Dear Pakatan Rakyat, You’re No Angel Either

Pakatan Rakyat still has some questions to answer. | Photo by aalim on flickr.

A few days I go, I wrote about why I will not be voting for Prime Minister Najib Razak and Barisan Nasional. You can read it here: I Won’t Be Voting For The Present Government #GE13.

Last Saturday was Nomination Day for GE 13, and already I could see that the party I am hoping will form the next government is not as fantastic as they claim they are at their ceramahs and blogs. I can see that Pakatan Rakyat is no angel.

In the days leading up to Nomination Day, I read news of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) (a PR-friendly party) having to beg PR to let them defend the measly two seats that they won in GE 12 without turning it into a multicornered fight with Barisan Nasional. PSM is one of the most down-to-Earth and cleanest political parties in Malaysia, if not the most. If this is how PR treats their weaker friends, how will they be treat other minorities when they come into power?

DAP’s incumbent for Teratai, Jenice Lee has been dropped and replaced with a “parachute candidate”. Why? Is it because he a crony that he can receive such special treatment?

Then there is the issue of the Indian community. I was surprised that PR could not come to any agreement with Hindraf or any sort of concession for this minority group. Have they forgotten that it was this minority group that started the spark for the average rakyat to stand up instead of cowering to the powers that be? Has PR forgotten how people cried “Makkal sakthi!” and gave them the opportunity to rule not one but five states?

I am reserving most of my criticism for now as Anwar Ibrahim is not my Prime Minster and PR does not run the country. I may not be happy with the present government, but it does not mean I will turn a blind eye to wrongdoings such as lying about taking over Putrajaya on 16 September 2008, dubious land deals in Selangor as alleged by Raja Petra, and unjust unisex hair salon laws in Kelantan.

Recently, I was at the Islam and Democracy Forum and met lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, a fellow LoyarBurokker who has worked to repeal the ISA and is part of SUARAM’s team pursuing the Scorpene submarine scandal. Knowing her to be a Parti Keadilan Rakyat member, I asked her what she thought of the stories going around about the internal squabbles and talk of “old UMNO baggage” within her party. She explained that there are many young and good people in the party who can affect change for the better. I would be elated if people like Fadiah create positive change to our country, but what if PR’s top leaders later block them like they did PSM?

In the conversation with us was lawyer Siti Kassim, another LoyarBurokker who champions Orang Asal rights and defends persecuted LGBTs. She chipped in and said, “I would never vote PAS. If they form the federal government, they will insist on hudud law and the setting up of an Islamic state.” I told her that Pakatan members said that they will agree together on the issues before carrying them out.

If PR is to form the government, they will definitely need the support of PAS. PAS could turn out to be the king maker. Now, I remember that they have gone to bed with BN before in the 1970s. Will they swing sides again if they do not get their way?

I do see the problems. I am not blind.

If Pakatan Rakyat does form the next government, they had better clean up their act lest they too become a one-term sensation like former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi. I remember that  it was they who told us, “Suara rakyat, suara keramat!” I am one of the rakyat and I do not want to be disappointed.

The 2011 Auditor-General’s report gave the Kedah, Kelantan, Selangor and Penang governments flying colours. I want to see this happen for every state in our country. I expect PR to fulfill the promises they made in their manifesto. Not only that, I expect to see even more!

Hidup rakyat!

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