Screenshot of GE13 Election Numbers | Jason Lim

Another post that originally went viral on Facebook, raising intriguing questions from the raw numbers.

Screenshot of GE13 Election Numbers | Jason Lim

This election is so freaking confusing and non-transparent. I can’t find impartial information anywhere, even if I were trying to just find the facts. How come the Counting Agents are silent? Why are numbers different depending on the sources I visit? I decided to form my own conclusions and pulled the entire result list from the SPR website and collated them, in the sincere hope that SPR is as factual as it gets.

Several observations have me rather irked, and I hope all of you my friends as thinking, rational people consider these facts.

i) EC said voter turnout was around 80%, among the highest, if not the highest in the world. My spreadsheet has it at 84.6%. Every time I hear something like “Highest in the world” I get really suspicious. However there being no compulsory registration, I will take this with a pinch of salt.

ii) The balance of power is hanging on a very thin edge, and it is vexing to think that it is POSSIBLE that a small sleight of hand can shift the balance. Let me give an example: There were 25 parliamentary seats that PR lost on a margin of less than 2000 votes. The actual number is 26916 votes across 25 seats. This means if only 26931 people( less than half a % of registered voters) voted for the opposition, PR would be in power now.

For those who don’t believe me I encourage you to do your homework, the seats are: 003,012,018,026,029,053,058,067,078,089,092,093,096,118,119,140,142,144,146,158,159,168,177,182,220

iii) By my calculation, for parliamentary votes BN has 47.4%, PR 50.9%, Others 1.7%

Why do my number seem different as compared to various sources? I’m not saying anything about gerrymandering if that’s what you’re thinking, but I do question the transparency of information. The entire rakyat should be able to scrutinize the process and be able to access the information readily. SPR gives me the behind-closed-doors white smoke from the chimney kind of feeling.

iv) Why do all the recounts seem to favour a certain party? As I do not have first hand information(read: say something counting agents), I will not speculate on this one.

It’s just sad that the ruling coalition they can attempt to reassure the public that the results are fair and transparent by a very simple SHOW AND TELL, yet they choose SMOKE AND MIRRORS. I choose to view internet news as biased and sentimentalist, but seriously, all the public is looking for is the truth. I mean, why cover up and secretly deliver ballot boxes if they belong to a particular centre? Just show it and deliver it with your head held high!

I don’t like the POSSIBILITY that the democratic process in Malaysia was hijacked.

For those interested in the full spreadsheet you can download it with macros removed here and State data which is now available here.

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  1. Wow u really do your homework.
    hmm…i need a time to digest all of these numbers.

    good job :)

  2. Jason,

    Thanks a lot for the great work. I have downloaded the spreadsheets and will doing some analysis.

  3. Could i also recommend a column to calculate percentage for majority and percentage for spoilt ballots on your google doc sheet?

    Would be good to see the info in the context of the overall instead of just raw data.

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