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Alvin Teoh breaks it down on the eve of Malaysia’s big day.

There’s a lot of anger floating around cyberspace lately. And I don’t blame anyone, although some, regardless of which side they’re on are taking it bit too far. Yeah, many of us are sick and tired of seeing corrupted, lying, dirty, bigots running the show. But I don’t want to add to all these issues. I want to talk about something positive. And there is a lot of reason to do so.

I remember 10-plus years ago. Like many people, I had zero interest in politics. I thought that all politicians are the same, so why bother? Back then, BN were the okay guys and PAS was the bogeyman. That’s what we grew up with. And so, life went on as usual. We lived unaware of all the filth and poison that was being spewed.

Fast forward to these past few years and the rakyat is not that naïve anymore. There is an awakening of sorts. Sure, we are getting all sorts of reports about Project IC and how countless migrants are being used as pawns to aid the ambitious objective of recapturing Selangor and conquering Penang. There are reports surfacing about phantom voters with non-existent addresses. There are even reports of vote tampering and plans of spoiling opposition votes, news of handouts by the millions probably, given to simple-minded folk as bribes and incentives. We’re dealing with people who are very good at cheating and lying and have no qualms about doing all this openly. They have made themselves above the law.

I am no prophet with prophetic gifts, but all indication shows that BN will win. I mean, the extent of their cheating is so damn huge, they probably can’t lose. I hope I am wrong. But that’s how it feels now.

But here’s the thing: Whatever happens, they lose. Why do I say that?

Well, look around you and what do you see?

You see almost everybody bent on voting. You didn’t see this 10 years ago. The young, the old, people of all races and status — everyone wants to vote. For the first time in a long time, the rakyat wants to have a say in who we elect as our leaders. And they are expressing this desire in all sorts of ways.

Look around you and what do you see?

I  see ladies sewing thousands of thousands of home-made colourful flags and they are popping up everywhere. They call this the Malaysian Spring.

I see amazing short films online, shot beautifully, written intelligently, edited nicely, informing people about current issues.

I see artists designing amazing posters with a mix of wit and rebellion, some creating road signs and hanging them all over town.

I see youths in different States conducting flash mobs, taking their message to the streets and letting everyone know their sentiments and beliefs.

I see countless Malaysians overseas posting JomBalikUndi posters and spending money to make their trip back to vote.

I see people-in-the-know posting all sorts of helpful information on social network sites so netizens are armed with information.

I see 10, 20, 30 thousand crowds showing up at opposition ceramahs all over the country.

I see Malaysian-Chinese embracing PAS logos. Who would have thought? I also see PAS flags hung from churches.

I see people of all races coming together to share their commonality and desire to see this country progress.

While all this is happening, on the other side of the political divide I see near-empty ceramah halls. Maybe because those who were supposed to be there are at opposition ceramahs to harass people. I also see mat rempits in blue terrorizing people and making an ass of themselves, arrogant BN flag-planters removing flags not their own, and taking pictures of themselves to be posted online (like, how dumb is that?). And while we’re on the subject of flags, I also see them spoiling the aesthetically beautiful Malaysian Spring flags by planting their own tiny flags among them, like weeds among the roses. Well, all these are childish at best. And all these (and I am not even going to the bigger stuff) just shows the rakyat what morons we are having a face-off with. Do we really want this type of fellows running the country for another five years?

I have never seen so many of my of my fellow Malaysians so awakened, so concerned, so bent on making a change:  “Ubah! Ini Kalilah!” Everyone I’ve spoken to these days have something to say in regards to the state of affairs. It’s awesome. For the first time in God-knows-how-many years, the government is actually afraid of the people. And that’s how it should be.

And their response? A million flags, handouts and lies. It’s incredible. It’s like a double-facepalm for me. Amazing. I guess they only know how to bully. And when they can’t, they cheat. And while they’re at it, why not rely on good ol’ fashioned fear-mongering, playing with the racial and religious sentiments of the people?

BN may just win this GE13. I won’t be surprised. And if they do, they will realize that the people they govern are not the same bunch of docile lambs from long ago. They will be governing a rakyat that has awaken, that is armed with knowledge and will not take their shit lying down. It’s a rakyat who feels an intense ownership of their land, united by a common desire to create a better country for our children. It’s a rakyat that won’t shut up, won’t sit down, won’t buy bullshit. It’s a rakyat that has the brains and the courage and the means to fight you every step of the way.

I’ve never been prouder to be Malaysian right now. And I am not alone. I stand with countless many who share my sentiments. Whoever the government is, it will not be easy to govern us if you are a corrupt bigot acting above the law.

