Some matters to think about before you vote.

Vote for Teoh Beng Hock, Francis Udayappan and Ahmad Sarbani who cannot vote because they died in custody.

Vote for a Malaysia that will respect and implement international human rights principles.

Vote for an end to discrimination based on race, religion, gender, and sexual and political orientation.

Vote for the Orang Asal and Orang Asli, the true indigenous of Malaysia (not PERKASA), who have long been marginalised and oppressed.

Vote for targetted affirmative action policies for the most needy bottom 40% of households.

Vote for the best free government-funded healthcare facilities in the world to be given on an equal basis.

Vote for free education even at tertiary level to the best of Malaysia’s available resources.

Vote for people-centred institutions that are controlled directly by the people, and not dictated by the politicians.

Vote for local council elections.

Vote for love and acceptance, not for division to rule and conquer.

Vote to enact a new gender equality law and for the government to withdraw its appeal in the Noorfadilla pregnancy discrimination case.

Vote to reduce income inequality between the rich and the poor (Malaysia is the 3rd most unequal nation in Asia).

Vote to reduce RM872 billion of illicit outflow (Malaysia ranks the 3rd highest in world, 2001-2010) and RM546 billion of national debt (53% of our GDP).

Vote to stop Lynas’ LAMP and expand environmental rights protection.

Vote to stop the incessant logging of our forests and extraction of our resources, and corruption that goes along with the same.

Vote to ensure that cows no longer live in condominiums, submarines are able to sink, pirates are not allowed into the country and attractive foreigners are not murdered.

Vote to improve the administration of our football associations to become a world-class footballing nation.

Vote so that the people’s rights to our natural resources like water will no longer be used to enrich and profit the minority elite.

Vote so that the judges and personalities involved in judicial corruption ala the VK Lingam episode will be brought to justice.

Vote so that cool books are not banned, religious words are not censored and forums are not shut down.

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