Aida Anuar has a plea for Malaysia Day.

I remember those moments when I would talk about almost everything with my friends, and everything seemed to be fine. We were fine because we shared the same passion for the love for knowledge (even general knowledge of things around us). But I realise now that we don’t feel fine anymore, because we feel as if the more we share with each other about what is happening around us, the greater the chances are of us suddenly getting arrested, not to mention our mind being corrupted with some radical illogical ideologies some ‘people’ have on social websites. What has happened to us that we suddenly feel the need to be over-sensitive?

From Alvivi’s case to the issue about changing room meals, from a woman being condemned for her love for animals to a resort owner being arrested for letting Buddhist followers meditate in an abandoned surau, I think we’ve gone beyond crazy. We punished a couple for making silly jokes, we taunted people of a particular race because we felt they were the only ones being overly-protected, and we tried to ruin their lives as they were being investigated for simply having empathy and sympathy. I mean, what are we trying to achieve by doing all this? By punishing those who are not at fault for trying to do deeds they believe need to be done?

While we are famous in the eye of the world for our cultural diversity, we don’t even try to appreciate or even learn about our differences. We are too busy telling people to tolerate our differences when we actually need acceptance by this stage. In the case of some radical NGOs such as PERKASA and ISMA who spout the superiority of Malays and Muslims, they have failed to sit down and consider the contributions of the other races that they seem to hate so much. My earnest hope is the president of PERKASA, Ibrahim Ali isn’t too busy hopping around from one place to another and that he would take some time to think before he makes other racist remarks and threats to other races.

Frankly speaking — and I think many people would agree with me — we have had enough. We’ve had enough with the myth the authorities have instilled inside us Muslims, that Christians or Buddhists or any other religion will discriminate us if we give them the power to govern. Enough with such prejudiced drama being played in front of us as if we are just bunch of idiots. Enough with the silly arguments our MPs have given us when we expect them to talk with a little bit of wisdom and fairness. Enough is enough!

Now, let’s talk about things that will benefit us and our kids in the future. Where are we heading to with our current education system? Will the government continue to do changes at whim, like revising textbooks and the language used to teach the children in schools? Are we going to see the introduction of yet another ‘system’ without researching the reason of why PPSMI was a failure?  What else are they going to change? Shouldn’t we ask questions like, ‘’-What should we do to increase the quality of our higher-level education so our local graduates would have better chances of finding decent jobs?’’ at the very least? How come we ponder over questions like ‘’What’s the reason for guy let some followers of another religion use the surau for their ceremony?’’ or ‘’Why is that woman treating the dog nicely as if it were human?’’ when we have bigger questions and the bigger picture to think about?

We also seem to be facing another big issue – the increasing crime rate. Looking at the results from a study conducted by Political Studies for Change (KPRU) and the Penang Institute, the number of rampant shooting cases which happened in the last four months are surprisingly no higher than its rate in 2012. So far, we’ve had 31 cases, where 23 were shot dead and the other 20 were injured, making it a total of 43 victims. And here, we have a minister who boldly tells us that the increasing rate of crime was only a perception. Well, there goes to all the votes that went for that particular minister.

We as the rakyat can’t do much when the government has failed to give us assurance. Nothing is being done to help recover the image of our law enforcement agencies, which I am assured have got at least something to do with the sudden spate of shooting cases, not to mention the endless cases of snatch theft and other crimes. While we apparently can’t rely on the government to do their job, our alternative way to better things which is through the opposition seems to have come to no end, too. A few opposition leaders have become distracted by people demanding their attention for trivial facility issues like a broken pipeline alongside a road and elevators that can’t work — which are not exactly the reason why we voted for them in the election. Some are just too busy attending wedding invitations, cooking at kenduris and cleaning clogged drains rather than focusing on the reason they got elected as MPs – to debate on our behalf on the biggerissues, such as poverty, poor expenditure by the government,, not to mention corruption (with so many people being threatened for ‘revealing’ the truth of high-ranked officers in government agencies being involved in illegal activities and cover-ups).