We don’t need the results to know that we, the rakyat, have already won.


Alvin Teoh is a father of 3, husband of 1. Also owns, 1 Great Dane, 2 Tortoises, about 100 guppies. Loves God. Well, I do try. Loves advertising. Loves to paint, shoot and write stuff. Hates cats...

8 replies on “Whoever wins, BN loses”

  1. All your points are valid and sometimes, it feels like we're up against a mountain. It will be a tough fight. I guess Winston Churchill come to mind, when all of Europe was under Nazi rule, America was not involved in WW2 yet and Britain was facing the most powerful army in the world, alone. He said, in part:

    '….we shall fight on the beaches,
    we shall fight on the landing grounds,
    we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
    we shall fight in the hills;
    we shall never surrender……'

    I guess this is what BN will face now; an activist population who has access to truth and who have the knowledge and the means to challenge them. In that sense, the rakyat has won.

    But things are far from over. And there will be a lot of set backs. And money being lost in the vast pockets of dirty politicians. And they will continue to lie and play their usual race-cards, which they are doing now.

    The one place we need to go now is the rural area, the so called heartlands of Malaysia. The urban/rural divide is great. That is BN's stronghold and they will use these poor folks to strengthen their hold on power while they continue to bleed us dry. We have to find ways to build bridges to these places. How? I don't know yet.

    One way is to post positive things in cyberspace to affirm each other and don't fall prey to racial/religious sentiments. Another way is to talk to taxi drivers, hawker stall owners, strangers at LRT stations, peddlers at the streets. I do that sometimes. Most of these people are from the rural areas who come to KL to cari rezeki. Be nice to them. Be respectful. Spend a bit of time with them. Najib blames BN's near defeat with what he calls the Chinese Tsumani. Great. He just made it a racial thing. Probably not on purpose. Let the Tsumani be one of 'affirmation and mutual respect'

    It's time to reach out and engage people, using reason (and humility) as a weapon. If every urban folk engage and win over one rural folk, thats a couple of million already.

    We have another 5 years to do this. Most of us can't stop corruption or bring down dirty politicians. We can rant and rave and expose them on the internet. But thats preaching to the choir. We can go out on Bersih rallies and have candle light vigils at dataran but that ammunition for the gov to use against us. I think, we are fighting in the wrong places.

    Win the rural folks. Open their eyes. One person at a time. It's sounds daunting, but then, a mile starts with a first step. I hope I make sense.

    Ok, that's it for now. I've taken up too much office time for this, haha.

    So…. hidup rakyat and all that!

  2. Wisely said that Malaysians have won generally in the midst of our GE defeat. We have won rakyat's political awareness, we have crossed the racial divide, we are continually erasing religious fear & hatred, we have increased desire for transparency & freedom etc. BUT in reality, we will lose more thru illicit outflow of money, bumped up purchasing of govt assets & projects, extreme monopoly by a few individuals, irresponsible policing of public safety, unpunished crimes of corruption of the big fish, arrogant implementation of non-beneficial & unnecessary projects to benefit you-know-who, etc etc BECAUSE WE DID NOT TAKE THE FEDERAL GOVT!!!

  3. Malaysian citizens won GE13 by showing up strongly at the polls. We want to stand up and be counted and tell the ruling administration that we are your employers and NOT your party.

    Malaysian Tsunami for BN. They even lost on popularity votes to PR this time round and yet won the GE13 elections. Something is not right about the delineation of parliamentary and state assembly seats.

  4. Alvin, based on what you wrote, I do agree Malaysia won.

    However in my opinion, the ruling party can continue business as usual for the next 5 years. The issues that the country faces today i.e. crime rate, corruption, partial judiciary, education standards, racial discrimination etc will continue unabated.

    Even if PR came into power this time round, it would take years to get rid of the rot. Based on what we can expect in the next 5 years, I have to say, all Malaysian lose

  5. It is true that the rakyat has won. But what we need to remember that the fight doesn't end here. It definitely doesn't end with posting photos of blue-stained fingers on instagram, sending hate tweets to Najib, and calling for the next "big party" at Bersih 4.0 on FB. There's still lots to be done – and I hope that I, along with the rest of Malaysia is ready for to do what is needed.

  6. When I fetched my daughter from KLIA, last night at 9pm, I saw a lady dressed in yellow T shirt at the arrival hall.
    She was holding a yellow placard which had the following wordings, "Thanks For Flying Home, Our Country, Our Land!". It was also written in Mandarin. There was a Malaysian flag on the left hand corner of the placard.
    I was touched!

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