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Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia has cited several right-wing NGO leaders urging action against Lord Bobo — a fictional monkey in a barrister’s wig [LB — Please note that His Supreme Eminenceness Lord Bobo Barnabus is not fictional].

Lord Bobo is the official mascot [LB — Please note that HSE Lord Bobo is certainly not an “official mascot] of the NGO LoyarBurok which comprises of lawyers [LB — Please note that most LoyarBurokkers are not lawyers]. The character is used to present the group’s opinions.

In a news piece entitled “Action must be taken against Lord Bobo” today, Utusan quoted Perkasa information chief Muhammad Zahid Md Arip as saying that a recent article under the pseudonym Lord Bobo was insulting to the royal institution.

“The action shows respect towards the royal institution has diminished and more seriously, the columnist asked people not to respect the Agong,” Muhammad Zahid was quoted as saying.

The article concerned is entitled ‘Do we have to listen to the Agong?‘ which appeared as a weekly column where Lord Bobo responded to a query on the Agong’s recent decree — in his capacity as Kedah sultan — that the word ‘Allah’ was exclusive to Muslims.

Lord Bobo, who addresses himself in the third person with a unique persona, had said: “His Supreme Eminenceness has said, written, breathed, sweated, and farted a lot about this issue in recent weeks… Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy. Malaysia is not an absolute monarchy. The rulers must abide by the federal constitution… if a decree by a ruler goes against the federal constitution, it is not legally binding”.

According to the LoyarBurok website, Lord Bobo’s full name is Lord Bobo Barnabus and is described as “The Wonder Typewriting Monkey” who exists solely in cyberspace.

Lord Bobo is also credited as the “general chief editor”.

Image created by Lord Bobo's anointed artist, Fahmi Reza, in response to the Utusan call for action.

The collective persona of Lord Bobo's minions (yes, all the cheeky monkeys and monkettes). Haven't you heard? LoyarBurokking is a lifestyle. Join us, and your life will never be the same again. Because...

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