Too many cooks spoil the broth - common proverb | Credits to LTM Draw
Too many cooks spoil the broth - common proverb | Credits to LTM Draw

We at REFSA believe that too many ministers spoil our government.

Our government is clearly bloated: with 68 ministers, we have too many to be efficient. Compare this to:

– UK with a population twice Malaysia’s has 22 ministers.

– Australia, a continent 23 times bigger has 21 ministers.

– India with land 10 times that of Malaysia and 30 times more people, has 33 ministers.

Beyond the divide of BN vs PR, beyond the NFC scandals, REFSA believes there is a deeper problem at the heart of it all. Our ministers seem to botch up simple issues, have unclear instructions and bad implementation plans. More than incompetence, our ministries have been rocked by scandal after scandal from Scorpene to Cowgate, yet there seems to be no accountability on the part of those involved. Why is this so? How does having a bloated government contribute or even cause these more public issues? How can we move towards addressing these systemic flaws?

Find out at this interactive info session with REFSA! 11am on Saturday, April 6 going all the way to 12pm! Followed up by a Q&A session that may extend to include the country’s economic status etc. Confirm at this Facebook event page:

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  1. A person who is not educated most probably acts in a way that shows that he does not have senses. As what other people says he rapidly do that without using his senses and without analyzing the situation.

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