Time to Reclaim Our Cities

You and I use public spaces everyday.

We walk the alleyways, take the public transport, sit down for picnics in the parks, go biking in open spaces — the city is not just yours to live in, its also yours to design!

The city is built to accommodate us; we owe it to ourselves to make it as homely as possible. Instead of complaining about the shortcomings of your own city, take it upon yourselves to come up with solutions.

City Hacks wants you to understand this and take initiative.

Come lend a hand in making Georgetown a more interactive city to you and your neighbors. Tell us what you would do to liven up the streets. Let us know how you want to add utility to your open spaces.

A small idea can benefit many, and the simplest designs can make the biggest difference in someone’s life. Here are some of the challenges you can tackle with Hack Your City:

• How might we make alleyways more pleasant and lively?

• How might we make the city more fun and playful?

• How can we use open spaces to raise awareness and directly help social causes?

• How can we make the city more pedestrian-friendly?

From the 6th to 7th July, KDU Penang invites you to make your city more fun and interactive! Need more incentive? For cool hacks, there’s RM5 000 in prizes to be won. Sign up here: http://www.makeweekend.com/city/

Venue: KDU Penang

Time: 9am – 6pm

Date: 6th to 7th (Saturday and Sunday)

If you’re looking for inspiration to get started, why not browse through what others have thought up? Here’s a truly unique soundproofing system for a city, and here’s a garden terrace on top of a building. Get inspired!

Lord Bobo completely approves of this cause. Scroll all the way up to see Lord Bobo and the city behind him. He’s been hinting it all along!

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Cheryl is an 18 year old who is currently studying law. Her passion is to create awareness among her peers and her greatest satisfaction is when someone actually responds. Her aim is to ensure that people realise just how important their participation is towards the advancement of Malaysia.

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