I fear for Malaysia. I feel sad for Malaysia. As much as I want change, I know I must start changing myself first in order for me to see change in others. And I’m trying really hard to look at things from what they contain, rather than judge just the surface. But I feel helpless, because I can’t bring change alone.

So my dear mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, uncles and aunties, since we’re celebrating Malaysia Day this week, I have a small favour to ask of you: Can we go back to the times when we didn’t even care about the difference between Malay, Chinese, Indian or other races? To the times we talked about religion because we wanted to know and celebrate our differences; when we talked about patriotism because we were proud patriots (instead of being forced to be one), talked about bigotry and corruption because we were against these things wholeheartedly and because we cared about the future of our youth? If we do this with willing hearts, can we start all over again?

There is so much more for us to learn about Malaysia rather than just the logo and the song.

Tanah tumpahnya darahku, Happy Independence Day!


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  1. Being a law student you may be more learned than me. Tell me what should you do, with the Home Minister's recognition of theTiga Line underworld group as a friend and the shoot first policy on criminals albeit the PM's silence on the whole issue, Is there still hope for Malaysia?

  2. You realize as a result considerably in relation to this particular subject matter, manufactured me independently ponder over it from countless several perspectives. It’s for instance individuals ‘re not intrigued other than it can be something to use Girl crazy! Your individual things superb. Constantly maintain up!

  3. I don't deny the fact that we have morons and bigots in our cabinet. But like I said before, we can't do much since we didn't grab the chance to vote them out when we had it. We deserve the parliament that we have. Now, you can't expect the ministers from Barisan to talk about things that we want them to, as they are not really part of the rakyat. You can take note of what they say for now, and let it be the reminder for you to vote them out in the next GE.

  4. Pada pertandingan terakhir yang telah dilakoni oleh kedua tim yang akan bertanding kali ini, dipertandingan terakhir yang telah dilakoni oleh Denmark mereka telah berhasil memenangkan laga saat bertandang kemarkas Armenia dengan skor tipis 0-1. Sedangkan dipertandingan terakhir yang telah dilakoni oleh Malta mereka harus menyerah dimarkas sendiri saat dikalahkan oleh tamunya Bulgaria dengan skor 1-2.
    Pertemuan antara kedua tim yang akan bertadning ini, dipertemuan sebelumnya mereka telah bertemu sebanyak Tiga kali dalam berbagai ajang internasional, dan dari Tiga pertemuan tersebut, Denmark belum pernah merasakan kekalahan, mereka selalu mencatatkan hasil positif saat bertemu dengan Malta, sebaliknya Malta belum pernah menorehkan hasil positif saat bertemu dengan Denmark.

  5. Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan should raise his objections on the slaughter of cattle in schools for Hari Raya Aidiladha with the Council of Rulers if he feels so strongly against it, Perkasa said today. It shows that this guy IA has no moral respect and mindfulness and just wanted to create war among the races. So, I was right in my earlier post when I said that they are using Islam as a shield to their actions. You want to defeat me, you have to deal with the Rulers first. What say you?

  6. Yeah, those arrogant dicks just make it harder for you to believe. I get it. I mean, But we deserve the parliament, the government we have. Because we didn't vote them out when we had the chance to do so. Now, we have to bear the consequences of our failure to vote them out for the next five years. And I'll be ready to vote them out in the next general election.

  7. Nazri to Chin Woo school: Fight me and I'll 'kill' you.

    See another of these arrogant gestures – coming from a Minister.

  8. "We want to slaughter cows, who cares? What is the percentage of the Indian community in Malaysia? Only 1% or 2%," he said, adding Malays were over 60% of the population.

    Aminuddin was referring to Hindu parents who complained about the use of school grounds to slaughter cows, considered sacred to Hindus, during the recent Hari Raya Haji celebrations.

    How can we move forward to unite the country with this sort of intolerant racist attitude?

  9. Pada pertandingan terakhir yang telah dilakoni oleh kedua tim yang akan bertanding kali ini, dipertandingan terakhir yang telah dilakoni oleh Denmark mereka telah berhasil memenangkan laga saat bertandang kemarkas Armenia dengan skor tipis 0-1. Sedangkan dipertandingan terakhir yang telah dilakoni oleh Malta mereka harus menyerah dimarkas sendiri saat dikalahkan oleh tamunya Bulgaria dengan skor 1-2.

