We Are the Weeds: A Gallery of GIFs

We are the weeds.
We are in the buildings, the cracks, the fields, the roadsides.
Stubborn, that’s us.
We are many and not alone.
We are on the side of time,
We have time on our side.


Kamilah rumpai.
Hidup di celah, gudang, padang, tepi jalan.
Tak terbilang, tak bersendirian.
Kami berpihak, ya, kepada masa,
Masa berpihak kepada kami.

These gifs are based on “WEEDS/RUMPAI” – a series of paintings of various garden weeds on political party flags. Check out the original artworks at weeds.sharonchin.com.

Burning desire to find out more about the ideas and creative process behind this weedy business? It’s all here.

If you like these works, take em’ (hold down click over image, then drag to your desktop) and share share share.

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Sharon Chin is an artist and bad-ass. She makes things, writes things and puts things + people together. A city girl all her life, she recently moved to Port Dickson where she lives in a magical old house with an unruly garden. Little known fact: she designed the customizable bubble tee now available on LoyarBarang. Who the hell knew? Now you do. Visit her at www.sharonchin.com.

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