermath of a grave tragedy.

I understand the need to chastise the First Lady of Tanjung for her disgraceful tweet which suggested that some Malaysians look down upon their own nation and are itching to migrate. I understand because I know the concept of First Lady and what that means.

I understand the need to rebuke David Nga for being a mirror of national self-doubt in a time of national tragedy. I understand because I know fashion fascism and what that results in.

I even understand, if I try really hard, if I try really really hard, the need for an MCA MP to turn the spotlight on himself when even the recent Cabinet appointments continued to shine the spotlight on Gerakan, after the spotlight was first stolen in Teluk Intan. I understand because I know that MCA is dead and Gerakan is alive.

But I can’t understand why Wee Ka Siong did such an assholic thing.

I can’t understand why he wouldn’t check the facts of the tweet first.

I can’t understand why he wouldn’t have the grace to at least say “there is a tweet said to be made by Pandan which is disgraceful. I demand that he explains himself”.

I can’t understand why he would intentionally or recklessly disrupt a Moment of Truth for Malaysia by turning that moment into something about lies. About un-tweets, dis-tweets, mis-tweets and the like.

Into a Moment of Bullshit.

I can’t understand why, even if he is base, like a reptile, feeding his need for money and power, I can’t understand why he wouldn’t exercise human restraint. Restraint like to throw such an accusation before or after the assembly, or even during a break in proceedings.

I can’t understand why he would use lies as bullets in an august chamber, bullets on the Representatives of the People of Malaysia, while they peacefully sit in solidarity with a grieving nation.

I can’t understand such behaviour.

P.S. I also can’t understand why the Star’s bullshit headline is “Rafizi’s fake tweet” instead of being the journalistic headline — “fake Rafizi tweet”.

I can’t understand the innuendo in that headline that Rafizi sent the tweet, but he was faking it. Instead of plainly saying that it was not sent by Rafizi, but made to seem like it.

It’s as if Ka Siong was meant to be the spark and The Star, the conflagration.

It’s as if business has turned an august chamber into a whore house.

It’s as if the The Star owns MCA!

Wait a minute. They do. They just do it doggy style.

Shit. That explains it.



Khabir Dhillon is an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya and a Nationalistic Malaysian. He likes to think that he has useful things to say but many say that it is only he who thinks...

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  1. Mewakili parti MCA yg " hidup segan mati tk mau", Wee masih lagi mau berlagak sombong kerana dia sudah termakan budi tuan nya, umno, sehingga tsanggup mnggadai bodyB-)

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