Aida wraps up her #LordBoboForKajang series.

On 23 March 2014, the voters in the Kajang by-election decided that they wanted Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to be their next representative in the state assembly. They voted her in by giving her 16,741 votes with a 5,379 vote majority against His Supreme Eminenceness Lord Bobo.

The victory was said to have been predicted, as the voters felt the pain that Wan Azizah has suffered for the past 15 years. With her husband facing conviction in Sodomy II, we’re not surprised that the neutral voters eventually sided with Wan Azizah to give support for the injustice faced by the couple.

Being a one gracious lord, Lord Bobo told us minions to stop worrying about His spirit and to start working harder for the people. He gave his words of wisdom — “you win some, you lose some, you get to wreck the corrupt government”. He even sent a hand-written letter to Wan Azizah congratulating her for the victory and asked her to pay more attention to serious and important matters — education reform, unfair electoral system, and gerrymandering.

What now, Malaysia?

Now that we’re quite done with the “Kajang Move” made by Pakatan Rakyat, we the minions are wondering — what’s next? What other drama could possibly be shown to the people by our politicians? Another sex tape? Another sodomy allegation? Or maybe, another screenplay by Raja Bomoh when things get rough?

It’s a good sign that through Anwar’s sodomy case, the people are starting to see (and judge) the flaws in our judiciary system. With this, perhaps all the backbench critics will see that all talk and no action will get us nowhere. If they give good ideas, but there is no one to execute the plan, the obvious flaw is that the idea won’t be used or seen or understood.

Now that people are talking about Malaysia — Westerners judging and criticising our government (with them not being able to Google first the name of our Prime Minister), locals criticising and supporting, we can feel that something is about to change. The wave of changes is perhaps spreading through the souls of every to-be-minions that want changes but realise that it won’t come until they do something.

Do you feel it? Do you have the urge to be one of us (the minions)?

One thing is for sure.

Whether the wave of changes is coming (or not), we still have something that is certain and guaranteed. Lord Bobo will still give a good fight as He always does. He still thinks that we should be kind and polite to each other regardless of our skin color and sexual preferences, helping the poor and needy, and to stop the vicious name-calling over race and religion. Because he is a lover, a fighter, a defender of justice and a symbol of responsibility and thoughtfulness.

He still wants to fight for a free and fair electoral system in Malaysia. He wants all of you to come and join the fight against gerrymandering together. Speaking of which, Lord Bobo is coming to the latest event, namely an Anti-Gerrymandering campaign by Sekolah Aktivisme!

Give your love and support to Lord Bobo by giving him purple bananas and lots of retweets, Facebook shares and likes on the official websites below. Let’s stop complaining and start acting!

Join Sekolah Aktivisme to help Malaysia fight off injustice, corruption, unfair electoral system and gerrymandering! We are Malaysians and we believe that Malaysia can be a better nation! *winks*

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