Our latest #AkuPeduliApa videos have gone live!

Aku peduli sistem pendidikan!


Aku peduli isu perumahan!


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– Mention @UndiMsia

– Tweet about the stupid things politicians say or the issues you wish your politicians would care about

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– Adakah wakil rakyat anda pedulikan isu anda? #AkuPeduliApa @undimsia bit.ly/W81lEl bit.ly/VbyDA9

– Do your elected representatives care about your issues? #AkuPeduliApa @undimsia bit.ly/W81lEl bit.ly/VbyDA9

– ‘1 daripada 3 lelaki Malaysia adalah gay’ #AkuPeduliApa @undimsia bit.ly/W81lEl bit.ly/VbyDA9

– ‘Konsert? Eh, tak boleh. Haram!’ #AkuPeduliApa @undimsia bit.ly/W81lEl bit.ly/VbyDA9

– New UndiMsia! videos. Live! #AkuPeduliApa @undimsia bit.ly/W81lEl bit.ly/VbyDA9

– Video UndiMsia! baru! #AkuPeduliApa @undimsia bit.ly/W81lEl bit.ly/VbyDA9

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  1. a laugh in the office is always great for "work mood", and i thank all instrumental in this effort..on awareness of root issues and shallow thinking._btw..all actors in the infovideo should run for the GE while many of the existing YBs shoud look for postings in Pinewood Johor after the GE.

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