#GE13: So my fellow rakyat, what will you vote for?

#GE13 will mark the third time that I undertake my responsibility as a Malaysian citizen in casting my vote. It is just one vote but I always believe that my one vote can lead to better things to come for Malaysia. The reasons why I am voting have not changed.


Come 5th May….


I will vote out racism

I will vote out corruption

I will vote out cronyism

I will vote out oppression

I will vote out custodial death

I will vote out political violence

I will vote out direct tender

I will vote out mismanagement

I will vote out complacency

I will vote out wastages

I will vote out inefficiencies

I will vote out mediocrity

I will vote out inequality

I will vote out media censors

I will vote out lies

I will vote out fear.

The rakyat preparing for change. | Image by author



I will vote for transparency

I will vote for press freedom

I will vote for equality

I will vote for meritocracy

I will vote for accountability

I will vote for efficiencies

I will vote for cost savings

I will vote for integrity

I will vote for clean and fair elections

I will vote for check and balance

I will vote for open tender

I will vote for scrutiny

I will vote for impartiality

I will vote for honesty

I will vote for justice

I will vote for the future

I will vote for hope!

The author in his daily uniform of the t-shirt of hope. | Image by author

So my fellow rakyat, what will you vote for?


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