Seditious Tendency? — Political Patronisation of Free Speech and Expression in Malaysia by Jeyaseelan Anthony is an excellent introduction to the regarding freedom of speech in Malaysia. It serves as a primer on understanding the constitutional provision for freedom of speech and expression in a local context and follows its history, as well as the origins and evolution of Malaysia’s infamous Sedition Act 1948.

In light of the most recent general elections, Malaysia currently experiences what is perhaps its most politically tumultuous period in its short history — there is greater public demand for accountability, for transparency, and for justice. We at LoyarBurok believe that Jeyaseelan’s primer to Malaysian freedom of expression is now more relevant than ever.

With the blessings of the author himself, this book is now made available to our readers for free, downloadable as a .pdf file here.

We hope that you will download this book and share it among your circles, and help empower more Malaysians with knowledge on their rights as free citizens and what it means to want and fight for freedom of expression. Sebarkan!



Jeyaseelan Anthony is an advocate and solicitor as well as an MBPJ councillor, and has served on the Malaysian Bar Council’s Human Rights Committee. The focus of his legal practice is on industrial relations, human rights, and criminal and civil litigation.

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