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KopitiamEkonomi is an initiative under the Economic Transformation Programme to educate Malaysians, kopitiam-style, on issues that relate to the economy.


Get informed about the Malaysian economy through easy-to-understand videos, infographics and stories.

Belajar Ekonomi, Minum Kopi, Jom.

Kopitiam Ekonomi Debate Challenge


We are a “young” nation. With almost 40% of our population aged between 15 and 40, there is no escaping the fact that they will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the economic policies of today. And yet, youth engagement on these issues is virtually non-existent. Their voices are missing from the discourse and this in turn has resulted in economic policies that feature some serious blind spots with regards to the youth of Malaysia.


We at Kopitiam Ekonomi believe that youth engagement is paramount in the crafting of national policy. And it is with that end in mind that we are putting together this first ever economic debate challenge. We hope to tap into the already vibrant debate culture that exists in and amongst our universities and scholars in the hope of getting them to share their ideas on the economic policies that affect them the most. Our goal is to champion youth discourse in policy making by providing a platform where these ideas can form and germinate and eventually proliferate. We hope to provide an avenue so that the best of these ideas will eventually reach leaders and decision makers in both the public and private domains.


Monash University Sunway campus. Registration starts at 8.00am. We are also honoured to welcome Dato’ Sri Idris Jala as an adjudicator at the grand finals! See you there!

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