It was a horribly cold week in London. This weary traveller was missing the tropical weather, hot soupy noodle dishes for lunch, and all things flavourful for all other meals. By the end of the work week, she was done with moaning and groaning about blizzards, snowstorms and slush, tired of walking on wet uneven pavements, and didn’t particularly feel like doing more than staying indoors in her grumpy, cranky state.

A clear image of the exalted monkey in that glorious wig giving stern admonition while digging his nose kept interrupting her, preventing her from enjoying her misery.

She braved the cold and met with a select group of individuals with two things in common — a love for Lord Bobo and a healthy fear of Super Curator vangeyzel.

They were to meet at this place called Burger and Shake.

The budding economist walked with her, and by the time they arrived, the Chevening scholar was already seated at the table, waiting patiently. They were joined by the anthropology scholar and the soon-to-be barrister.

This lively group immediately started talking about writing a #LoyarBermakan piece and ordered their dishes, taking pictures of them and taking notes of how they tasted.

The Chevening scholar was channeling the Super Curator, scolding those who didn’t dress appropriately — and boy did he do that brilliantly!

It was a fun meal. The Londoners were obviously enjoying their stay, although it was clear that they missed home.

The creative digs at the British state of affairs, the many references to student culture, the countless disparaging remarks made by the postgraduate students about the undergraduates and the many stories they exchanged all made good entertainment to the Malaysian resident.

Apparently, the police don’t carry guns and are super fit handsome hunks, the undergraduates are reckless, unruly drunks, the postgraduates are the best thing that ever happened to university world, the general population feed off some free Hare Krishna food distribution service, newspapers are given away free of charge, housemates tend to destroy your pots and pans and cheeky students book the computers at the library perpetually so others can’t use them.

They also have a favourite London tube line (I heard Circle, District, then tuned out…) and a distinct view of which student society is better in which college (I couldn’t follow, so do not know which is best!).

This group also shared something else in common — a strong love for their country, their home. There was a clear passion for making things right, for voicing and sharing their concerns on things going wrong, for believing that each one can make a difference. They were perplexed that others in their universities didn’t share this passion for their own homeland.

This was a group of intelligent, passionate and dedicated idealists who believed in a cause and believed in their ability to effect change.

It was youthful energy, endless motivation, strength in character and genuine goodness, all unleashed with cheerful abandon at a little eatery in London.

It was a fun night out with LoyarBurokkers Audrey, Aerie, Rebecca, and King Chai.

The traveller left feeling cheerful and energised.

Stay tuned for the sequel — the Burger and Shakes food review, LoyarBermakan style!

Four students and one visitor. It was a fun meal.


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