  10. Yes, I know its easier said than done. But why don't we reverse the situation? When they use the 'shield' to control and dictate what we should do or response or say, we use the shield against them back. I know maybe you think more people are not willing to sacrifice what they've enjoyed from the government all this while. But think again. With the judgement of the use of the word 'Allah' and the AG report that has been released recently, things are changing. Yes, it may not go as fast as it should go or as how you or me want it to go. But still, things are changing. We are changing, the way we think, the way we do things, the way we want things to change. I for instance, know so many people especially muslims who disagreed with the judgement of the court over the word 'Allah'. And it gives me hope because I realized we are no longer under the govt's 'charming spell' where they can give us things and that only can make us forget and obey them without any question. But maybe after reading my loooong comment, you'll still be a skeptical. But really, my earnest hope is that you will find things that i'm beginning to find now. Best regards :)

  11. Yes, it's easier said than done. The whole scenario is like this. They have Race and Religion as their "shield". Before you can get to him you have to defeat the "shield" first. If you attack Race, they will ask you to get out of the country because majority dictates. If you attack Religion, then you are committing treason because the King is the head of Religion. So tell me……..

  12. Firstly, I think you may have overestimated me. Being a law student does not make me any smarter than you, and I am sure you are more learned as you have deeper knowledge in these things. Secondly, I won't argue the fact that our government has continued to fail us, with the examples that you've given above. However, don't you think it gives you more reason for you to stay? By saying that, I mean you should not keep your insides within yourself only. The problem is we have too many politicians who are more politically driven to do the talking and fight for us. This is our battle. Are you just going to give up and let other people fight your battle? I personally think it's our own fault that we voted for people who would vote for the PCA when we clearly are against it. But that's what happen when you let other people fight your battle. Right now we are fighting the battle of justice and truth. Of humanity. Of peace and everything we have. Yes, the government has failed us, which is the reason why I'm fighting back. And I don't want to ever feel regrets that I've missed out the opportunity to help Malaysia change for the better.

  13. Being a law student you may be more learned than me. Tell me what should you do, with the Home Minister's recognition of theTiga Line underworld group as a friend and the shoot first policy on criminals albeit the PM's silence on the whole issue, Is there still hope for Malaysia?

  14. Once you miss the train, you can still wait for the next one to come. How can you say it's finished when we're still at the beginning of the journey? It is the people who have lost hope in our country that makes me want to help saving this country from the morons and the bigots. As in the popular song 'If I Ain't Got You' from Alicia Keys says ''some people want everything but I don't want nothing at all if I ain't got you'' don't you think its kinda pointless that you want something but you're doing nothing to get it?

    But yeah, I get your point. I however, don't think its right to give up, just yet.

    And I love how you casually cited that case. You're cool!

  15. I am sorry Aida. The answer is NO. Once you miss the train, it's gone. You can not restart everything once it's finished, to suit your agenda. As in 1991 Kravit vs Baby, landmark case, the judgment 'It Ain't Over Till It's Over' show even it ain't over till it's over, the are high possibility of start and finish i.e. over.

    Don't believe what the motivators, self help preachers tell you.

  16. Thank you for your comment. I humbly accept your comments. However, I disagree with you. I still think we can save Malaysia if all of us are willing to unite and strive for better future. I do understand your disappoinments with the authorities, as I too am utterly disappointed with them. But it does not mean we should lose hope in Malaysia. My earnest hope is that you'll remember the good things/times everytime you feel like giving up. Cause I won't give up. I will continue to fight for my family and friends and for strangers like you :)

  17. Dear Aida, I am sure there are many like yourself hoping for a better Malaysia. But what can you do by just hoping when the authorities have their own agenda. And one more thing, be careful of what you write. Like Dyana Sofya, you may be blacklisted for being so open with your comments. I am a non-bumi, and I have already given up hope on the present government. Many like us are already advising our children to seek fortunes elsewhere if given the chance. Let Malaysia find its own destiny, we just don't care anymore.

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