We know you’ve been waiting a long time for this.

We have as well and…

The wait is almost over!

An online kedai runcit hawking various products from apparels, books, stationery (and more in the future), LoyarBarang is your one-stop-centre to fulfill all your activist needs.

Join us in our quest for world domination via activism:

LoyarBarang Launch Party: 17th March 2013.

Where: Annexe Gallery, Central Market (Arts for Grabs!)

Our Manifesto: New line-up of merchandise, free food, free entertainment and eye candy.


LoyarBarang. The. Online. Store.

Get in. Get active. Get going.

Get your digital ass here now.


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Aspiring human rights lawyer. Still planning that revolution.

3 replies on “Be Excited! LoyarBarang Launch: 17 March.”

  1. Oh, and when I said I can't wait for the launch, I meant the next one that's tentatively scheduled in mid April :P


  2. Hi LoyarBarang,

    Just received my own deck today and I must say that I'm pleased with how the creators tailored it to match the local political landscape. :) Can't wait for the launch!

    One minor complaint though.
    On the flip-side of the rules sheet, isn't the 4th line supposed to read:
    "…. able to *receive VOTER cards, and be affected by SCHEME cards." It would be nice if future POLITIKO rule sheets are printed without this mistake.


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