Raising awareness about gerrymandering.

Sekolah Aktivisme is launching our Gerrymandering Awareness Week on social media!

From 29 March to 6 April, we, in collaboration with Loyarburok, seek to shine a spotlight on gerrymandering in Malaysia.

Gerrymandering is inarguably the biggest contributor to the democratic deficit in Malaysia. With our current boundaries, the ruling government would need only 15.4% of the total votes in the 2008 elections to win a majority.

The Electoral Integrity Project (EIP) carried out by the University of Sydney and Harvard University ranked Malaysia’s electoral districting the lowest amongst 73 countries surveyed.

This means that the value of your vote would not be equal to the value of the vote of a person in another constituency. The value of your vote is diluted, which violates a core tenet of democracy — that every man has one (equal) vote, giving them an equal say in the running of our country.

In the course of the week, we will publish articles on LoyarBurok written by us and other prominent writers in an attempt to rouse public interest on gerrymandering.

You can help us by following us on Twitter or Facebook and retweeting, sharing, and just generally talking about gerrymandering online!

For more information about Sekolah Aktivisme and gerrymandering, please visit http://sekolahaktivisme.org.



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