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Brought to you by CrimsonLogic in association with LB training™. 12 Bar Council CPD points available for both Masterclasses.

Contracts Masterclass by Fahri Azzat and K. Shanmuga

A 1-day workshop that aims to aid delegates in learning how to correctly identify essential issues for contracts and agreements:

1. Knowing when a contract is really a contract

2. Engaging session on drafting contracts

3. Mastering techniques on managing a contract

4. Gaining knowledge into remedies for breach of contract

5. Familiarising yourself with court enforcement methods

Employment Masterclass by Edward Saw and V. Jeya Kumar

A 1-day workshop that furnishes a comprehension of contracts in respect of employment law:

1. Understanding restraint of trade in employment

2. Engaging session on drafting employment contracts

3. Mastering the art of finding the right employee

4. Gaining knowledge of restructuring remuneration packages

5. Grasping how an employee should be disciplined to avoid a wrongful dismissal suit

For more information and to sign up, see here.

P/S: Mention LoyarBurok to get a 10% discount.

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